The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

It’s classic! A boy in South Carolina ran his mother and father’s liquor store, the Sanitary Cafe. Napkins, anyone? A combination restaurant-bar, pool-hall and liquor store. Maybe this is what drew him together with John McCain. It was John McCain, the newly returned POW who threw his injured wife over for the Arizona beer distributor’s […]

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Her und Burr, Inhofeinstein.

It’s a wonder that our nation has survived — we have become known as America even though there are two continents named America. Have we stolen the name? Our America has not survived in the manner intended by those who formulated this great experiment in freedom. Our first president was not a member of a […]

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Political Posturing and The Plunder By The Budget-less Congress

  “We never had a hearing to discuss it.” That is how Ken Buck (R-CO) describes the Christmas tree ornaments that speaker Pelosi added to the Corona virus emergency funding bill. Also: $1.349Billion all destined for OUTSIDE of the U.S. $264M for diplomatic programs $435M global health programs $300M international disaster assistance $250M economic support […]

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On January 11, 2018  — Founder of Project Veritas — James O’Keefe, released a video (1) entitled Hidden Camera: Twitter Engineers to “Ban a Way Of Talking” through “Shadow Banning.”  O’Keefe used this video to promote the book American Pravda: My Fight for the Truth in the Era of Fake News which was to be released 5-days […]

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Farewell, Oh Hiawatha

Has everyone heard of Kim Foxx — the Cook County State’s Attorney? Everyone may not have heard of Dionte Johnson, a ne’er-do-well juvenile who unsurprisingly grew into a gangster. When he was 14, (1) he participated in a brutal slaying on Chicago’s southside. The murder of 16-year-old Derrion Albert is on video. (All the others […]

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Hop On The Bus, Set Yourself Free.

Charles Schumer and Joe Biden are the old school democrats from the same mold. Farmed straight out of law school (neither have ever practiced law) becoming professional politicians, haunting a generation. They just won’t go away. These two have been integral in the declining morals of society; promoting the baseness of their party of slavery, […]

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