A Time For Choosing


Nominated in 1966 as a Republican candidate for the Governor of California, Reagan had 20-mule team political outlook. A slow-moving government where everybody was working, slowly plodding through the progressive desert, bringing anything and everything that was needed through a populace that would go back to work and repress the 60’s radicals because they deserved it. Sometimes a vocal minority and in this case, impressed upon us by a gleeful media which was not the face of Walter Cronkite, a stoic communist.

A Time For Choosing (preserved by The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

Through the era of protesting –  Bloody Thursday at UC-Berkeley at “People’s Park” (they were good people, man) high on psychedelic drugs that had been discovered by the Central Intelligence Agency from a Swiss lab. These people judged our society as weak and reduced California into a truth-or-consequence, abortion hell. Norma McCorvey, the lady known as “Roe” was used by radical lawyers and today would be willing to testify that her case was contrived and she was used by the Progressive-Leftists.

The Father of All Lies

They had beaten down Reagan as best they could. Reagan signed a bill – four month’s into his first term which had a provision allowing abortions for the wellbeing of the mother and within the State of California between the passage of Roe V. Wade and the ‘wellbeing of the mother’ provision; two million lives were lost.

Gloria Allred Norma McCorvey Pro Choice Rally
BURBANK, CA – JULY 4 : Attorney Gloria Allred and Norma McCorvey (R),’Jane Roe’ plaintiff from Landmark court case Roe vs. Wade during Pro Choice Rally, July 4, 1989 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)

Another frustration for Reagan was in his effort to enforce the death penalty. The only execution during Reagan’s governorship – Aaron Mitchell, died in San Quentin’s gas chamber. (“They” want to save the killers and kill the most defenseless – Innocents.)

At the end of his governorship it was recognized that because of a tax increase juxtaposition with Reagan inspired spending cuts – a surplus was created which Reagan immediately began to disburse in the form of tax rebates; a total of four.

During Reagan’s 2nd year in office, Francis James Westbrook Pegler passed away (June 24, 1969).

Pegler was seven years old in 1901 and (no) thanks to the progressives in both parties, had lived through numerous changes. Working for United Press in WWI he was made to be a sport’s columnist after the war – it didn’t last long over at the sports pages, you at least have to write like a degenerate gambler to maintain people’s interest on those pages.

Pegler won a Pulitzer Prize in 1941 for exposing criminal racketeering within a labor union. He had been fed information that Johnny Rosselli and William Morris Bioff were extorting millions of dollars from Hollywood Film Producers by controlling George Brown, the President of The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. Bioff, a kosher jew (until his father kicked him out of the house when he was eight years old) had to work his way up. He was convicted in a conspiracy to extort $1million.

Johnny Rosselli who was born Filippo Sacco, like Bioff, he was an associate of Al Capone. Rosselli had other jewish connections in the mob: Meyer Lansky.

Rosselli disappeared in July 1976 on his way to play golf.  Ten days later, gases from his stomach bacteria floated the oil drum he was stuffed into because (according to Tosh Plumlee) he knew too much about the Kennedy assassination.

In the same year he was awarded a Pulitzer, Pegler finished 3rd for Time Magazine’s Man of the Year behind Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. (When Joseph Stalin is nosed out by FDR for “Man of the Year it shows you just how much it cost America to absorb European anarchists and socialists immigrating into our country at the turn of the century.  The Elites were educated in Europe after the Civil War. The communists and anarchists were imported to change the social order of America.)

On December 10, 1942 – citing evidence which Eleanore Roosevelt had gathered against Pegler,  Franklin Roosevelt prompted FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to begin investigating Pegler. Eleanore Roosevelt was known in his columns as La Boca Grande and President Roosevelt was known as Moose Jaw. Harry Truman was a Thin-Lipped Hater. Herbert Hoover and John Kennedy also suffered in his columns. When the CIA was running Operation Mockingbird in the 1950’s, Pegler proposed a state takeover of the AFL-CIO saying “yes that would be fascism but I,who detest fascism, see advantages in such fascism.”

Harry Truman referred to Pegler as a gentleman compared to Paul Hume (music critic for WaPo) who had criticized Margaret Truman’s singing. (Although Truman maintained Pegler was a gutter-snipe.)

Pegler was the youngest WWI war correspondent. Heywood Broun and his wife Ruth Hale were also WWI correspondents.

Broun (a self-admitted agitator) dabbled in socialist circles while studying at Harvard. Both Broun and Hale were strong supporters of birth control. Broun was arrested while taking part in a garment worker’s strike.  In his early days, working as a sports writer for The New York Morning Telegraph, he was able to rub elbows with his baseball heroes at a starting salary of $20/week. Bat Masterson was the Sports Editor at the New York Morning Telegraph.

