This is normal kiddies

Whose public library is this anyway? The international list of diseases managed by the World Health Organization has been revised and has recategorized thin air diseases. They have added gaming as a disorder, in other words, a mental condition whereas today, our military seeks joystick cowboys in its ever expanding search for just the right […]

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Cause Du Jour is a ripoff

Are you saddened for our nation? When you look around and you see a nation full of pet projects, and new memorials… cause du jour, do you see any way forward to be able to right the wrongs that had been perpetuated by the governing class? They have effectively hidden behind the rule of law […]

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When government gets involved things invariably turn to, for want of a better word… swamp gas. Swamp gas has an odor of its own; the only thing that beats swamp gas is dead air. You won’t smell it, but it will kill you. Politicians are always worried about our health – they wear various colored […]

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