National Industrial Recovery Act: A Smokescreen From the Robber Baron Money


A note from barefootcavalry:  Due to the 2016 Republican shenanigans it was imperative that I put aside other work and come out of sequence (for this blog) to deliver:

National Industrial Recovery Act “NIRA” another New Deal policy created in 1933 by FDR, was actually responsible for the creation of the National Recovery Administration “NRA”.

The NRA was symbolized in participating businesses with  a blue eagle.  In theory, the goal was to bring together in fair practice,  industry, labor and government which resulted in collusively setting prices in a communist fashion “fascism.”

Essentially, the elites in American Government (and at the time of its greatest expansion), were more or less in line with fascist ideals of Europe. (The NRA was unanimously declared unconstitutional in 1935 by the Supreme Court – ruling that it infringed upon separation of powers.) As a result, unions were strengthened.  Strange bedfellows: Foundations and Unions. Businesses that did not display the blue eagle were for the most part, subject to boycott.

Understanding that  “Foundations” were at the root of political maneuvering which brought about the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the 17th Amendment (establishing popular elections for U.S. Senators) taking  control of the U.S. Senate away from the states, you will then realize that by 1936 they had a new crop of skulls full of mush.

In 1912 a 4-way presidential race was forming and Woodrow Wilson earned 42% of the popular vote and the majority of the electoral college, handily beating Roosevelt and Taft separately.

A combined Republican-Progressive ticket  would have beaten Wilson with 50% of the popular vote. It is important to note here that Felix Frankfurter, an operative of European Banking interests, was a supporter of Teddy Roosevelt (the “Trust Buster”).

Wilson was propelled to victory by campaign monies infused by the establishment i.e., Foundations, Robber Barons et al.  The elite machine through business, was the intelligence apparatus of the day (a product of  raw capitalism mimicking Industrial Britain, progressively,  from the end of The War Between The States, taking over our society through the means of banking).

It became apparent that Wilson did not have the financial wherewithal to campaign and overcome a 4-way race. It took an enormous amount of money and Wilson was pliable to their plotting;  social engineering for enslavement of American citizens.

Wilson, even before his immobilizing stroke, was so bad a president for America that for a period of  40 years, he was the only Democrat to be elected until FDR. The machine took on many different facets, disguising itself as a champion for women’s suffrage, prohibition and a new prosperity guaranteed by Congress giving up its Constitutional duty to coin money.

This new age of enlightenment had so many detractors that big government was shunned until the banks, in the form of the Fed, took down our economy in a worldwide depression.

In an historic sense, the significance of the populist party (1892) which had an affect on social progressives in the Republican party, was also the birthing of Progressivism in the Democrat Party.

With its initial beginning, the Populist Party introduced some 23 Constitutional Amendments providing for popular elections of senators.

The chief political career to rise up from the Populist/Progressive movement was Theodore Roosevelt. Although the Populist Party disbanded, the Progressive movement was birthed. Progressivism had a religion: Darwinism and just how much bullshit can come out of England that has enough money behind it to cause a 1925 Monkey Trial in America?

If you are unfamiliar with John Scopes, look him up and see the media generated hysteria which equalled “the new thought.” John Scopes ran afoul of Tennessee’s Butler Act.  Scopes was the Norma McCorvey of the day.

He was found guilty and fined $100.00 for teaching evolution. Whether he technically had or had not, the verdict was overturned on a technicality. William Jennings Bryant argued with Clarence Darrow – the perfect case for a dutiful press.

When Tennessee overturned the Butler Act only 2 states continued to maintain similar law: Arkansas and Mississippi.

The creation of the American Civil Liberties Union, which was actually underwritten by the banking interests (elites’ “machine”). Jacob Schiff, (red shield agent in America) was an underwriter (if we are to believe indirectly) for Felix Frankfurter.

Felix Frankfurter became the expert at Harvard (the best place for nationwide press) and went on to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice  in 1939. At this time, F.D.R. was moving against the Supreme Court and the liberty of Americans through oppressive authoritarianism (in its infancy).

These banking dynasties – dominated by foreign entities, created a banking cartel with Woodrow Wilson’s stamp of approval to eliminate competition amongst themselves with the goal of profit enhancement. So in effect, fair competition was eliminated and a monopoly was guaranteed by air of respectability, calling it, The Federal Reserve.

Mr. Biddle would have been proud of them. Biddle was an obvious adherent of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812) who stated “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” This is where Andrew Jackson swore he was going to destroy a brood of vipers.

A stern disciplinarian, General Jackson, was the original democrat. He claimed the bank was “unconstitutional and a monopoly that favored the few at the expense of many.”   This was before the Supreme Court was co-opted by Progressives; it was in its proper place within the three branches of government.

Jackson cared not one wit about the Supreme Court in relation to Biddle and rightly so – because of the corruption that rears its head with vipers. Clerking for some zero was the means for passing the bar for lawyer candidates of the day.

Jackson was busy fighting for the Constitution and our country and forgive me for saying, our way of life. So in effect, what has happened is we have the government Rome had, flinging America into a state, co-opted by lawyers.

Inasmuch as the NRA was  unconstitutional, the Federal Reserve Act is, was and ever shall be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Note: There will be a follow up blog, straight away on the heels of this blog.   Thank you to all who have read this far and proved yourselves to be unlike the european serf.   Together we fight the smoke filled rooms of yesterday and today.








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