Duke of Durham


A growing United States, following WWII, saw radio entertainment give way to the television set. Funny how an antique name was given to the television. Set, a radio was called – a radio “set.” All this was done in a vacuum tube, before the transistor came out of Bell Labs.

Set, (or Seth or Sut) a brother of Osiris and Horus associated with Isis and Nephthys. A storm god representing earthquakes and eclipses. Associated with the words turmoil, confusion, illness, storm and rage in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Very strong, Set was a friend to the dead, helping them into the afterlife.  A protector of oases (in the desert). Set poked out Horus’s eye, Horus tore off one of Set’s testicles. Even though Set was married to the Canaanite fertility goddess – he was childless in the afterlife. The Greeks associated Set with Typhon (the son of the Earth and Tartarus) a thoroughly evil place of torture in Hades.

The Sanhedrin: (sitting together assembly or council) Moses and the Israelites were commanded by God to establish courts of judges. This council in ancient Israel consisted of religious leaders or teachers. The leader of the Sanhedrin was known as Nasi (defined as Prince). The first use of the word Nasi in Hebrew text was Genesis 17:20:  as for Ishmael, I have heard you. I will indeed bless him, make him fruitful and give him a multitude of descendants. He will become the father of 12 Nasi. I will make him into a great nation. (In modern Hebrew, Nasi is either the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or a title of the head of state.  Prince in modern Hebrew is nasich.)

Women were enticed during WWII to take up smoking cigarettes while the men were away. After the men came home both sexes were heavy smokers and we had rates of cancer never seen before in history.  After the Korean War American psychiatrists were given professional medical status and became known at this time as “pill pushers.” Madison Avenue geared up with branding. People became fastidiously loyal to particular brands. This was all psychological gobbledygook wrapped up in print, radio waves and the TV beaming into your living room. It was just as if popcorn was flashed across the screen at the Drive-in Theater. Never did it cross many minds in the 1960’s that a plot larger than any communist conspiracy was afoot. Communists had their circle, John Birch Society had a separate circle, CFR’s had their circle.

Today, Apple banned “Hide It Hillary” but approved mobile apps like “Punch Trump.” Our inventiveness today is a seething cesspool; we have no industry.

Setting up America for its next war:  the War of the Sexes – coming down to the wire with Hillary Clinton,  a 60’s radical in coke bottle glasses (you’ve come a long way baby!) When Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl embarking on a college education, becoming a lawyer was ‘in vogue’. The Constitution: (all those many souls, no longer walking on the earth, helped into the afterlife) a document washed in the blood of patriots was due a rewrite according to the new Sanhedrin. Flintstones Winston Cigarettes Commercial (Rare)

The U.S. Tobacco Industry was hammered into diversification causing the movement of vast sums of money into our economy. (Predatory venture capitalists incited the riot on Wallstreet.) Cigarettes were the main vehicle of laundering drug proceeds, internationally, with the newly formed European Union taking RJR to court claiming they facilitated money laundering operations in Colombia, Panama, Switzerland and elsewhere. Drug traffickers use non-traditional money brokers to maintain anonymity.   Passing drug proceeds through financial markets by disguising the control or ownership of the illegal cash.  Money brokers operate outside the established banking system. A drug trafficker is able to convert his drug proceeds and obtain necessary funds to continue.

Prior to the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, Harrison Arlington “Pete” Williams Jr., a Democrat, U.S. Senator from New Jersey was convicted in the Abscam-FBI sting operation (taking bribes). Abscam worked well because there really was Arab money floating around. (Was the oil embargo of 1973, really engineered from the United States?) The oil industry had many enemies but they had many friends in the middle east. The lawyers who taught Hillary and Bill Clinton came from the same class of lawyers who went after the tobacco industry which in turn, generated a lot of lobbyists. It’s all about the milk man.

Federal prison inmate #06089-050 was the first sitting Senator of the United States to spend prison time in 80 years. A word of encouragement: Barack Obama is emptying our prisons. Can we load them up with the D.C. crowd?

The National Archives is once again in the news and you can rest assured it’s not Sandy Berger (he’s dead –  did they check his socks before they planted him?). The Archives is once again in the news because Vince Foster’s emails with Hillary immediately preceding his death, have gone missing! It truly must be some ugly stuff.  Progressive Democrats on Early TV

Harrison Williams was replaced in the senate from April 1982 – December 1982 by Nicholas F. Brady (appointed by New Jersey Governor Tom Kean). Brady (Yale 1952, MBA Harvard 1954) joined Dillon Read and Company in New York City. It has been said that it was family connections but in truth, he was a very capable manager. George H.W. Bush and Mr. Brady met on a tennis court in 1975. Becoming fast friends (of similar backgrounds) Mr. Bush had just completed a tour as a representative of the United States in China. Today, who do we have a large trade deficit with and who owns most of our debt?

