Not Another Cog In The Wheel!


Reno was hot!  Hillary Clinton had a half way decent crowd at Desert Diamond West Valley. Reno’s a town where quite a few people have time on their hands and you can always fill in some of the spaces by grabbing some newly homeless person and cleaning them up.

Throw it all away on a roll.  This is pervasive thinking within Hillary Clinton’s supporters. If I can’t do it here in Reno, I’ll win the lottery – back home. What needs to be drilled into these idiots is… when Hillary and her crew run the lotteries, ain’t nobody gonna win but her and her friends.

There won’t be any state, there’ll only be one government and one Massa – Ms. Hillary.

At Desert Diamond it was revealed by our fearless future leader (not to be confused by this neutered boy we’ve got now) “the godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism” is none other than Vladimir Putin.

How can that be? The reset button was set in stone, wasn’t it?

Oh no, they were stoned when they dreamed it up.

Impugning Putin as the Rasputin when so many facets of the democrat diamond is financed by a Nazi collaborator (tied to old line bankers in Europe).

Excellent Alinsky moves by a lifelong expert and practitioner. “Practitioner?” Alinsky only alluded to the removal of those opposing you. Hillary Clinton is a Harbinger of death.

She then attacked Alex Jones and Info Wars et al. Aren’t these lawyers “beauts?”

Looking back to 16 February 1970 – five months before I visited England and saw a young Bill Clinton rail against the war on Hyde Park corner. Bill had that raggedy sweater on and a beard and was as scruffy as any description offered from the Arkansas’ “tree” days.

A bomb built and placed by Bernardine Dohrn outside a San Francisco Police Department location killed S.F. P.D Sgt. Brian Valentine McDonnell. According to FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, Bill Ayers (Dohrn’s future husband and political mentor of Barack Obama. Ayers’ family financially supported this foreign student in his college days – talk about dark plots and conspiracy) told him that Dohrn placed the bomb which was just one of hundreds of bombings by urban guerillas who took advantage of our free society. (Ayers bemoaned the fact to the FBI informant, that Bernardine had to devise the plan, build the bomb and place it herself when she should have just been planning operations.)

Marxist Terror in America

The FBI Weather Underground Task Force located the Pine Street bomb factory – complete with the fingerprints of Bill Ayers and Dohrn (as well as other top Marxist revolutionaries within the Weather Underground) lifted from the communist literature they were reading.

In the early 70’s there were thousands of bombings attributed to this Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (academia-inspired) pseudo-revolution (this American revolution was only successful with the election of  Bill Clinton; the drug culture and the Marxists came together in Bill Clinton’s administration.) Counter culture was a description bandied about (something the young could rally around).

The lack of responsibility borne by these silver-spoon, home-grown, dope worshipping, counter culture idiots is still an open wound. A question needs to be asked: why were FBI officials prosecuted for trampling the rights of the Weather Underground in this bomb placing theatre? This is the exact moment in our history, when the FBI was “neutered” by radical, leftist lawyers. J. Edgar Hoover was forced out of the FBI on 2 May 1972 – leaving involuntarily. (Bill Ayers’ prodigy wants to cling to his office as hard as J. Edgar Hoover.)

The FBI officials convicted of violating the rights of the Weather Underground terrorists were pardoned by Ronald W. Reagan. Some of the Weather Underground terrorists were pardoned by William Jefferson Clinton. The Chicago Puerto Ricans who shot up the House of Representatives (injuring 5), also received pardons by Jimmy Carter and clemency by William Jefferson Clinton. Do we see a pattern here?

11 August  1999: 16 disaffected Puerto Rican terrorists were responsible for 120 bombings in the United States primarily in Chicago and New York City were pardoned by William Jefferson Clinton. The Fraternal Order of Police, The Federal Bureau of Prisons,  The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Attorney’s Office opposed this commutation of sentence. The President cited Executive Privilege, refusing to turn over some documents to Congress relating to decisions which pertained to the pardon of the FALN terrorist group.

Mary Jo White (now the 31st Chair of the SEC Commission under Barack Obama) was appointed to investigate the pardon of Marc Rich. White was replaced by a reliable Republican, James Comey –  who had joined the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of NY 1987-1993.

From 1996-2001, Comey was in charge of the Richmond Division of the Eastern District of VA.  In 1996, he was Deputy Special Council to the Senate Whitewater Committee, lead prosecutor in the 1996 Kobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia and while in Richmond, was an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Richmond School of Law.

After becoming U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY 2002, Mr. Comey (who sent Martha Stewart up the river) became Deputy U.S. Attorney General at the end 2003 where he took over for Mary Jo White. As can be imagined, Mr. Comey found no illegality in President Clinton’s pardoning of Marc Rich.

On Mr. Clinton’s last day in office, he gave out 140 pardons; 1 to his brother for drug charges, another to Patty Hearst, Dan Rostenkowsky, Susan MacDougal (Whitewater scandal) and Marc Rich to name a few. Rich had it the best of all… residing in Switzerland, owing $48 Million in back taxes with 51 counts of tax fraud, reduced to a $1 Million fine.  Many democrat leaders were critical of the Clinton pardon.

