Today is primary day in Florida.  In our area of the panhandle, it pays to be a Democrat for the local politicians.  Trump basically asked me to hold my nose for Rubio the establishment Republican, open borders candidate.

Two points of view from that one fact; how many people will hold their nose and vote for Rubio?

Will he win?  Will he lose?  If Rubio wins in a landslide today in FL, Trump has the biggest coattails you’ve ever seen.

If Rubio doesn’t win in this primary challenge, then there is no political poll today that is reliable in any sense of the word.  Rubio was shown time and time again to be a front runner in the polls in the presidential primary,  yet was swiped off the board by Trump who masterfully took over the campaign for the Republican nomination.

Duncan Hunter, Army Ranger, 75th Ranger Regiment attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade serving in Viet Nam.  He came back from Nam and in 1973 he attended Western State University-College of Law at the San Diego campus under the G.I. Bill.

In 2007 Representative Hunter called out China stating anti-satellite missile tests “represents the commencement of a new era of military competition in space.”  (We must understand that streaks of lights above California that are never fully explained by a government controlled media are quite disturbing.)

1994: Hunter introduced a bill which mandated the construction of 14 miles of border fencing between Tijuana Mexico and the U.S.. The  14 miles of fence was built.

2005:  Hunter stalwartly works to protect America and  was instrumental  in presenting a border-fence bill to the house which passed and stalled in the Senate by the enemy of freedom: Harry Reid.

Harry Reid effectively opened the border for what we have today.  Good ole Mormon Harry Reid.  Possibly at Burning Man this very minute telling people how to keep their breath clean!

Harry despises the citizens who visit the Capitol with bad breath and body odor. We don’t need him running (“ruining”) America any more.

Catch & Release Border Patrol Agents:  San Diego today.  Magic words are:  “Obama said it’s okay to come.”  Claiming political asylum is the key to NEVER being deported.

Today Wade Rathke and Drummond Pike have borne fruit to The United States from South and Central America.  Wade, an SDS’er has known Bill Clinton longer than most and through ACORN and SEIU “Service Employees International Union” was a mentor to Barack Obama.  ACORN International voter fraud (and imbezzlement of ACORN’s funds by his brother) forced Wade to move outside our borders at the reigns of ACORN International. “Obama said we could come.”

Wade made good on his promise to ACORN to repay the organization for the money embezzled by his brother.  This debt was satisfied by Drummond Pike from Tides Foundation fame.  A Soros’ front group.

A patchwork of enemies;  foreign and domestic, intent on bringing down the very nation who gave them the freedom to organize.

Our “brothers” plan on throwing us down the well.

Today, only 2.5 months later – “asylum” has become “the word.”   The article linked below has in 2 months time, become cover for the lie.  If you were to read this today in a web search, you would come away convinced people couldn’t get asylum in America.

Asylum Seekers

Today that is not the case; it is readily available in San Diego

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