“Buy Yourself A Shotgun Now, We’re Gonna Break It Down Baby Now!” ~ Jr.

Persistent Surveillance Systems – a Dayton, Ohio company providing Baltimore Police with aerial surveillance from a small aircraft, a 30-mile wide swath of the city. A totally secret (up until now) program funded by an un-named donor without Baltimore’s population having any idea it was going on. A camera system of 192,000 pixels, tailored to law enforcement. Entrepreneurs of the ‘surveillance state’. Persistent Surveillance Systems

Baltimore already maintains 700 police cameras on its streets. The system may contain up to 6 industrial imaging cameras synchronized and positioned at angles and slung under a light aircraft. The data stored on hard drives has been computer stabilized when transmitted at a rate of 1 image per second.

Baltimore’s Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, is well aware of the capabilities of the eyes in the sky. The entire trip for Freddy Grey is actual recorded history on a hard drive. We must impugn Baltimore’s justice system and the Department of Justice for allowing the flights and allowing the prosecution to go forward in a Barnum & Bailey fashion.

There is no justice in America unless you profit from it – and then, justice is good. Black crimes are now going to be overlooked and you supposed “crackas” are going to get a dose of justice like O.J. Simpson in Nevada. It’s a set up.

President Clinton was a V-chipper and Obama is a chip off the old bloc. Soviet.

Baltimore is Democrat and it’s crooked. How crooked? Let’s look back a bit further. Nancy Pelosi’s Father, Thomas L.J. D’Alesandro – served in the Maryland State House of Delegates, U.S. House of Representatives and there are mentions of some kind of service associated with Annapolis, which could possibly have been Naval intelligence.

The reason this may be true is D’Alesandro went against FDR, throwing his political support to the Bergson Group (a group involved in issues pertaining to the creation of the State of Israel). Jews in America belonged to lodges B’nai B’rith and the anti-defamation league grew out of that with Sigmund G. Livingston, a jewish attorney in Chicago, Illinois.

Jews truly suffered in Europe and for us to decide today whether it was deserved or undeserved would take a serious effort to walk in their moccasins. Zionists strove for a socialistic homeland, a jewish agrarian communal society.

Basically, the thought of digging one’s own potatoes in peace, was a European dream for the common jew, who was not one within the hierarchy but rather your average, gefilte-fish eating comrade.

For want of a better word, these socialist immigrants in the U.S. were packed into tenements like sardines – but they were cared for, in that they ate and were given work from the hierarchy, (which didn’t have a thing to do with digging potatoes).  Shotgun Jr. Walker & The Allstars “We’re gonna dig potatoes, we’re gonna pick tomatoes.” (Carmine Bellino?)

Was this a George Soros’ conduit to Baltimore Harbor, the berth of the USS Constellation, the sister ship of “Old Ironsides,” the USS Constitution? It would be helpful to know if there was applied pressure through British channels to our House of Representatives?

I remember kids from Baltimore I met in the summer of 1966 at Camp Sandy Hill. I remember riding through blighted neighborhoods of Baltimore in the summer and as a child, knowing, (while sitting at the red light) that there’s nothing like a shotgun when you need it. Heroin was pervasive in Baltimore and even in 1966, the children ran wild and I’m a Delaware Indian (Lenni Lenape). My daddy could tell you how wild that was.

Martin State Airport is within minutes of downtown Baltimore. The Cessna for Persistent Surveillance System takes off, generally does two flights per day, changing pilots with the re-fuel break. It is not known whether the technical person on board has to comply with FAA Regulations. As these 2 person Cessna flights with an amazing array of computer controlled cameras, levels out in busy airspace that it shares on occasion with an FBI light aircraft avoids Baltimore-Washington’s International approach.

This technology was brought home from Iraq. It seems as though, instead of going to war to win, we go to war to develop technology for the elites, for future subjugation of the general population of the United States of America during protests (provided under the Constitution) against tyranny.

If micro implants are introduced wide-scale into the general population, there is no limit to this surveillance and it mimics the total control visited upon Patrick McGoohan’s character in the 1960’s series “The Prisoner.” (Personal preference here: I enjoyed McGoohan’s acting better as “Long Shanks,” especially when he winged the foppish military expert out the castle window.)

Hillary Clinton is best described by the title of the Tom Clancy novel, “Clear and Present Danger”. Joseph Farah CHINA, PHONE TAPS, DIRTY MONEY, CLINTON

To borrow another movie phrase, the Clintons just “wet their beaks” during their 8-years in the White House. The thought of Hillary Clinton running the database that Maxine Waters described Barack Obama to be in possession of – is an untenable situation for law abiding Americans. To the democrats, you’re RACIST,  to each other, you’d best be color blind and RUN to Trump!

The Beakwetter  Bill Clinton, as Don Fanucci.

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