“Swinging London” – Intelligence Rocks The New World?


To understand how the culture in America was affected by the mother country, you would think we would be looking at Colonial America. This is not the case. The true influence in our culture is about a pissed-off mother country who would like her colonies back.

The United States, in 1871 – became the world’s largest economy surpassing industrialized Britain causing notable embarrassment. America was vast and there were no constrictions on the expansion of business.

The children of America’s Elites were sent to Europe and educated in the dawning of European, humanist thought. Marx has his grave in England and the Fabians emerged from that grave.

America’s late entry into the first World War saw limited contact between our Senior Officer Corps and its British counterparts. British Intelligence focused on America’s Junior Officers, who were more accepting of the British point of view for the most part, being born over 100 years after The American Revolution.

The European powers demanded the American forces be integrated with their armies. General Pershing resisted these demands as best he could. Senior Marine Corps Generals were adamant after being under foreign command that they would resign their commissions if asked to do so again.

The Fabians were the founders of the Labour Party in 1900, but prior to that, “for the betterment of society” the Fabians founded The London School of Economics and Political Science in 1895.

Fabian Societies sprang up all over the world. Growing out of The Fellowship of the New Life (founded in 1883) – the socialists in England claimed their influences to be Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson – two Americans? This may have aroused the interests of young American students studying abroad.

The members of this fellowship which became the Fabians advocated Leo Tolstoy’s ideas of pacifism, vegetarianism and simple living. Christian anarchism denounced the state as violent, deceitful and idolatrous. To the Europe which had been run into battle by its Kings and Nobility engaging in constant warfare, Christian anarchism was a doorway to socialism.

The British were all too well aware of the battle cries in Colonial America: No King, but King Jesus!

Fellowship of the New Life was paralleled by the Fabian Society as the rebelliousness amplified – seeking social reform. The Fabians’ focus brought together well-known socialists to reconstruct society by securing general welfare and happiness.

Fabians were early proponents of eugenics as it swept across the empire. It infected America when the children of the elites sought a culture-rich education in Europe.

It is odd that the elites in Britain favored a capitalist welfare state. It would have been much easier to have a Monarchical capitalist state; you can guarantee it would have been much smaller.

Realize every trouble spot in the world has been under the British Empire, or another colonial power.

After the Haymarket riot in Chicago and the shooting death of President McKinley, anarchists were forbidden entry into the U.S..

Zionism became a movement in 1895 and in 1903, Joseph Chamberlain offered 5,000 square miles of the Uganda Protectorate for Jewish settlement. Much debate followed and by 1905 and after an inspection of the plateau in Uganda which was menaced by a large number of Maasai, it was rejected.

The problem resettling traditional jewish territories was the Ottoman Turk Empire which controlled these lands. Zionists were adamant in their demands for their “chosen” land.

At the same time, repatriation of African peoples throughout the Americas and the Caribbean sprang up – which again, was British in nature. An example is Marcus Garvey who came to America and met with Booker T. Washington. Garvey then wanted to model a Jamaican school after the Tuskegee Institute.  Although Garvey visited Tuskegee in Alabama, he found work in New York as a printer.

Garvey spent his nights tirelessly preaching the Universal Negro Improvement Association as if he was on Hyde Park Corner (which was actually the case). He was a regular haranguer at Hyde Park Corner when he lived in London before traveling to the United States.

Thank God America did not join the League of Nations.

Garvey-ism intended persons of African ancestry to possess the African continent and for the European Colonial powers to withdraw. African Fundamentalism was his essential idea – a united Africa, free of tribal conflicts. Being Jamaican born, he had no true understanding of Tribal conflict.

At the onset of WW II, Great Britain was very aware: The United States possessed no overall intelligence service; only a handful of units working for different compartments of the government in an uncoordinated effort. They saw a significant opportunity to subvert our culture at war’s end.

Robert Allen Palmer, best known for music videos (Addicted To Love and Simply Irresistable) directed by Terence Donovan, a British media icon who helped create “Swinging London” of the 60’s and was selling high fashion and celebrity chic with his camera.

