Atomic Madison Avenue

The run up to November 8th for the Democrat Party is going to open a Pandora’s box of David Axelrod-like, psycho-babble. First we must look at one of the very first psycho-babble political actresses: Monique Corzilius, who had a brief acting/modeling career. She can remember the lines from Kool-aide, Kool-pops commercials from about 1965: “mm-hmmm. […]

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Business Against Alinsky

  When Secretary Clinton was attacking Mr. Trump about his businesses during the first debate, she was just parroting what Republican opponents had thrown up in the primary debates. Mr. Trump should have been prepped to avoid defending his businesses.  70% of voters had already made up their minds who they were supporting. Despite winning […]

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Let Me Entertain You! ~Mark Cuban

  WW II brought out the best Americans and the majority of our casualties were good, upstanding young men. It also brought out some of the worst in America and some very cynical individuals: blue blood, criminal carnies and gypsies came together in the intelligence community. The intelligence community recruited from all walks of life […]

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Possum On The Half Shell

  In the Jurupa Valley of Riverside County California, a child who attended Indian Hills Elementary School was diagnosed by a doctor earlier to have leprosy. It was confirmed by the National Hansen’s Disease Laboratory Research Program in Baton Rouge, LA. In Louisiana they are smart enough to tell their children “don’t play with armadillos.” […]

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A Time For Choosing

  Nominated in 1966 as a Republican candidate for the Governor of California, Reagan had 20-mule team political outlook. A slow-moving government where everybody was working, slowly plodding through the progressive desert, bringing anything and everything that was needed through a populace that would go back to work and repress the 60’s radicals because they […]

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America: Bath Salts In Every Pipe, A Free EBT Card ~EVITA CLINTON

America, stand down! The Chinese have your manufacturing and everything’s going to go well. Samsung is a Korean Corporation, multi-national in nature and now the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer (unit sales).  A court ruled in recent years that Samsung must pay Apple $1.05B in fines for violating six of its patents for smartphone technology. The […]

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