“We Have 63 Days” (And I think I Can Live That Long) Hillary


Many politicians in America have reinvented themselves.  When Hillary uttered “we have 63 days,”  one might imagine what reinvention of Hillary are we going to be exposed to?  Will she come out stronger?  Will she ditch her doctor “Big JuJu?” What is the Democrat October surprise?

Let’s take a look at a former Democrat from North Carolina:  Lauch Faircloth (Duncan McLaughlin Faircloth).  Farmer, businessman, bureaucrat, Faircloth capitalized on a conservative record but was it really conservative?

When Faircloth was State Highway Commission Chief he built roads to his own car dealership and also a shopping center.  Faircloth owned a huge pig farm, raised cattle and had 140,000 lb. tobacco allotment.  All tobacco is mandated by the government to be bought and yearly the government sets the minimum price. Faircloth’s cattle operation contaminated more than 30 miles of pristine river and creek.  A feed mill he co-owned had been cited numerous times.   Faircloth held over $1M in the stock of a company which processed hogs and was fined $65K when an 18-year-old worker was killed in an industrial meat blender. Approximately 50 Lundy Packing Company employees contracted brucellosis (bacterial disease) in this case, a hog-born infection.

It didn’t matter if Faircloth was a Republican or a Democrat it can be said he was just another politician.  John Edwards came across with his populist platform and in the midst of “Monica-gate,” the ambulance chaser convinced voters of what they already knew:  Faircloth was just another crook, ending Faircloth’s time in the Senate.

Lauch Faircloth is a prime example of why you can’t trust politicians in America. We should all be so good, like a champion of the 40 cent breast cancer postage stamp.  Lauch Faircloth: “the next time you go to the local post office, you can become a foot soldier in the war against breast cancer” in the Republican’s response to one of President Clinton’s weekend radio broadcasts.  These people think they own us with their color-coded ribbons.

During the Whitewater probe in 1995, Faircloth hired David Bossie as a staffer on the probe.

Bossie naturally came together with Floyd Brown as the Clinton’s swept into power.  Almost 30 years ago these two individuals were the backbone of hard-hitting research into the Clintons.  Collaborating on the 1992 book: “Slick Willie; Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton.”  The Clintons should be trembling knowing Donald Trump has hired Mr. Bossie.  Above all, David Bossie is a survivor.

The NSA, which in the 90’s operated as an arm of the Arkansas Mafia, began spying and conducting telephone intercepts against Bill Clinton’s political opponents and friends alike.  Prior to the ’98 election, Bill Clinton had to back-peddle where he lied in ’93 and ’94 that CLIPPER had no secret back door when it did indeed have an “exploitable feature”.

Democrats went to great lengths to show that the recording of Newt Gingrich’s cellphone in Florida was done by two Clinton hacks and they took the tape to Representative Jim McDermott, (D) Washington.  (The Clinton’s were listening in on everybody’s cellphones.  900 FBI files in Craig Livingston’s possession?  No one could uncover who hired Craig Livingston to the White House?)

Democrats criticized the staff of The House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight in 1998 for releasing redacted tapes and transcripts of a certain federal prison inmate.  A former Rose Law Firm Partner, former Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court and all around Mena Arkansas conspirator: (father-in-law Seth Ward,  Park-O-Meter, Arkansas Development Finance Authority, unpaid loans) Webster Hubbell.  Bossie was to take the fall.

Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, pressed Dan Burton (R-IN) for Mr. Bossie’s resignation.

Privacy is such a big issue when you’re hiding a lot of things. The Clinton’s hide a lot of things.  You and I are sold on the loss of freedoms with colloquialisms such as “it’s okay, what do you have to hide anyway?”

To highlight Bossie’s survivability in Washington D.C. circles as it is today – Citizens United and Gingrich Productions have produced two “Rediscovering God in America” films hosted by Newt and Calista.  Gingrich authored the 118 page book “Rediscovering God In America” and the illustrator was his second wife, Calista Gingrich.  Truly, this is what’s wrong with our country.


Today, our leaders who hang on by every means necessary, through all the travails, especially on the Republican side,  which battles a rabid media, will not admit to being compromised by our intelligence operatives or that they are afraid for their lives when the “criminal gang” comes in to testify before them.  Sadly, the reality is both parties have been bought out by McCain-Feingold, acting out the last vestiges of duality.  We are tired of receiving incessant and insulting mailings by the hangers-on who profit from this crooked system: a plague.

When Mr. Trump wins, we must take “profit” out of politics if we are to survive.  Granted, Floyd Brown’s “Willie Horton” ads came in handy but for all the ammunition that our friends here produced against the Democrat takeover of America initiated by the Clinton’s, one can only benefit from the education of the right-wing propaganda machine because absolutely nothing was done by Ken Starr and Bill Clinton was never convicted.  We still have (the same illegal searches Bill Clinton wanted in 1996) the Patriot Act where an FBI agent can go and write himself a warrant.

Mr. Trump, a man who has done more with his life than half the world put together, could go down in history alongside George Washington, by endeavoring to rewrite the political landscape that scuttled America.

The whole political establishment stinks.  Ken Starr managed to do nothing.  Bill Clinton has never really paid for lying to the American people about Monica Lewinsky and through all that trash, John Edwards defeated Lauch Faircloth, a former Democrat for his North Carolina Senate seat in 1998.

Smithfield Foods, the worlds largest processor of pork, announced  sometime in 2013 that it was being purchased by China’s Shuanghui International for close to $5 Billion.   China was already the world’s largest producer of pork.  Smthfield, the world’s largest processor had been hounded for many years by The U.S. Government and The State of Virginia.

This is why the replacement of politicians, not Democrats, not Republicans but politicians, must be an undertaking of renewal of the fabric of our Republic.

The 1998 Tobacco Bill (the culmination of the war on tobacco by politicians and lawyers) that was to be Bill Clinton’s future legacy died of itself under a President charged with lying under oath, conspiracy and obstruction stemming from his January 1998 speech which led to his impeachment in the House of Representatives.

America was enduring an onslaught of privacy invasions, yet Bill Clinton’s White House was claiming Linda Tripp violated Monica Lewinsky’s privacy by taping her phone calls!  Bill Clinton proposed  anti-terrorist legislation in 1996, which would empower any FBI agent to write his own warrant, tap any phone without a court order, no DOJ sign-off, no judicial review required. (Terrorists in 1996 meant right-wing militia groups. Bill Clinton had labeled the right-wing terrorists.)

Democrats (not the vast, right-wing conspiracy) claim to protect privacy yet their actions show their true nature.  At the helm of the Central Intelligence Agency – 11 September 2001,  George Tenet, (a former staffer to the late Senator John Heinz [R-PA] The Operator) and his personal assistant, (today’s Director of Central Intelligence) John Brennan, (“Doctor Drone“) presided over the reorganization of Uncle Sam into a big ball of Homeland Security (empowered with surveillance not imaginable in 1996.)  Tenet was a leftover from the Clinton Administration.  The Republican Administration that followed was as much at fault for the Patriot Act bugaboo we suffer under today; totally corrupted Constitution.

Allowing Hillary Clinton to link up with John Brennan (Convert to Islam,) two of the main players in Arab Spring and Benghazi is not in America’s interests.  This is the most important thing to remember as President Trump is the focus.

Although these names from the past evoke bad memories, the parting thought from this charade: Clinton’s are masters of the media illusion; foremost being Ken Starr, who was a shill, media hype, and America swallowed it.


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