The Great American Hope!


Note:  The current presidential election cycle is the fastest newsfeed in history and yet our media with every tool at their fingertips are hanging out until the next White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  And from there, it truly goes downhill, even to the local level.  A culture ruined by political leverage and the BIG donor class.

Bill & Hillary are the Mr. & Mrs. Al Capone of politics.  The syphylitic murderous blood suckers.  Leeches.  They should actually be where Al Capone ended up.  Bill Clinton RAN the IRS- as many conservatives can testify, especially in conservative-talk media.  In 1995 after the OKC bombing, the “Clinton government” went after conservative talk radio and militia groups (which formed after his assault weapon gun ban).…that even Rush Limbaugh had Clinton get on his shoe.  Important to note: Hillary loves the military as much as Bill so that we have to depend on Generals who have never gone into combat with a full American force (which I find detestable) and that our forefathers in WW II would spit.

We don’t need allies in this world if we cannot fight three wars simultaneously.  Do we believe that the Chinese have learned nothing watching the Japanese attack Czarist Russia at Port Arthur or the U.S. at Pearl Harbor?  If we cannot move logistically in a moment’s notice?  What good is a degraded Triad?

The elites have been bent on taking down the Republic.   The United States first became the number one economy in the world, six years after the bloodiest war in our history.  After that carnage, the elites sent their children off to Europe to be educated because they had money and now their descendants run our State Dept. even filling our Oval Office.  Rhodes Scholar, non-grad, Harvard Law (no) review.   And they’re the greatest?  NO!  They DEGRADE us!  In 2014 China surpassed the U.S. as the number one economy in the world.

Recall 2009; the furor over the Fuhrer having a blackberry?  Wonder why Putin hates this guy?  Putin would rather have turned him into an agent rather than Obama being an abject traitor.  He made it too easy for Putin.  Putin can’t respect Obama, refuses his hand while mocking him in public.

Trump’s campaign employs people who have political talent and a whole set of detractors all on their own.  They are led by a an irregular politician.  All these people are adding to Trump’s already successful campaign.  The signals coming out of the campaign are exactly like those exhibited by great generals, changing commanders from the field.
Y’all better get squared with God because if anybody steals this one, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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