Possum On The Half Shell


In the Jurupa Valley of Riverside County California, a child who attended Indian Hills Elementary School was diagnosed by a doctor earlier to have leprosy. It was confirmed by the National Hansen’s Disease Laboratory Research Program in Baton Rouge, LA.

In Louisiana they are smart enough to tell their children “don’t play with armadillos.

Parents in the school on September 7, 2016 questioned Riverside County Director of Disease Control, Barbara Cole. Ms. Cole was chair of the California Association of Communicable Disease Controllers (CACDC – a state version of our National CDC. In CACDC there are 61 Local Health jurisdictions).

Barbara Cole is an RN, PHN, MSN and more closely resembles a school administrator rather than a doctor; she’s a nurse with management skills. It would be nice to find out her annual salary. California is notorious for its extravagant spending of taxpayer’s money on individuals either not worthy or underqualified. It’s part of the machine.

In the photo at top along with Barbara Cole, we see a plump Latina signing for the deaf attending the meeting. Have you often wondered whether sign language is in English or Spanish? Also, have any of you ever experienced at a meeting someone stand up and silently communicate to the signer and in turn the signer communicates the questioner’s statement, to the illustrious dignitary?  I wonder how much she gets paid? She’s obviously sitting down and getting paid.  Life is rough in Calfornia. (Look! anybody can make a buck at this!)crp9r1eu-jpg-large

When the lights went out in Puerto Rico recently, the news media reported most Puerto Ricans do not own generators. EBT cards do not buy generators. Want to know why Puerto Rico is as broke as California?  The Democrats are NATIONAL LEPROSY. Pieces of the U.S. are rotting and falling off.

What is the epidermis of the United States?  The parchment, where Jefferson’s plume spread ink on the skin our Constitution is made of. The Federal Government can no longer be allowed to exceed the power granted to it by the Constitution, because criminals have overtaken politics on every level. This is how we arrive at 40% of all Hillary’s State Department appointments were to individuals who had donated to the Clinton Foundation. It doesn’t get any plainer than this!

The Democrats are the “pay-to-play” culture – you Democrat voters are the “pay-to-vote” culture (DEPENDENCY). Dependency fosters “addictive” behavior.

In Chicago which seems to have been one of Mena Arkansas’ better customers, over 3,000 blacks have shot each other; the year’s not out. Approximately the same number that died on 911 (2,996) except all these were black.

The radicals from the 60’s are responsible 100%. They’ve moved shop temporarily to Charlotte, N.C., which in the past few years, has had its face changed by the banker boys who set up shop there. First the toilets, then the freeway. Whatever sticks, never let a crisis go to waste.

These are Alinsky’s people and they must pay.


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