Danny Casolaro Was Right: Avoid the Calamari!

The Clinton’s past presidential campaigns went through donors like crop rotation. Barack Obama and his controller, The Clinton Foundation, are actually being operated from another level above. A force in American politics since the rash of assassinations which started with the rise of European humanist thought i.e., anarchists, et al.

Charles Percy was a moderate republican and an ambitious man with lovely twin daughters. In 1966 Mr. Percy was running for a U.S. Senate Seat for the State of Illinois. His future son-in-law was already in politics serving in the WV House of Delegates.

Of the twin girls, Valerie Jeanne was the one who was quiet and introverted; Sharon was to marry Jay Rockefeller. Valerie Jeanne Percy was carved like a Christmas turkey in the Percy home just prior to the 1966 election in which Charles Percy won. Almost like a sacrifice?  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-valerie-percy-murder-unsolved-50-years-20160906-story.html

It may be said that both Jay and Mr. Percy were Rockefeller Republicans. Jay had switched party allegiance to democrat before running for the WV House of Delegates. While he was in the Peace Corps and supposedly, a republican, he spearheaded The Peace Corps initial program in the Philippines. He was about as republican as Ms. Lillian, Jimmy Carter’s mother.

Fast forward August 1994 – business man K.S. Wu, a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University an official at the Commerce Department under Ron Brown and was also on the Board of Directors of Singapore Fund, Chairman of Pacific Century Group, The Japan Equity Fund (among others) and a Board Member of the Georgetown University Asian Law Program. (After his junior year at Harvard, Jay Rockefeller studied Japanese for three years in Tokyo and at Yale he dabbled at Oriental studies and studied the Chinese language).

Wu was described by WV Governor Gaston Caperton as one of Rockefeller’s trusted advisers and a dear friend. It must be noted: Wu graduated Illinois Wesleyan University and Jay Rockefeller was president of West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Wu was in attendance with Ron Brown (and many millionaires from across the Far East) at The Peak Hotel in Hong Kong (which at that time was a British protectorate). The event was “hosted” by Council General Richard W. Mueller. Mueller was a career diplomat with the U.S. Department of State for 32 years specializing in relations with China and Asia. The culmination of his career was an appointment to Hong Kong from 1993 to 1996. On July 1, 1997 Hong Kong reverted to the Chinese.

After his career at State, Mr. Mueller went through many positions in college prep boarding schools around the world. Mueller, a confidante of Henry Kissinger (who many believe hoodwinked Richard Nixon regarding the Moscow-China  border clashes at the time [more cozy than a Ng Crime Syndicate love slave in Oregon.] The only evidence of a rift between the two communist powers were Russian army units on the Mongolian border with marauding Chinese troops on Mongolian ponies).

In October 2013 — The Shanghai School Board of Directors announced Richard W. Mueller as permanent Superintendent for Shanghai-American School which was scheduled until June 2016.

A Commerce Department employee – Wu, was an actual underling of Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing. During a 1994 trip, the Brown-Wu party met with Li Ka-Shing in Beijing. Owner of Hutchinson Whampoa (with close ties with China Ocean Shipping Corporation “COSCO”) Li and COSCO were the ones who went after the Port of Long Beach. COSCO has both sides of the Panama Canal and has built the largest container port facility in the western hemisphere in the Bahamas.

China, in 1994 — was as close to Bill Clinton’s model for the Third Way than anything that he could ever envision in the United States at that time. (Although he tried his best to turn Arkansas into a Third Way State). All this while California was moving into the “7th largest economy in the world” slot, with Chinese goods flooding into ports like Long Beach (which the Chinese military actually tried to lease through Li Ka-Shing “an agent” and COSCO).

There you could see the big money boys coming together with the Chinese military and the old criminal elements in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. This is the Third Way Bill Clinton idolizes as one world and he will do anything to accomplish the task that he has been applied to by his masters.

A delegation of Asian investors was Wu’s legacy to West Virginia in 1996. Senator Jay Rockefeller carried these investors to Martinsburg – so special that the man who traces his lineage to Nelson Aldridge, chartered a VIP train to transport these investors from Washington D.C. to WV. There they broke ground for a new aircraft plant located at Martinsburg Airport calling the project Sino-Swearingen SJ30. The plant was 50 miles from downtown Washington, D.C. and a true sweetheart deal (which Trump today might describe it as the “fleecing of America.”)  It would be a good bet that Wu did not die in 1995 but just went home to China.

Backtracking five years to 1991 when Danny Casolaro was found dead in a hotel bathtub in Martinsburg, WV. He was connecting the dots between Arkansas (Rose Law Firm clients, in particular) and NSA attempts to penetrate foreign banks with the (pirated?) PROMIS software.

On the day that Danny left his home to meet his source in Martinsburg, WV, his housekeeper received a call from someone who had been making threatening calls to Danny and who said: “I will cut his body and throw it to the sharks.” (Reminiscent of Valerie Jeanne Percy?) Another one of  Danny’s special assessments taken to the grave was the Mena drug operation and the money laundering.

In 1994 Ira Sockowitz and John Huang worked at Commerce Department to move along Arkansas based Entergy Corp in its Lippo Group soft-coal fired power plants project in China. Bill Clinton for his part worked with Huang, Ron Brown, Edwin Lupberger, Senator Rockefeller and K.S. Wu to obtain U.S. taxpayer financing for these soft-coal fired power plants.

With the stroke of a pen (and without Congressional approval i.e., a Presidential Executive Order) 1.7 million acres of land in southwest Utah were designated as the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This action placed the area off-limits to mineral extraction and development. This is how they cut their teeth for The Clinton Foundation state of America.

These are the front men for a cabal of rich, filthy rich assholes who think they own God’s creation for the simple reason; their money works after they are gone. Notice how they have taken us down the rat hole with tech investments to China in their search for never-ending life assisted by technology?

Along the way they will use time-honored tools to subjugate the masses, linking up with the original opium trade. And from these masses, they will choose in their time, according to some eugenic B.S., who lives and who dies, where you work and where you are sent to die. In other words, the present set of political donors to Hillary Clinton are just another death cult they can get along with.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal criticized Donald Trump for not acting presidential and questioned when he would start acting presidential. When we look at the news of the past recounted herein, can you wonder when the Wall Street Journal is going to go to work and start doing some reporting?

The technological give-away under Bill Clinton (through the deceased Ron Brown) was so great, that the money grubbers in congress could not believe their windfall. After the republican leadership canned Newt Gingrich and installed Denny Hastert, (the usurper of the Gingrich revolution) the controversial independent counsel provision in the Ethics in Government Act was allowed to sunset. (Sorry to report Denny’s not dead, he’s just in jail). (Update! Denny was released July 18, 2017.)

You’ll never hear the republicans say anything about the sunset of the independent counsel provision (Ethics in Government Act). Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was stepping around in an interview regarding the lack of a Special Prosecutor (independent council) over actions in the Obama Administration and the DOJ, saying, at an earlier time that might have been the course of action. (Never mentioning the republicans let the independent council provision in the Ethics in Government Act sunset!)

Why would Donald Trump want to sound republican and presidential when we are up against people who get away with murder and TREASON in America and can still call up boys to go die on a foreign field? Let Trump be Trump and let the People RISE UP and let the electronic voting machines go away, give us a paper ballot! Because security “ain’t a PROMIS!”

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