Give Me Your Young Yearning To Make A Buck

Wise Intelligent Supreme god Allah!

During a recent traffic stop in Akron, Ohio – one of the five occupants of a 2014 Kia, a Canton resident, was arrested on felony weapons charges. No, the 18 year-old wasn’t named William McKinley, Jr., although William was assassinated, William led us to victory in the Spanish American War, had served as a Private in the Union Army and ended as a Brevet Major.

William married Ida Saxton and settled into Canton, Ohio where he practiced law. He became the Republican Party’s champion of the Protective Tariff. From his front porch campaign, he defeated William Jennings Bryant, advocating “sound money” which we know as the “gold standard”.

Well, it wasn’t William McKinley pulled over at the Taco Bell, (although the situation may have never happened if his mother had given him a chance and named him William McKinley) out of the five emptied out of that Kia, one 18 year-old had a Hi-Point .380 in his waistband, resulting in felony weapons charges.

As a juvenile, he had a history of drugs and weapons. Today he is locked up on a $20,000 bond and his sorry mother will have no way of coming up with that cash.

Blind Willie Johnson (as performed by Keni Lee Burgess)

The particular Ohioan mentioned in the traffic stop is one “Wise Intelligent Supreme god Allah.” His mother gave him a name that was destined to fail before he was even in pampers.

The system, which really does have masters, financed everyday of his life with your tax dollars. The system even has a place for people like this.

The system in America is bigger than Stalin’s Archipelago. It has more black males incarcerated than the number of slaves in the United States prior to 1860 and now, the system meets privatization. A state run industry handed over to For-Profit Prison Overseers.

CSU-Fresno President created Harambee, “let’s all pull together,” student retreat – specifically for black students to foster inclusion and to get “involved in the campus community” as if black lives matter. The students even took a 1st grade trip to Wild Water Adventure Park. Did mama pack a lunch? No! The government is your mama!

At the same time, George Soros and his megalomaniacal philanthropic project, confirmed in emails, by “Hacktivist Group” DCLeaks, highlighted the Open Society Foundation as funneling billions of dollars – worldwide (in the last two decades) to foment subversives. Operatives paid to wage battle against western democracies i.e., the United States of America and to, in fact, demoralize and intimidate our law enforcement by causing a steep increase in violent crimes.

Unbeknownst to Wise Intelligent Supreme god Allah (who should have known because of who he is) Atlanta is gearing up. The headlines on the people’s station V-103: “It’s Time For Black People To Get Pissed Off About Being Taken For Granted.” Just the wording of this “taken for granted” they want to harness whatever energy they can from the Trump campaign because black people are waking up.

Taken for granted?  Well, you may be getting some monies funneled from Soros, but your incarceration rate in the black community is a steam fitting, letting off pressure. Your people have been made unemployable.

The indicator that V-103 is a leftist, dirt-bag emporium is none other than Harry Belafonte’s daughter… a mover. “This is certainly a moment in our history that you don’t want to miss,” and here’s another quote: “we’ve been trying to figure out how to let people understand that more fully.” The best way for us to describe it is sort of a multi-cultural, predominately black, Woodstock’ (useful idiots helping useful idiots). Of course, Mr Wise Intelligent Supreme god Allah would see Black Woodstock as an economic opportunity i.e., his urban entrepreneurship.

Enter Corrections Corp of America (CCA) and GEO Group – big players, big pot; a $70B gold mine. To keep these prisons running at optimum contractual efficiency, prosecutors in states with contracts (and the Federal Government) with these two entities must keep a certain level of inmates so as not to breach their contracts.

As author Adam Gopnik reported for the New Yorker:

A growing number of American prisons are now contracted out as for-profit businesses to for-profit companies. The companies are paid by the state, and their profit depends on spending as little as possible on the prisoners and the prisons. It’s hard to imagine any greater disconnect between public good and private profit: the interest of private prisons lies not in the obvious social good of having the minimum necessary number of inmates but in having as many as possible, housed as cheaply as possible.

Now we need to take a look at the current crop of earners who just won’t go away. America’s family of political liability: the Clintons. The rise of the prison systems preceded Bill Clinton on a national scene. (Although he knew well how to milk the prison population behind the gray bar i.e., “tainted blood.”)

While President, Bill did everything in his power to advance this cause dreamed up by his masters, showing him to be a most useful chess piece, as is, his wife.

The modern Pinkerton: Wackenhut… formed in 1954 under the name Special Agent Investigators, Inc. – Wackenhut provides security personnel for many prisons, nuclear facilities, and military installations within the U.S. Many U.S. Embassies around the world also utilize their services.

