In South Georgia – a $15 million “dooms day” bunker is on sale. Do they take EBT cards? Many, many, many of them. This is the split in America – it’s that vast. A Baton Rouge, Louisiana mama – Mamie Harris, approached her then 14-year-old daughter and asked her to engage in a three-some with Mamie’s male friend. (With friends like these?)  The daughter said no – to which Mamie answered “you know we need the money!”

What kind of disconnect is there in America between these two pictures – a $15million bunker and a shanty house of prostitution?  How do people think like this?  Bill Clinton, the consummate (the legal definition would suggest if Bill Clinton spent the night, he and Danny William’s mother are married – the first black president?) Democrat has a black son by a prostitute. A politician and a prostitute – sounds like our government, doesn’t it?  Of course he just threw the boy away, as if life means nothing.

The FBI was fully aware in 2006 of the evidence against Bill Clinton. Its probe was halted and security camera video showing sex activities of Epstein and his pals were sealed in exchange for Epstein’s guilty plea to two minor underage sex charges.

The Justice Department negotiated this sweetheart deal with Bill Clinton’s lawyers (which included the faux conservative jokester, Ken Starr, a lawyer of note) want to know why America is in the mess it’s in today? If the FBI and the Justice Department had done its job under any under any administration, America would not be subjected to the division that the Clinton’s must sow to attain the highest office in the land. [Somehow a Swiss Bank was prompted to leak information in 2015 regarding the $3.5Million transferred from Epstein to Clinton following the plea deal.] This seems to have been fallout from the HSBC scandal which today in truth, is fully unresolved as the banks are raping the world at an unprecedented rate, laundering the money of politicians and narco-terrorists.

In Fresno, California – a group described in the Washington Post as “a mob of angry people” which according the police chief, was chanting: “*UCK THE POLICE, WE RUN THE STREETS!” The hooligans surrounded a CA highway patrol officer, preventing him from making a traffic stop and recorded themselves kicking in the sides of the patrol vehicle.  Supposedly this angry mob was a member of the Bulldog Gang, a previously unknown group, unless you live in 3rd world Fresno.

The media is driving all of this trash as a propaganda mill covering the tracks of misdeeds by government officials and propelling America into the abyss. The media has reported on clown citings around the nation – these clown citings are similar to Hillary campaign events in as far as they are nothing but an illusion. Thanks to the camera lens handled by a pliable media.

Children today are absolutely afraid of clowns, like global warming: it’s not there but you’re scared shitless when you’re a kid.  So a 13-year-old Hampton, Virginia girl is in police custody. She felt as though killing her teacher was just as easy as Hillary Clinton droning Assange.  Thanks to the media.  On the other hand Rush Limbaugh has previously said Mr. Assange deserves a bullet in the head.

This 13-year-old young lady contacted the surest bet to do away with her teacher: a clown profile on social media (which was the Hampton Police Department.)  So you want to know what’s wrong with America?  It is the media taking pictures of the cops, the media taking pictures of politicians, the media taking pictures of the lawless and its the media promoting enemies that aren’t even there. But please don’t forget, it’s the media that’s controlled by the government.

Of course the worst for last – CNN twisting Trump’s words while addressing a group of veterans. The media wrapped itself in the flag and denigrated every dead and suffering veteran by misinterpreting Mr. Trump’s words. It should be noted that stolen valor shrivels in comparison to the propaganda arm of the globalists in trying to shut Trump down with a lie.

Mr. Trump was highlighting the challenges vets face when returning home after serving their country. He has shown nothing but respect for our military.

You have never seen a media exposé on what returning veterans (and those who’ve already returned) are facing in an Obama economy. As if it doesn’t exist. So what exists, doesn’t exist and what doesn’t exist is news worthy.





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