We Must Beat The Machine!

“A marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalist.  From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage, the political paradise of communism.” – Saul Alinsky

The Progressive left had for a long time hidden Hillary’s thesis on Saul Alinsky. There is no time like the present to shout from the rooftops her plan for America. It is very Un-American. Look no further than food riots in Obama’s beloved Venezuela for proof we must not let America follow suit.

It is more than obvious that the Clinton’s have ultimate control over much: Social media, MSM, DOJ, FBI, NSA, etc., to the point that our laws under the Constitution are the likes of hanging chads. The reality is they can only kill you once, but can torment you for a lifetime. So what’ll it be? Are we going to risk our lives for our America and how it was founded or cower in fear and hope things do not get any worse? The latter is NOT the thinking of a true AMERICAN!

So what have progressives given us and what have we lost after they “gave” it to us?

They gave us Social Security (and your number was never to be used for anything else but Social Security. Now, you ARE your social security number) and stole the money. (Of course your Social Security number was never to be used as an “identifier!”)

They gave us Medicare and broke the system. The list of Medicare abuses and fraud would bankrupt many small countries. It remains unchecked. Politicians are just too proud to tell Americans they ruined the Medicare system so they scrambled to implement Obamacare as a finger in the dike of a corrupted, socialist concept.

They gave us welfare and made slaves out of our most vulnerable citizens. Breaking up black and white families, the welfare system is an attack on everyone who enters its clutches.

The elites, through every entertainment media, corrupted the culture. Introducing drugs into our inner cities and suburbs then creating bureaucracy upon bureacracy, program after program where only the unaffected are compensated. Their crowning achievement? HUD: a candy store for criminals in government. HUD only whet the appetite of the government criminals as they ran Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the ground. Populating it with the fallout from the Clinton Administration; finding homes for out-of-work staffers and administrators, setting up the Cloward & Piven housing bubble.

No place on earth has socialism or its ultimate target – communism, been good for the people yet we have a heavy dose of the Oxford mindset brainwashing our young people to think that’s their utopia. A pox upon Americanism.


We have more than enough evidence that Hillary Clinton is close to her deathbed yet the MACHINE is providing cover for her and we now see, covering up the evidence of her declining health. (Deletion of the youtube video of her face planting into the rescue SUV during an emergency exit from the 9/11 ceremony, is all you need to know of the Clinton reach.) (The website: ARKANCIDE.COM had been down for several weeks and rumored to be Bill’s doing, has recently been restored.)

With the knowledge of their intent to hack the vote and register illegals, the question is: can Trump’s raw numbers overwhelm any nasty tactic they deploy? And if it doesn’t, are the American people going to put on their boots and get ready to rumble?


God Bless America!




One thought on “We Must Beat The Machine!

  1. Perfectly Stated!!!! Yes, it is a machine and if we don’t all sound the alarm America is over as we know it! The Clinton’s agenda is out and it Has to be defeated at all cost!


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