Democrat: the party of “it’s all good”


Harry Reid calls Benghazi mother “crazy” – while in Reno  (I always thought Reno/Sparks was a good town as far as Nevada towns go.  Although the one bedroom bungalo exodus from San Francisco Bay area ruined real estate prices in the mid 2000’s).  Reid calls Benghazi mother, Patty Smith, crazy. How can we let our veterans (and those they leave behind) be attacked?

Harry Reid, dirt, propped up by dirty money?

At the Northport Veterans Medical center yesterday, Suffolk County Police Department reported that 76 year old veteran, Peter A. Kaisen of Islip (‘and those caissons keep rolling along’) shot himself dead when he was refused E.R. treatment for mental health issues.

The V.A. has a good excuse (normally no psychologist at the ready in the E.R., although one was always on call).  On a Sunday afternoon at 12:32 p.m., Mr. Kaisen, alone in this world, ended his life in a parking lot and joined his comrades – we can only pray.

Mr. Harry Reid has no comrades and the ones that he ran with appear to give a good beating as in “what’s the frequency Kenneth?”

Testing for street purity has run into elephant tranquilizers and we thought PCP was good. Smoking it on parseley – it just seems that today’s youth are so numb. If you see the mess like I see the mess, the “war on drugs” was run by the people who imported the drugs.

The Clinton White House gave the DEA new AT&T phones (back-doored by the White House which sold the technology to China, to further the Tieneman crowd).

April 19, 1993: these same Tieneman crowd were his guests in the Oval Office the day that Waco was “fired up.” Once again the obvious is so glaring.

The silence is attributed to ‘command and control liberalism’ – Hillary’s brand.

Harry Reid has presided over this mess and there’s a chance (if people let this election be stolen) that this absolute cockroach mormon piece of dirt could once again be senate majority leader at the top of his game.

Zika and George Soros: wouldn’t you like to see that put together like this picture? Bill Clinton putting on his best Elvis and, the sax holder herself, giving you her best rendition of Shelly Long – Cheers!


Reminds me of the Hollywood fundraising 1999-2001 (for Hillary) when Ted threw them all over, for Whoopi!

And in sunny California, five Chinese nationals were arrested for human trafficking.  These are obviously friends of the Clintons and their donors, including Mr. Ng who has attended dinners in the President’s immediate space. Can it get any better?

In the last days of the Clinton administration, James Levin was running Bill’s “Asian futures market.” (Would this have anything to do with fantasy island or where ever it is he jets to bringing together Mr. Ng. and Bill Clinton?) (James Levin, who you may remember, was the owner of the “Dolls House” in Chicago. A “powerful international negotiator” – of course he used the honey pot!) Clinton Fund-Raiser Pleads Guilty to Felony Mail Fraud

Gray Davis, former Governor of California spent the 7th largest economy into the toilet, causing the rise of the ‘gah-vah-nator who ran against, you guess it – Larry Flint  “I’m just a smut peddler, who cares.”

Democrats just have a way with words. Just like former Governor Edwin Edwards of LA who stated “the only way I could lose was to be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”  Shortly after that he ended up in prison.  But, he was elected!  Edwards enters prison

In the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, we can find Mayor Rahm Emmanuel at home.  At 1pm last Tuesday, a woman unloaded bags from her car. An older model black sedan with 4 occupants pulled up at the 4200 block of N. Hermitage Avenue location. The driver, an industrious young man, assaulted the woman, stole her bag and fled.  Thankfully, Mayor Rahm wasn’t in the car – it would have looked really bad – only Blago ends up in jail.

Rahm’s brother – Zeke, is one of the architects of Obamacare from his perch as a gargoyle at the University of Pennsylvania. We can count on him missing his afternoon tea with Kermit Gosnell – we can only hope they meet in the afterlife. (Which is what Zeke has in mind for all you sick folks.)

Boston’s reporting helicopter operations within their city and with all the help that Whitey Bolger got from the FBI, they could never clean it up could they?  Oh well, (leave it to the next crew.)

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