Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

The only success of Obama’s DOJ is the takedown of General Flynn.  Had he (National Security Advisor) not been that ready to mislead Mike Pence, this story would just have been a hit piece for the Obama/Clinton news. Climbing to the top entices. The scourging of Trump’s Administration at the pillar. The same Obama Justice Department […]

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The Sting – Part One

150,000 life jackets piled up on the island of Lesbos? 1st question? Who counted them?  Second question? Who paid for them? There are snowstorms in the deserts of the Middle East. The Lord said pray that the end times do not come in the winter. The genocide of the 20th century is like all genocide […]

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Is gab the Obama Voter?

  Gab has up and down voting.  This is what the whole nation has experienced for the last 8 years under this rag head.  Philly was ground zero for voter fraud. Up and down votes have been ruined by Obama voters – trolls on gab (the new twitter) who down vote conservatives just the same […]

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The Left And The Right Shop Their Death Wishes Past The Same People

  The media people who have been feeding the hysteria are actually hysterical themselves; not reliable journalists. They are reliable alumni of journalism schools with the right credentials belonging to the same coven. The beacon which best illuminates the low moral IQ of journalists was the TV reporter who passed cocaine to her baby through her breast […]

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