October 23, 2011: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets out of a GM “Spark” while touring the GM Powertrain plant in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  (Reuters)

“Please don’t rupture that bag, Ma’am”

Chuck Harder (For The People) was the most Libertarian host of talk radio in the 1990’s.  He had some formidable enemies – foremost, were Bill & Hillary Clinton who became the “overseers” of the Treasury Department i.e., Internal Revenuers.

Chuck Harder went through an 18-year audit (you got that?). What we thank him for is introducing the people of Florida to Ralph Nader through his weekly broadcast. Ralph was able to garner enough votes to upset the 2000 election (a torpedo in Florida because of a guy who started out in a garage in Tampa).

Chuck Harder suffered at the hands of the Clinton’s with this 18-year IRS audit. Libertarians at that time could count some adherents to unionism. The Clinton operators prompted the UAW to make contact with Harder to help him get over his financial difficulties.

Mr. Harder partnered with United Auto Workers and basically lost his voice on the radio. The new arrangement, a cooptation of his radio program, turned it an organ of the Democrat Party.

We can see from today’s cozy union/government relationship whereas, Richard Trumka can almost admit to an assassination on the picket lines and not pay any price, and Jimmy Hoffa Jr. can say “President Obama, this is your army.”

Bill Clinton couldn’t shut up Rush Limbaugh but the IRS and the UAW could take Chuck Harder out.  Today we’re worried about little Ricky Vaughan?  This is why the news feed is about as much of a  friend to you as the Internal Revenue Service. It’s your friend, it’s just not your best friend.

The government is running a collection racket that would make the mob blush and putting it in the hands of criminals is not a good idea. (Especially when reprobate foreigners deem themselves so important,  because of their money, that they can postulate the new world being built on green and tax – not a good combination but carbon credits are wealth out of thin air, more or less like bitcoin).

Today, Mr. Harder has no harsh words for the United Auto Workers but when you see Hillary Clinton having problems surrounding a GM scandal and questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation, you can see she is  having trouble because the people running GM are now the UAW (just a microcosm of the future).

The thugs are endeavoring to take over the whole world. If you think the Democrats are going to advance your business, you will be in a gulag while one of their buddies runs YOUR business.  Just long enough to see them make it really big while you go down – really slow.

The GM scandal?  GM and the Uzbekistan-owned firm, run amok. The partnership got the “nod” the year following a $685,000 donation of vehicles to the Clinton Foundation (destined for Haiti?).  Uzbekistan is rife with corruption, drugs and money laundering.

Marco Polo was not a union member but he carried the poppy into Europe.

Allowing criminals to parade around during an election cycle with every tool at their fingertips – including Homeland Security?  Do you want to entrust your family’s future generations if this election is stolen?  Please consider this: Ricky Vaughn is this week’s Milo – it doesn’t matter what happens on twitter!

What matters is what has happened in the past, with the people who have broken our laws!


AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, right, talks with U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue on Capitol Hill in Washington on April 21, 2015, prior to their testifying before the Senate Finance Committee hearing on fast-track authority. (Photo: Evan Vucci, AP)

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