In 1912, Broun went to work at The New York Tribune where he transformed himself into a foreign correspondent. Now he rubbed elbows with a new set of heroes which included Damon Runyon, Sam Crane, Sid Mercer and Jerome Batty.

Upon arriving in Europe with the 1st troop bearing convoy, Broun immediately clashed with Major Frederick Palmer who sat on Broun’s stories to deny the enemy any intelligence on the matter. Their relationship continued along these lines as the Major was the censor. The only name allowed in dispatches from Europe: General John J. Pershing (no other name could be used).

Ruth Hale returned to New York City at the end of 1917 to give birth to Heywood Hale Broun – March 10, 1918. The senior Broun returned home to New York City  in early 1918 where he published articles critical of censorship but also reporting on the lack of armaments, footwear, decent food and seasonal clothing. Public opinion galvanized and the supply system for the United States Army was reorganized. The money-making had to get efficient.

Broun and his wife were members of a round table at the Algonquin Hotel between 5th and 6th Avenues. You may wish to research some of the frequent round table participants listed here: Robert E. Sherwood, Robert Benchly, Alfred Lunt, George S. and Beatrice Kaufman, John Peter Toohey, Edna Ferber, Alexander Woollcott, Frank Crowninshield, Lynn Fontainne, Franklin Pierce Adams, Dorothy Parker, Harold Ross, Ben Hecht, Ina Claire, Jane Grant, Alice Duer Miller, Neysa McMein, Charles MacArthur, Marc Connelly and Donald Ogden Stewart.

Born in April 1902 – Quentin Reynolds became a sports journalist for the New York Telegram. In 1933 Reynolds became Associate Editor of Collier’s Weekly. Pegler, Broun and Reynolds regularly gambled at poker and it appears that Pegler was subject to some cheating (if one can properly read the faces at this table).


Pictured above: L-R Pegler, Broun, Reynolds (these are journalists)

Broun began writing for Herbert Bayard Swoop, editor of The New York World. Swoop told Broun “what I try to do in my paper is to give the public part of what it wants and part of what it ought to have whether it wants it or not.”  From this perch Broun espoused his views on academic freedom, race and the ever-present threat of censorship. He was an ardent supporter of Margaret Sanger and John T. Scopes (of trial fame) – and a  great admirer of the leader of The Socialist Party of America, Eugene V. Debs who had been in prison for his pacifist beliefs during WWI.

The owner of The New York World was a Roman Catholic (today he would be called pro-life) named Ralph Pulitzer. On May 3, 1928, Broun’s Column was missing and explained in the following statement: “The New York World has decided to dispense with the services of Heywood Broun. His disloyalty to this newspaper makes any further association impossible.”

In the early 1930’s – Heywood Broun complained that George S. Kaufman and Ina Claire had undermined a strike by waiters at the Algonquin Hotel by filling in for them, as staff. (George S. Kaufman may have been a better poker player than Heywood Broun.) Broun then dropped out of the round table.

Broun was expelled from The Socialist Party of America after appearing with members of The Communist Party. Broun was a strong supporter of Franklin Roosevelt and The New Deal – and initially, so was Westbrook Pegler.

By August of 1938, Heywood Broun was accused by The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) of being a communist and a member of communist front groups. Broun denied being a member of the Communist Party but agreed that he had joined groups and campaigned against the imprisonment of communist sympathizers.

Quentin Reynolds became a regular at the Sabine Farm which Ruth Hale had purchased in Stamford (Fairfield County, CT). Reynolds patterned himself after Broun.

Westbrook Pegler went back on the attack, railed against Broun and Reynolds as Broun layed dying. Liberals impugned Pegler as if he was to have mercy on the man’s mind – a mind which had worked subversively for Sanger-ism and communism.

Pegler was absolutely able to separate his political thought from his poker partners prior to Broun’s funeral. He was viciously attacked by other attendees at the funeral and in the press.  Liberals can only hate; there’s no separation or compartmentalizing. (Almost makes you want to pray for Mary Matalin; but she seems to like that way.)

During WWII,  Reynolds was 1 of 4 newsmen attached to the 7th Army commanded by General Patton who had gotten hold of a story relating how Patton was guilty of a court-martial offense.  Col. Richard T. Arnest made an outside the chain of command report of the incident to General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The four journalists agreed to sit on the story, but it seemed Patton’s enemies were able to follow-up and cause fool-hardy discipline against our best General.

Reynolds seemed every bit an effective foreign correspondent during WWII and at the time, he heaped praise upon the British for their intrepid stand. An English poll during the time had him second only to Winston Churchill in popularity. Enter broadcast media on a foreign field – so successful at raising the British cause, Reynolds was on a first name basis with Lords of the Admiralty.  (One might deduce that Fabian Socialism was visited upon America by these press people working for the Elites in America.)