Unspoken fact: a future president was undoubtedly CIA. Leading up to the 1980 Republican National Convention, Mr. Brady ran George H.W. Bush’s New Jersey campaign. Bush was instrumental in pressuring Governor Kane to appoint Brady to fill the last eight months of Senator Williams’ term. James Baker resigned as Treasury Security in September 1988 to run George Bush’s campaign and President Reagan named Mr. Brady Treasury Secretary where he would remain during 41’s Administration.

William Casey made deals with the Department of Justice relieving the Central Intelligence Agency of the responsibility to report drug running by its contract employees. These agreements were in place between 1986 and 1996. Vice President George H.W. Bush had been granted certain executive powers due to the influx of illegal narcotics into the U.S. He made use of the National Security Act of 1947 and the CIA Act of 1949 – outsourcing sensitive work to the fallout contractors. The fallout after the Stansfield Turner’s wholesale destruction of many CIA careers.

In April 1981, Bechtel Corporation formerly known as Bechtel-McCone, through its venture arm, Sequoia, purchased the controlling interest in Dillon-Read from the Dillon Family, led by the son of its founder, C.W. Dillon, a former U.S. Treasury Secretary. In September 1981, John Birkelund, a former Naval Intelligence Officer and a graduate of Princeton, joined Dillon-Read. While in Europe, Mr. Birkelund was recruited into Booz-Allen to work with the Rothschild Family in New York. When you look at this marriage of the military and intelligence communities, please remember, Hillary Clinton is actually a product, a creation and a soldier for foreign entities.

The public campaign against the Tobacco Industry in America was ready-made by Ivy League lawyers to create a movement of the proceeds generated by tobacco in world markets which had never shown a loss in its history. The diversification of Tobacco into every aspect of America’s economy had to be handled by investment banks and their lawyers. Just like Prohibition, the underground drug dealers needed to launder huge amounts of cash. Prior to worldwide banking regulations in modern age, underground banking institutions existed encompassing the globe. Naval intelligence grew out of the Navy’s forward position and as such, was ripe pickings for the business elite.

Looking back to 1932, Brains Trust was applied to advisors to Presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt by the New York Times. The Roosevelt brain trust framed the policies for the 1st and 2nd New Deal.

The little known: Kitchen Cabinet was made up of black democrats who gave FDR cover for being progressive. Around 21 official and unofficial members of this “Kitchen Cabinet” as it was called in the day, (if you search for it today, it’s been mostly scrubbed because kitchen is so derogatory) were salted into the (2nd Reconstruction, known as) The New Deal.

From this Kitchen Cabinet, a young Harvard economics advisor, Dr. Robert C. Weaver, advanced to become the 1st Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Lyndon B. Johnson.

Just as welfare got some new government wings, HUD housing promised to be more profitable than the post Great Depression Era of Democrat thievery. HUD is the key to unraveling what has happened with inner city decay. Just as the Clinton’s “ARKANCIDE” people at will, the Black community has been made to commit suicide in front of our eyes, enabled by the government, the entertainment industry and a loss of spirituality.

The drug epidemic is not an accident and in 1996, Gary Webb from San Jose, connected the dots between the CIA, the Contras and the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. Freeway Ricky Ross, drug kingpin, started to show up on computer generated maps resulting in subpoenas for the company under investigation. This was the Clinton government in action – shutting down a corporation over time.   Through legal terrorism. Demanding they turn over their server. They were not entitled to the knowledge they had produced. Hamilton Corporation was raising welfare recipients into productive jobs. These former welfare recipients had compiled the maps which outed the flow of government money through the neighborhoods.

South Central L.A., has long been Maxine Waters’ Congressional District.

Henry Cisneros was asked to resign as Secretary of HUD. Former Mayor of San Antonio, Henry was not compatible with the new Democrat plan. In 1999 Texas monthly named Henry Cisneros Texas mayor of the century. His downtown river redevelopment changed San Antonio’s image overnight. The vacuum left by Cisneros has given way to the Castro brothers, [who are every bit in line with the new Democrat plan] one of whom is now the 16th U.S. Secretary of HUD, raised on the bosom of La Raza-Unida.

President Clinton appointed Andrew Cuomo (such a wonderful man?) to be the head of HUD.

The day before the CIA was brought before Congress for cocaine smuggling, Vice President Al Gore and Secretary Cuomo announced the creation of an empowerment zone in Maxine Waters’ district.  $300 Million.

Maxine took the CIA “to task” over the crack epidemic yet it did not improve the black community.

One iota.

And that $300 million?

Well yeah, Maxine’s still looking good.




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