America: Bath Salts In Every Pipe, A Free EBT Card ~EVITA CLINTON


America, stand down! The Chinese have your manufacturing and everything’s going to go well. Samsung is a Korean Corporation, multi-national in nature and now the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer (unit sales).  A court ruled in recent years that Samsung must pay Apple $1.05B in fines for violating six of its patents for smartphone technology.

The 2nd largest manufacturer of semi-conductors, Samsung holds more US patents than any other corporation.   Samsung questioned labor practices in their Chinese suppliers’ work factories. This particular brand of China comes down from a man who said “what’s a million Chinese” (Mao of the LittleRedBook.) iu-7To paraphrase one of Mao’s heroes, V.I. Lenin, (starve em if you got em) “the Capitalist will sell us the rope with which to hang them”.  NY Times Magazine which carries water for the Gulag, challenged this quote – so it must be true!

In the 1930’s the NY Times had a certain writer who painted a glowing picture of the Soviet Union.  Walter Duranty came from a wealthy Liverpool family, was seemingly a product of British Boarding Schools. Duranty became involved with the occult after Cambridge, and appears to be the mold for Kim Philby, a reporter.  (This is why we had a banker’s son who was following a journalist career interviewing Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games, switch gears to become Director of  Central Intelligence, by way of OSS – Richard Helms.)

A chemistry professor once handed me stacks of the New Yorker (as if I was to be lifted up by it.)  As an avid reader (and stock keeper in a lab at an Ivy League University) I dove into the New Yorker – I could sit at my desk for hours and get paid, (I actually searched through this rag for something redeemable.) What I found was the most boring read of my life, I was unable to force myself to read it. So much for law school! Want to know why NYC is the way it is now? –  a bastion of liberalism epitomized in the New Yorker.  But it must read well for the 60’s liberals.

The art of being a lawyer is being able to read, discern and create boring stuff, anchored in baseness, finding the evil. Throughout American history their hand upon the tiller has been our ruination here in America.

Politics today is full of lawyers; they have enriched themselves because our money is up front – you let go of it in payroll taxes. (It aint’ pretty, and there ain’t no making it pretty.)

Jerome Corsi’s book “Partners in Crime” points out what we would have never known without certain whistle blowers.  The Clinton’s have been laundering money overseas since the late 1980’s.  Chelsea’s name seems to be involved from early days in the White House too (guess her college kitty was well padded). Mommy’s little girl doesn’t seem to be in arrears in her college note like the rest of America. This is What The Clintons Do.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 15: Former U.S. Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton speaks at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the Clinton Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies, titled Data 2x on December 15, 2014 in New York City. Data 2x aims to use data-driven analysis to close gender gaps throughout the world. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

What about the sub-standard education many paid through the nose for? It has ruined a whole generation and half of the prior. Safe spaces and petting zoos in today’s colleges and universities – treating them as if they are already in the old folk’s home, on dope. Must be some powerful drugs. Pakistani gold – bath salts? Some moron acts out Hannibal Lector because he’s watched Anthony Hopkins a few times in a dirtball movie.

Are bath salts the work of Pakistani chemists trained in the U.S.?

Since the 1960’s, liberalism has opened our door – educating foreign students in mathematics and science while slowly eroding the social fabric of America. The same Pakistanis from the 60’s came over and assaulted America under cover, possibly doing the most damaging spying then turning their work over to the Red Chinese.  We lost a lot of material. BCCI and its criminal actions could very well have funded the early Chinese nuclear program and at the same time benefitted the Pakistani H bomb.

China understands economic warfare and this is just another attack on “a multi-national corporation” in the form of Samsung. America has no manufacturing. How have we allowed ourselves to become so vulnerable?

The Republicans who were run by Henry Kissinger considered China an emerging market – an unstoppable gravy train. One of those was George Herbert Walker Bush, who later became Director of Central Intelligence and can be directly related to many nefarious activities. BCCI has been replaced by HSBC and Wells Fargo wants to run down that trail too. Americans better wake up!

HSBC was established in 1991 by The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank as a group holding company. Originating from Shanghai in 1865 becoming The Hongkong-Shanghai Bank in 1866.  Over a century and a half this bank has been very much involved in opium trade.  Strategically placed to capitalize on the return of Hongkong to China (Not Formosa.) HSBC views itself as at home in London and Hong Kong.

Evita Clinton and her philandering husband (and entitled daughter) have had “pass-through accounts” since the time they were in the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas. These pass through accounts never show a positive balance, they are zeroed out immediately in a sleight of hand.

If they take over America, your accounts will be zeroed out. You and yours will be totally at their mercy; looking for food and shelter. They have amassed what is purported to be $Millions but we can speculate $Billions sit in off-shore accounts. They have brought foreign muscle to our shore.

Evita Clinton is preparing America for a bleak future, the Cloward & Piven adherence which has been visited upon us. The new breed: a blend of criminal fascism and (NSA fueled) authoritarian socialism.




10 thoughts on “America: Bath Salts In Every Pipe, A Free EBT Card ~EVITA CLINTON

  1. Excellent analysis. As a lawyer, I have a tendency to “skim” and pick up the highlights. First article in long while that held my attention to the end.


  2. A lot of this article was “over my head” but I was able to gather a few nuggets/pearls: “China understands economic warfare. America has no manufacturing. How have we allowed ourselves to become so vulnerable?” And the possibility of our accounts being zeroed out is comparable to chip placement (the Mark of the Beast)!


    1. Driver, it is not going to happen any other way than what GOD planned. We can only pray for a stay of HIS hand. Please realize, China is angry for the cheap opium that sailing ships brought to her shores and enslaved millions of people. They have a long memory. People like George HW Bush and Bill Clinton are their front men here in America, seeking to profit at America’s expense. Parties no longer matter since the introduction of McCain-Feingold into politics. We need leaders with high moral standards. Thank you so much for reading and BTW your blog is looking good which I will send out to others.


  3. This article explains why The Democrats and liberal media are destroying America from lawyer to Congress man/woman. Our only savation is to vote TrumpPOTUS.


  4. Interesting & informative….keep up the good work! Some things are as plain as the nose on your face, but we still don’t see them…


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