They’ve Been Saying Yahoo In Arkansas For A Long Time!

After the cellphone and wireless technology explosion (following the breakup of AT&T) took the stock market by storm, the politicians of 1980’s made trades on their inside knowledge – trades that would have put anyone else in prison.

Fabulous wealth was realized during the dot-com bubble. It’s funny how this investment would escape segments of our population who had absolutely no idea where its value came from. It wasn’t there.  It was there.  It was in the ethernet.

Many would be shocked to learn that little old Arkansas is a big player in internet technology. Not a recognized start-up in the dot-com experience but rather the masters of a most serious (and deadly) con game.

To better understand high-tech Arkansas, requires looking at Jackson Stephens who was Jimmy Carter’s roommate at Annapolis; although Stephens was never commissioned in the Navy.

Mr. Stephens has the distinction of being the “Chief Domestic Campaign Contributor” to both George Bush (41) and Bill Clinton (42).

Stephens is like another political figure in America who never was commissioned or had any connection to service but factored heavily with the Naval Academy: Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro Jr., a former Mayor of Baltimore (Nancy Pelosi’s father). This signifies Naval Intelligence/NSA.

It could be suggested that Jackson Stephens was the American model of George Soros. Instead of pulling gold teeth, he rode the coke. Somehow it’s all connected to dentistry.

There were a lot of people working for the same circle.

Charles D. Ward was the founder of Demographics (which went on to become AXCIOM, headquartered in Little Rock, AR). The collection and mapping of consumer data on a scale which can only be described as a profitable, dry-run of the NSA’s storage facility recently completed in Utah.

Jackson Stephens had founded Beverly Enterprises and he had taken Walmart public a year later in 1969.

America began to suffer economically and politically as the Vietnam war was winding down. (The Central Intelligence Agency had run a PsyOp on Americans called — Watergate – paving the way for a counter-culture peanut farmer President and his Peace Corps mother.)

Jackson Stephens began hurting for cash by 1979 due to investments that turned out to be a money pit in the Carter economy. Stephens was forced to partner in America with an Indonesian business partner he had in Hong Kong (where Stephens Finance LTD had been formed in 1976). Hong Kong and its banking are pivotal in the heroin trade and the laundering of its money.

The Indonesian business partner? Mochtar Riady – born in 1923 in East Java, Indonesia. A bicycle repairman by trade before he founded the Lippo Group (1950).

After moving to Jakarta, Bank Lippo and Lippo Group built a real estate empire in Indonesia. (A country that figures prominently in subversive behavior towards America, ethnic Chinese throughout S.E. Asia are a hotbed for spying by Red China. The sitting U.S. President was a child in Indonesia as well as his first Treasury Secretary, Geithner.) Barack Obama’s mother worked for Timothy Geithner’s father processing micro loans for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia. The Ford Foundation could possibly have been Lippo Group’s seed money. Micro loans are still in vogue throughout the world.

The Riady family are ethnic Chinese/Indonesians. The ties to Chinese intelligence are more than obvious when you link the banking and political donations into American politics which eventually produce a President of the United States.

Jackson Stephens and the Riady family sought to set up a money laundering operation in Arkansas in 1979, just prior to Barry Seal moving his drug importation ring from Louisiana to Mena Arkansas.

Worthen Bank in Little Rock had a shareholder in Midland Texas: the John H. Hendricks Corporation – an oil business. Jackson Stephens purchased from John H. Hendricks Corporation 9.3% of Worthen stock and Lippo paid $16million to the Midland Texas firm for its share, which was 9.4%.

Stephens-Lippo eventually became joint owners of 36.7% of Worthen stock.

James Riady had interned at the Stephens off-Wall Street Investment Bank in Little Rock (Mercedes McCambridge’s son also worked for Stephens and was purported to have committed suicide after he killed his wife and children in a state run by Bill Clinton).

Jackson Stephen’s bank was the largest U.S. off-Wall Street Bank and was also a clearing firm for brokerage trades for around 200 banks. Not only were the Stephens involved in Mena, but they were involved in Florida’s Venice Airport as well.

After the initial investment in Worthen, James Riady was installed as Bank Director in Little Rock, in 1984. Now that the  money laundering operation was underway, Mochtar Riady and Stephens purchased Seng Heng Bank in Macao. Macao is 40 miles from Hong Kong, the center for heroin trade. Note: the Treasury Bank of Macao Banco Nacional Ultra Marino used Systematics software (a back-door was engineered supposedly with and for the NSA. Money would just drop out the bottom).

Crucial to the laundering in Arkansas, Systematics software was in place covering political connections in Washington D.C., Little Rock, AR and Panama. The intellectual property of the banking transaction software system was developed through Wackenhut Corporation in conjunction with the Cabazon Indian Reservation.

Jackson Stephens’ involvement with Nugan Hand Bank was known. He was instrumental with his Annapolis roommate’s right hand man — Burt Lance, in BCCI’s entrance into American banking. Stephens/Lippo went on to set up shop in Little Rock with Worthen Bank. This is how Lippo introduced John Huang into Little Rock, bringing a slew of Chinese donors to the Clinton Campaign of 1992. (Off-shore campaign fundraising introduced by the money launderers and drug dealers in the Arkansas Mafia.)

After a special prosecutor began investigating campaign donations linked to Chinese Intelligence Services, a situation evolved which lead to the death of Ron Brown for knowing too much as he was unwilling to take the fall, or allow his son to do so – for Bill Clinton.

This is high-tech, red-neck, money laundering, campaign financing, which has never been addressed by the law. And why should it? It’s just so profitable. Every dollar that came from overseas could have ultimately been the result of a drug deal.

All avenues of drug running lead back to Arkansas. A very rich, little state – loser in so many categories: education, poverty, health, etc., but untouchable in drug trafficking and money laundering. None of which could have been accomplished without the Governor and The Rose Law Firm.

The political cloud that settled over Washington, D.C., in January 1993, was for the enrichment of a few. The greedy politicians dismantled America to serve it up to our enemies through a crony system speckled with nepotism, campaign contributions by foreign intelligence agencies and profits from drugs. Democrats and Republicans are both responsible. Money-power-influence, not America, is all they care for.

Yahoo! handed all the email data over to the government. Does it make you wonder why they need all this data? The only possible reason?  Your life will be given a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. In any case, it’ll be a thumb up your as* if you do nothing about it.

We have lost our next war without even fighting it. And we are being baked with an apple in our mouths by the Democrats and Republicans today.

If this next election does not produce a RICO investigation after a Trump victory, we cannot expect them to go away.

We have to retake our nation and make these people pay.

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