Donovan was one of the first real celebrity photographers. Donovan committed suicide as he was rumored to suffer from depression. (Donovan’s son Terry, was co-founder of Rock star Games, Inc. – a video game developer and publisher of: Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Midnight Club, Max Payne, The Warriors, Bully and Manhunt.)

Palmer’s father was a British Naval Intelligence Officer.

Palmer joined a group in 1985 that did the cover for Tyrannosaurus Rex’s “Get It On” which was released in America under the title: “Bang A Gong (Get It On).”

T-Rex’s front man, Marc Bolan, was born Mark Feld – his father was an Ashkenazi Jew.  Irving Feld was also an Ashkenazi Jew – he and his brother, Israel, were booking agents for The Beatles in the U.S.. (Feld Entertainment is mentioned in a previous blog.)


Above left is Kenneth Feld, Irving’s son. Right is Mark Feld and his girlfriend, Gloria Jones and their son, Rolan.

A 9-year old Mark Feld appeared as an extra in “Orlando” a British television thriller airing on The Independent TV Network. (It seems as if The Labour Party Fabians didn’t want any other TV except government controlled TV in England. ITV cast Feld as a “Mod” which is what made Donovan famous – “Swinging London”).

Mark Feld was expelled from school for bad behaviour. He briefly modeled for clothing catalogues.

As Feld’s career moved along, he adopted Bohemian and Hippie styles and Bob Dylan significantly influenced him.

Feld’s early music was also influenced by Jimi Hendrix who was a Dylan cohort in New York coffee houses of the early 1960’s. T-Rex: “Ripoff”

Hendrix had made his way onto a flight to London boarding in September of 1966. He had been discovered by Chaz Chandler, Bass Player for Eric Burton and The Animals. The Animals were managed by Michael Jeffrey – a former MI6 operative.

Jeffrey, was also co-owner of Newcastle’s most celebrated Club A’Gogo. The Animals were the house band which Jeffrey took on to become an international act and he secured a recording contract with Columbia. The Animals, had in fact, been stolen from “Mr. Big.”

Chaz Chandler and Eric Burton and The Animals were not realizing the income they were expecting while under the management of Jeffrey. Jeffrey kept the books in russian to avoid any audits. So Chandler had to partner with Jeffrey because he was broke.

Michael Jeffrey had a mentor, Don Arden. The Yiddish speaking Arden who almost became a cantor at his synagogue, briefly attended The Royal College of Music. His son, David Levy, carries the family’s real name.

Don Arden was born Harry Levy. Since his early days promoting bands, he was also known as “Al Capone, Myer Lansky of Pop or Mr. Big.”

“Mr. Big’s” daughter, Sharon Rachel Levy, is a TV and media personality, talent judge, manager and promoter. Most people know her as Ozzy Osbourne’s wife.

Mr. Jeffrey took out a purported $2.5 million Life Insurance Policy on Hendrix with himself as the beneficiary. It seems as though Mr. Jeffrey had actually been muscle for Mr. Big. He was named by many as a prime suspect in the death of Hendrix.  Suspected of using a method employed by MI6: barbiturates and then enough wine to choke. Hendrix’s blood alcohol count was negligible but wine had come out of his mouth and nose.

Under investigation for other crimes, Mr. Jeffrey disappeared in a mid-air collision but no trace of his remains were ever found. Could he be the real version of Austin Powers – cryogenically preserved?


It was no mistake that drugs were a big part of Woodstock.  The Monterrey Pop Festival in June of 1967 was a direct result of the “Swinging London” counter-culture-dagger aimed at western culture and its vulnerable youth and to advance the families at the top of the heap who were behind the drugs which now flood the world.

There were also American acts at Monterrey but the likes of Ravi Shankar, (another early influence on Mark Feld aka Marc Bolen) The WHO and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, represented a psychedelic rage combined with Indian mysticism.

Monterrey was produced by Lou Adler and The Mamas & the Papas. Adler founded Ode Records and signed Cheech and Chong, a dope act at 33.1/3 RPM.

Such the good earner, while Lou was at Theatre in London attending the Rocky Horror Show, he bought the rights to the show and brought it back to L.A. where he produced the film version (adding “Picture” to the title). Class Brought To The New World By The Pissed-Off Mother Country?



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