Bill Clinton’s first act as President was to fire all U.S. Attorneys. It just doesn’t seem right for an attorney to fire all of the attorneys, does it? The President wasn’t acting as an attorney, he was acting as a cog in the wheel of a criminal enterprise. He and his wife (and the people he associated with politically), were the 60’s radical crew who with the help of leftist lawyers, had neutered law enforcement at every turn since J. Edgar Hoover’s retirement. These leftist lawyers had long been incubating within our system (stealthily since the days of  Felix Frankfurter).  Have you ever wonderered what J. Edgar did with the files he had compiled since the 1920’s? Was he bought out?

With irrefutable evidence linking Dohrn and Ayers to the bombing of the Park Police Station, Barack Obama’s  Justice Department under Eric Holder (another radical from Columbia) was ordered to disregard 2009 efforts by the San Francisco Police Officers’ Association to bring Dohrn and Ayers to justice.

The WACO burning of some Christian “zealots” in 1993 resulted in the death of one Conway LeBleu in the initial assault on the compound.  LeBleu was one of the body guards detailed to the 1992 Clinton campaign trail (of tears).  The fact is ATF agents Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeehan and Conway Charles LeBleu all died on the initial assault of the Branch Dividian Compound i.e., welfare fraud hostel. (Body guards to the future president).

In 1986 when I questioned Hazel Freeman, the Publisher of the Modern News about why Arkansas (and apparently the Memphis Commercial Appeal) was so fond of its  Governor? She said with a wry smile, “well he’s young.” Hazel worked at the Draft Board during WWII – everybody went. Hazel worked at the Draft Board during the Viet Nam war and saw a lot of boys going into the National Guard. Arkansas, the home of Carlos Hathcock, (the likes of whom we shall never see again), seemed to be more aware of the profiteering nature of this conflict and was sending the draft culls.

Conway Le Bleu (deceased at WACO) was somehow related to [Glenn] Conway LeBlue, a Loiusiana democrat who served in Louisiana House of Representatives (District 36) with ties to the oil industry. The former representative just disappeard into thin air. Exactly what did they have to do to him to find out everything he knew?

William Colby, Director of Central Intelligence, (ret.) admitted to Congress on 21, February 1975 – of “small missteps” (and being guilty of a CIA overreach and at the same time downplaying “sensational allegations of CIA’s misdeeds”) had placed American intelligence in danger. Here’s where they dismantled the Central Intelligence Agency and began freeing up corrosive elements which they had trained up. If you will, an intelligence apparatus separate.

The very people who tore down the legal entity accused of illegality, could now run their operations.  Also on that date, Cher was in headlines in the indictment of Kenneth Moss for heroin poisonings involving “The Average White Band.”

Pick Up The Pieces

William Colby died 27 April 1996 – at age 76 he had become editor of Strategic Investment which had hired three handwriting experts to analyze Vince Foster’s suicide note which had materialized, (torn to pieces, with no fingerprints and these experts declared it a forgery of amateur proportions). Forgery is not a talent the White House radicals pursued.

Mr. Colby was the man on the ground in Viet Nam which was a money maker for American elite. The abundance of death brought on by the “Harbinger” Hillary, is unsurpassed in American history.

Going after Christians, gun owners and radio talk personalities from the peoples house in D.C.. This – the Clintons were very efficient at.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning all of the ties the Murrah Building in OKC had to the WACO evidence and the files from the Agent Orange case.

Popular talk radio personality, born in Illinois and founder of Peoples Network Inc., a 501-(C)(3) tax-exempt foundation based in a garage in Tampa FL.

In his IRS nightmare Chuck Harder became tied to The United Auto Workers. The UAW President, Steven Yokich, mentioned a phone call from the First Lady mentioning that a better investement than Chuck Harder’s takeover would have been her brother Hugh Rodham’s talk show.

At the age of 43 with 23 years of experience in broadcasting for the people was syndicated a 3 hour program out of Tampa FL. Chuck and his wife, Diane, invested their life savings of  $160,000.

Millions of Americans fell in love with the refreshing, conservative vent against corporations and their government minions. Although Moonbeam, a civil rights attorney and Governor of California was a guest as well as Jerry Spence, (especially after Ruby Ridge) Ralph Nadar a weekly guest. (And here we must thank Chuck Harder for bringing Ralph Nadar into a viable “spoiling position” against Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election in The State of Florida.)

Chuck had something to say to the leftists too – so he was a dangerous element and had to be dealt with by ‘da bad ass IRS. Bill Clinton was just the man to do it. It’s hard to imagine the biggest dope running Governor in America was also a revenuer. 300 radio stations and 83 tv stations carried Peoples Network Inc., grossing $5 Million a year (in membership dues and sales derived from books, videos, short wave radios and audio tapes).

Chuck complained about The UAW’s version of his network “essentially represented the Democrat National Committee” monitoring important reporting on issues like NAFTA, China’s Most Favored Nation Status and GATT. Harder to this day owes his life to his kind public words about the UAW and good faith “caught between a rock and a hard place”.


AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, right, talks with U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue on Capitol Hill in Washington on April 21, 2015, prior to their testifying before the Senate Finance Committee hearing on fast-track authority. (Photo: Evan Vucci, AP)

Government motors is a reality today, thanks in part to these fascist, socialist, pigs in power.

Wade Rathke (ACORN INTERNATIONAL) with Drummond Pike (R) and an unnamed Peruvian in the ACORN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE – Lima, Peru.

When you add up all of the controlling aspects: legal, prosecutorial, law enforcement, media, internet, faith and values plus the culture,  1/3rd of Huma Abedin’s emails being 100% redacted, shouldn’t raise a flag.

1/3rd of Abedin emails 100% Redacted


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