Doc-Free Debates? How Much Can Hillary’s Bag Hold?

Trump wants a debate without a moderator – great idea!   We should continue along those lines; no medical personnel, no leaving the stage – just a straight 90 minutes of back and forth between two candidates.

David Axelrod has been quoted saying: “it isn’t about the health, it’s about the stealth.”  Secrecy and skull-duggery are hallmarks of Clinton political life. (in the “singular” since they came on the national scene as a two-fer one.)

Trotting Bill out, on CBS, with Charlie Rose: Bill looked cool and calm during an interview with Charlie Rose about Hillary’s health issues (which manifested themselves on more than one occasion, seeming to become standard operating procedures for her Secret Service detail.)  It was as if an undercurrent was running through Bill, as he spoke.

Echoes of Jim McDougal.  (He made the case in his book:  this political marriage was nothing more than that.  Bill was not interested in seeing Hillary have her own political career, and Bill reveled as the Whitewater investigation tarnished her political veneer.) Bill has lost his touch and the media had to cover for him. (edited out of interview)

Hillary Rodham Clinton is traveling around with Dr. Lisa Bardack and a neurologist known here as “Big JuJu.”   No need for an emergency visit which is standard protocol for the Secret Service.   Hillary Clinton and her famously unhinged temperament have the agents in her detail “brow-beaten.”   Their duties are in accordance to Hillary’s demands and not the directives of the United States Secret Service.

Clinton Greets Her Employees (Reporters) (Don’t question me if I’m ready, are YOU ready?)

In the photo at the top of page:  the gentleman to the right appears to be the same man in the above linked video;  again standing to the right.  The photographer is also the same photographer who was at the 911 Ceremony, helping to block the public’s view of the true nature of Ms. Hillary.

It is obvious that Hillary handles the media on her airplane as if she owns them. The same Hillary came out and called many Americans supporting Trump “deplorables.”  She must be losing her grip on reality.  If we allow her to attain POWER through the Presidency of the United States, we will become the “nation gone under,” as described by Reagan.

The disease the Clinton’s brought with them to D.C. is very apparent in Congressional and Senate hearings;  I don’t remember, I don’t recall, I am not certain, I can’t speak to that per se.  None of the child’s play that the Clinton’s heap up against the Constitution could stand without the backing of a complicit media. A controlled media is an integral part of the Democrat plantation system.

The Democrats have so many rabid supporters (whose only source of success depends mightily upon maintaining power.)   The DATABASE that Barack Obama has put together;  (“an organization”) information collected on every American citizen.  A proven, multi-layer voter fraud campaign and now the introduction of Homeland Security into the election process.

The Democrats have forced an electronic nightmare upon the citizens of the United States through the hanging chad episode.  It seems whatever action the government takes, the interests of its citizens are not considered – our rights have been overtaken by the Federal Government.

Democrats have proven time and time again, to be unsafe at any speed.  



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