For All The Feminism, Rape IS The Democrat Culture

Former Democrat Mayor of Hubbard, OH – Richard Keenan, had his bail set at $75,000 and is forbidden from having contact with any minor children. His charges include eight counts of rape, four of attempted rape and eight counts of gross sexual imposition.

The mayor who went by the handle “candy man” was a time-keeper for the Ohio Athletic Commission at boxing matches. He didn’t get the candy man moniker as a fighter – he was just passing out candy.

His victim – now seven years old, endured three year’s of Keenan’s heinous molestation which he claimed “the child initiated the act and even referred to her as a willing participant.” He has pleaded not guilty. His trial will be held prior to April 24, 2017. His victim will be eight years old. Will he convert to Islam?

Would Hillary Clinton sympathize with Mr. Keenan? Or would she take his case and defend him to the utmost of her lying abilities? She has a record of defending a rapist. She has stood by that action. Hillary is quoted as saying “when you are a lawyer you often don’t have the choice as to who you will represent,” and “by the very nature of criminal law there will be those you represent you don’t approve of. But at least in our legal system you have an obligation and once I was appointed, I fulfilled that obligation.”

We now know that the 12-year-old girl raped on May 10, 1975 was brutalized, spent five days in a coma and was rendered sterile. Charles Alfred Taylor, 41 at the time, was charged with her rape. Physical evidence: in his underwear mixed with his semen, was the victim’s blood (she was a virgin until she met Mr. Taylor.)

The victim was raped again in the courtroom by Hillary Clinton – taking a 12 year old country girl over the coals with polygraphs and psychiatric evaluations while accusing her of seeking out older men and fantasizing. Hillary must have read Bernie’s 1972 essay.

The 12-year-old girl could well write a book that would make Bernie blush about her trip into drugs, despair and prison. Newly released audio tapes of Hillary laughing about her case has caused the victim to go public and Twitter is ever thankful for another avenue to impugn Hillary’s reputation, as if she was a 12 year old rape victim.

When you see Hillary today – it’s not a pretty picture. It is her emotional stability that should have been in question for all of her miserable life. Ms Clinton has employed private detectives and henchmen out of the White House to intimidate and threaten rape victims of her loving husband.

Hillary Clinton knew quite well that Monica Lewinsky was stalking her husband, a willing participant in oval office, (not) sex. They conspired to hide the phone sex by eliminating a Secret Service agent, causing the crash of an AF C130 into Sheep Mountain (above Jackson Hole, WY) at about 10,000 feet.  The C130’s crew was the ‘creme de la creme’ and for some reason, they didn’t matter either.

The agent was responsible for protecting the President’s communications; he had to go. NWO Double-Minded Politicians In Action

Rape, murder, drugs, TREASON and just general all around law breakers, the Clinton’s are supported and endorsed by the Bush Family today. When “W” signed McCain-Feingold into Law he said words to the effect – The Supreme Court will strike down this stuff – until it got in front of Judge Roberts who has an adoption problem or two that must be covered up, so America can just step aside. We cannot allow these people to treat American citizens as a 12 year old rape victim in Arkansas.

3 thoughts on “For All The Feminism, Rape IS The Democrat Culture

  1. Great conclusion. You could have written a book on though there is so much rape going on because of feminism. someone came out today saying Bush didn’t endorse Hillary. I expect it…they both are NWO and NWO is treason.

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