Business Against Alinsky


When Secretary Clinton was attacking Mr. Trump about his businesses during the first debate, she was just parroting what Republican opponents had thrown up in the primary debates. Mr. Trump should have been prepped to avoid defending his businesses.  70% of voters had already made up their minds who they were supporting.

Despite winning in 99% of the polls, Trump should not have been a bit battered by the woman who battered Bill Clinton at the White House (the then First Lady was able to set the Secret Service on edge). This campaign is falling short on numerous, critical, attack points that can quickly eviscerate Secretary Clinton.

Trump could have chosen to say: You, your husband & your daughter run a corrupt entity, a pass-through to a bottomless pit – the likes of which has never before been seen in our nation’s history. A foundational cancer on America!

The former Clinton Administration has its fingerprints all over the Democrat party and has shown no remorse for the division and sedition they themselves have sown since 1992 (to maintain power – including their shill in the White House today).

Between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton we would have another FDR administration: 16 years of spending without gaining, unless there is a war.

Mr. Trump’s team did him a disservice by not prepping him to avoid Secretary Clinton drawing him in on frivolous subjects!

Mr. Trump neglected mentioning Secretary Clinton’s close association with Vice President Biden – who pointed out “his man” in the room with the “the nuclear codes!” Biden: Trump can’t be trusted!  Seriously?

Secretary Clinton is the one who can’t keep a secret!

Her husband’s administration disseminated so much sensitive information to the Chinese. Use this as an example: You bought a Chinese wristwatch in 1992, it wouldn’t last through a day’s work. After eight years of the Clinton Administration, the Chinese Long March Missile System, was able to MRV warheads into orbit or targets in the U.S.. Thanks to Loral and Hughes Aerospace which, at the time, was affiliated with NBC.

Ron Brown was under investigation by a Special Prosecutor for technical trade to China infractions (and Chinese money traceable to its Military entering the 1992 election campaign of then President Clinton) at the time of his mysterious death.

The investigation of Brown’s death aboard an AirForce Jet (a modern aircraft that conveniently had no black box) was controlled through the White House and had all the markings of a Fahmy Malak Death Certificate. James Risen and Edwin Chen – Staff Writers for Los Angeles Times May 1992.

Secretary Clinton has been known on several occasions to whip up the frightful notion of Trump having the nuclear codes with her “Goldwater” finger.  They are running the football straight at Trump like a college team. Does anyone on his staff remember when President Bill Clinton lost vital nuclear codes?  Can you imagine what Lt. Col Robert Patterson was going through when Bill told him he didn’t have it?  Missing for MONTHS only to suddenly reappear?

Mr. Trump could have also said to Secretary Clinton:

  • Under your own watch at The State Department, Seal Team Six was deeply disgraced in the deception surrounding Extortion 17.
  • You continued to lie to the parents of the Benghazi 4 – who raised up these –  their children, these children of war – you have no RIGHT to LEAD OUR MEN!  Our women have a place too but it’s not on the front lines as this flawed candidate who wants to place her G.I. Janes in Special Operations for no known purpose. Elections matter.
  • We may have more General Officers forced to resign than at any other time in our history.
  • Must be said: the Democrats are ignorant on National Security.

Sandbagging with body doubles: Secret Service Agents, by law, could not protect, flanked by people like Chuckie Schumer and worse. The whole incident after she was leaving the 911 memorial was caught by a single citizen journalist unknown, (Hollywood sleight of hand?) we are to believe was just someone’s phone camera catching what was supposedly Hillary in a weakened state.

Actors? There were no Secret Service Agents there – it could not have been Hillary. She broke us in with big JuJu; at first everyone thought he was a Secret Service Agent.  When Secretary Clinton came out of her daughter’s apartment building, there was no visible Secret Service Security detail near her and there were police barricades on the sidewalk.

The media were waved off (like the Kennedy assassination where the Secret Service was waved off the President’s car). The whole production at the curb at the 911 memorial had no media present. Later they positioned their cameras in front of Chelsea’s apartment building. Secretary Clinton’s favorite paparazzi on 9/11 “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” No it was a tragic memory and you defiled the dead. Maybe not according to your Saudi masters.

So now the newer, stronger, Secretary Clinton is back on the scene running down to North Carolina to campaign.

The riot in Charlotte is no different from the 1st modern race riot in America which was based on a lie and prompted the City of Philadelphia to adopt a tough policy towards unlawful transgressors. The Columbia Avenue riots.

Another Philadelphia story – MOVE had its own bible written with the aid of Donald Glassey from the University of Pennsylvania (again the Ivy League creating an atmosphere for a mad man’s ramblings to take fruit on his oppressed brothers) because its founder, John Africa, was basically illiterate and barely functional.

MOVE lived in a commune in West Philadelphia. There was a deadly standoff at the house that was owned by Donald Glassey. Whether MOVE killed the cop in 1978 is up for debate but 9 members were each sentenced for a maximum of 100 years for 3rd degree murder. Everyone of them had the last name Africa.

Philadelphia elevated its supposed police brutality in 1985 to military police action with M-60 machine guns and C4 explosives against the MOVE organization by Wilson Goode, the Black Mayor. A black Democrat mayor of a large city using force to oppress some very misguided and unfortunate black (brothers and sisters) citizens of this city by burning down a city block.

You are seeing the left in action.

Filling courtrooms with a steady payday for the lawyers in an endless system of misery, bandied about today in politics as racist actions against minorities.





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