What Shall We Name This Beast?

Not satisfied to let primary news across the United States (especially Florida and Arizona) dominate the news cycle that leads most Americans by the nose, Barack Obama trots out his troll Jeh Johnson to take charge of our elections.  The people who stole 2008 and 2012 elections, put the United States into misery of uncharted […]

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Better Living Through Chemistry

In 2014, Colin Kaepernick was fined $11,000 for using the “N” word on the field.   Can you imagine, the glaring fact this half cracka fined $11K for saying the politically incorrect “N” word, (code talk for nigga)  while his public mea culpa is designed to get his wimp ass out of hot water in the […]

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Not Another Cog In The Wheel!

Reno was hot!  Hillary Clinton had a half way decent crowd at Desert Diamond West Valley.  Reno’s a town where quite a few people have time on their hands and you can always fill in some of the spaces by grabbing some newly homeless person and cleaning them up. Throw it all away on a […]

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“Buy Yourself A Shotgun Now, We’re Gonna Break It Down Baby Now!” ~ Jr.

Persistent Surveillance Systems – a Dayton, Ohio company providing Baltimore Police with aerial surveillance from a small aircraft, a 30-mile wide swath of the city.  A totally secret (up until now) program funded by an un-named donor without Baltimore’s population having any idea it was going on.  A camera system of 192,000 pixels, tailored to […]

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