After a falling out between Pegler and Reynolds, the mudslinging went to such levels that the two ended up in court. Pegler tried to make everything he could dream up, stick. A jury returned a verdict of 175,001.00 in Reynold’s favor and despite more than a few appeals (in addition to other charges) was the largest amount ever collected in an American libel case – almost $200,000. Pegler had to pay up.

In 1943 – while considering California’s penchant for political experimentation and social turmoil, Pegler proposed that a guardian should be appointed and the state declared incompetent to manage its own affairs.

On Wednesday, September 21st in Sacramento CA –  multiple sources attending a celebration of  “Farm to Fork” week at Mayor Kevin Johnson’s former high school (Sacramento High) described how Sean Thompson winged a store-bought pie with a whipped cream topping at the Mayor. No one says whether the pie hit the mayor although Mr. Thompson had been arrested for felony assault of a public official. They do say that Mr. Thompson was reduced to a bloody pulp and the sources are not in agreement as to how many blows were struck by the Mayor, a former NBA player.

The Sacramento Police  will not say whether the pie hit the mayor’s  face or head – they did say the Mayor struck the suspect, Sean Thompson, and there was a cut above the suspect’s eye which required transportation to a local hospital. There is no police report as yet – somehow Johnson was able to change clothes and address the audience after the attack, apologizing and receiving applause. In attendance were some of the city’s top restauranteurs and also about 50 high school students. (Johnson, A UC-Berkeley Grad has been dogged by sexual misconduct allegations. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to have him in and amongst all those kids – even though he’s the mayor.)  Whatever it was that Sean Thompson said, caused Mr. Thompson to tote an ass-whopping to the jail and no one will say what it was. (Could Mr. Thompson be a feminist?) So much for the media of today – totally controlled by the government.

Chez Panisse Foundation was established on 1 acre at Berkeley’s MLK Jr. Middle School, establishing the edible schoolyard: a propaganda unit for UC-Berkeley types to get students to embrace growing and harvesting foods from the garden in harmony with the environment and social wellbeing of the school community while preparing food. Edible Schoolyard, School Lunch Initiative had a broader goal of bringing school children into the healthy, fresh, sustainable culture. School Lunch Initiative is a collaboration with Center for Ecoliteracy – another non-profit applying its program K-12. It was Ms. Alice Waters who sponsored this event at the Sacramento School.

Alice Louise Waters graduated UC-Berkeley and studied abroad – a 60’s protestor and thus a pain in Governor Reagan’s plan for the future, eventually went to school in Europe. She also trained at Montessori School in London and upon returning to Berkeley opened a restaurant “Chez Panisse” which was intended to be a collaborative effort and a place to entertain friends.

A modern Algonquin round table –  sourcing fresh, high quality ingredients and buying from the local farmers, artisans and producers who are actually the old commune bunch that didn’t end up in the Manson Family.

Organic is green – recently at a local store, the cashier, a high school girl said she was a vegan, the customer said “well wait until you run up on an iron deficiency” she said “I already did and I’m taking a vitamin for it”  she thinks iron is a vitamin, rather than a supplement for a poor diet. So much for nutritional eduction in today’s world but don’t try to talk sense to people in this world because at 16 they know everything and by 25 they’re an old hand at it.

What inspired Pegler to go off the reservation and  write he would rather have the unions run under state control?  Granted, the unions were lending money to build Las Vegas casinos. The mob ran union rackets. All the do-gooders who wanted union were pawns.

(Heywood Hale Broun lived in Woodstock, NY from 1948 until his death, September 8, 2001. A graduate of Swarthmore College in 1940 – not only a sports caster “Woody” as he was known – acted in TV Soaps, 14 Broadway plays and some movies. It appears he was one of the first crossovers from Media to ACTING. He played himself in the Film “The Odd Couple” – five different character roles in “Car 54 Where Are You?” and his last movie in 1969 “Some Kind Of A Nut” starring Dick Van Dyke).

Albert Einstein, under a pseudonym wrote an advice column in a local Princeton Paper; dispensing advice for his own relaxation. Albert knew…gossip is what people read.

These media turds went back and forth across the newspapers, then to radio from sensational news story to sensational demonization as Americans would pay attention to them and not to the evil folks who were overtaking their government. As Operation Mockingbird advanced, LSD tests by the CIA were being conducted on unsuspecting citizens and of course, the cat was left out of the bag in California which became a hotbed for tripped-out Hollywood types.

B.S. News Story – No Pie For You!

Reagan fought an up-hill battle against this vermin.  Trump has more than his work cut out for himself.

Pray for him.


This is America today. Overdosed.

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