In other words, Wackenhut has supplanted some of the choice duty for U.S. Marines in U.S. Embassies around the world. This is an indicator of command and control liberalism with these Wackenhut “professionals standing watch” (instead of a young Marine on embassy duty).

Example: An illegal alien or a muslim G4S like Omar Mateen (from the Orlando shooting) is standing, instead of an Embassy Marine. Maybe it’s better this way — guarding the fudge pack State Department that Hillary put together. Wackenhut

Wackenhut is a hatchery for the militia arm of Hillary Clinton’s actions in Bill Clinton’s 2nd-term White House  (1997 – 2001).

Bill Clinton, on the other hand while governor, made use of the time-honored system of using State Troopers to accomplish dirty deeds.

It didn’t hurt that this sex addict had made good contacts within the CIA (Mena cocaine) which enabled him to “fix” things. This is how people just die on America’s streets… these contract wanna-bees.

With all the information NSA has gathered, (good job Herschel Foster, Uncle Vince would be proud), Hillary doesn’t have to run private investigators anymore. She could just stick with the “militia” in her 1st Presidential term.

Bill Clinton was under the direction of certain Central Intelligence types not mentioned so as not to sully the sons, whose grandfather was known as Hitler’s banker.

Prescott Bush was accused by Smedley Darlington Butler (author of “War is a Racket”) a fighting Quaker, of being a subversive. Bush and various American businessmen asked Butler to lead what amounted to, or could be construed as a coup d’état! Prescott Bush as well as everyone else involved – skated. (Leaving one to think, was this a government operation that went awry?)

Just like Hillary – nothing happened! You might ask why this was brought to light today about the Bushes? It must be shown that there is an ongoing conspiracy with puppets such as Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

Rather than using the Vietnam war to further destroy America, the elites focused on destroying its political institutions to further their goals of world subjugation with Watergate. (This is why the democrats are no longer democrats and the republicans are no longer republicans).

Jackson Stephens was Jimmy Carter’s Annapolis roommate and never served in the Navy. Jimmy Carter opened the door for “feckless” womens’ rights i.e., pro-abortion approved candidates for office. May GOD save us!

Jackson Stephens – BCCIiu-1

Three-year’s after the founding of Special Agents Investigations (based in Coral Gables, Florida) Mr. George Russell Wackenhut bought out his remaining partners and renamed the company after himself. WCC was formed as a division of TWC in 1984.

By then, Wackenhut Corrections Corporation began marketing detention and correctional services to government agencies, paving the way for unprecedented levels of incarceration. All manner of dignitaries and former military officers (representing the military industrial complex), sitting on various boards and universities and colleges, towing their master’s line after they “cash-out,” the American people. (Please recall Hillary Clinton and the “super predator” comment she made as first lady, ten year’s after they flooded America with cheap cocaine from Mena, Arkansas.)

(Wackenhut is now owned by a Danish corporation — G4S may be likened to the old Pinkertons. Anti-Pinkerton Act

This is the America over which they dreamed of having total control. The first steps taken after the great war by the elites, was to cause a prohibition of alcohol. In doing so, they made huge profits and with a depression facilitated by the Federal Reserve, they began building up the federal leviathan. It is long term planning of the elites. This is why they drove a wedge in our society after the drug induced coma of the 1960’s and its free love by legalizing abortion. Nothing more than long term planning for political purposes by a satanic elite who have long dreamed of a world made perfect by sterilization and eugenics.

We may safely assume the Central Intelligence Agency had already remotely viewed Bill Clinton’s future. (His appearance in the Rose Garden with JFK, etc.) This is why we can also assume that Bill Clinton was made an Oxford scholar of sorts and that his handlers are in England from his Oxford days.  

Bill Clinton became the governor of a southern state that is exceedingly rich because of the commodities trade, (Lehman Brothers and cotton) the Clinton-Arkansas-Mafia-Cabal imported TONNES of cocaine into Mena, Arkansas.

Mena was homeport for a CIA-run Contra-supply, cocaine-return-run through military intelligence on one hand and renegade federal agents on the other. Massive amounts of quality cocaine shipped over rail to cultural centers like Detroit and Chicago.

So maybe it’s unfair to blame Wise Intelligent Supreme god Allah and his mother because they are just the smallest of pawns, while Bill and Hillary are a Bishop and a Rook.

5 thoughts on “Give Me Your Young Yearning To Make A Buck

  1. Almost 7 years to the day since you wrote this one! Great article, and history lesson! Always good to learn some more ‘Arkansas History’ via the Clinton cartel.
    Reposting hoping to open more eyes.


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