Taste The P.C. at the gallows

  If we, as a nation, are to be nothing, let us be nothing now. The Justice Department is warning poll watchers – civilians, not militarized federal officers,  if you come out in your red t-shirts we’re going to hang a red handkerchief around your neck and sling you up a tree. “You gonna hang […]

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American Pride

It was October 1st, 2016 and the internet went bye-bye. We could see new filters being enabled across social media, specifically, twitter – slower keystrokes, the slow feeds, censoring. As they watch conservatives interacting on the web they came to realize America is a predominantly conservative nation! If “they” go and play with the internet […]

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Good Against Evil

  The charges against Donald Trump in the media make it plain to see that the media is not anything other than an organ of the Democrat party. Conservatives have gone over to social media and social media has proven effective but it is not an organizing tool. The internet has been given over to someone […]

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Don’t Be A Creep! Buy A Freep!

In August 2016, a judge in Cook County, Illinois, applied the 1st Amendment to the case regarding the recently arrested and accused sex-trafficker, Carl Ferrer. Mr. Ferrer could have avoided all this trouble if he had been more active donating to the DNCC or the Clinton Foundation (which appear to be one in the same). […]

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  In South Georgia – a $15 million “dooms day” bunker is on sale. Do they take EBT cards? Many, many, many of them. This is the split in America – it’s that vast. A Baton Rouge, Louisiana mama – Mamie Harris, approached her then 14-year-old daughter and asked her to engage in a three-some […]

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