They Made Up For It


When Bill and Hillary Clinton were hard at campaigning in the 1992 election, they claimed that Republicanism (under Reagan and Bush) was responsible for the decade of greed. Now we know that Arkansas was awash in cocaine through Mena. Bill Clinton is connected to the CIA, but not in the same way as George Herbert Walker Bush (“GHWB”).

Bill Clinton has been under control but GHWB has all the proper credentials – has been a member of all the right clubs and his father was also a Skull and Bonesman. Supposedly Prescott Bush, (41’s father) robbed Geronimo’s grave of his skull, which purportedly has been used in initiation rites at Yale (which is not affiliated with Skull and Bones). How do you like that, Redskins?

The Navy story of GHWB crashing his aircraft and being picked up by a submarine is even up for further questioning.

Prescott Bush was so powerful that nothing happened when accused by the consummate warrior, Smedley D. Butler, USMC, of enticing him to lead a rebellion against the Federal Government.

Bush was not the only investment banker involved in this plot. No one was taken to task. Reflecting on this today, it is quite obvious that Smedley Butler (“War Is A Racket”) was the Lee Harvey Oswald of this operation. (This, prior to the assets of Prescott’s banks being frozen for catering to Nazi Industrialists who chose to bank with someone they could “trust.”)


GHWB’s daddy was so powerful – by the 1950’s, that his son’s service in the Central Intelligence Agency was a secret (in and of itself). Zapata Oil Co., owes its beginnings to a seed from Herbert Walker (an investment banker and GHWB’s grandfather), Allen Dulles and an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency Thomas J. Devine, also H. Neil Mallon (Mallon had been installed by W.A. Harriman as President and CEO of Dresser Corp  which, in 1998, and long after Mallon’s retirement, would merge with its top competitor and become Halliburton Company).


Transparency?  She wants to drone Assange.  Think about that.




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