The inherent problem within the Democrat party which has grown into the “Clinton Party” with its unofficial oath of fealty to the Clinton/Arkansas mafia-faction of politics today.

Faction of politics today: there are ahderents to the Clinton Party plan in the Republican party but it is within the Democrat party that the infection is so apparent.

The Clinton’s with their illegal offshore fundraising for a Presidential election set the tone in the 1990’s; tainting and changing the political landscape forever – it was reinforced by McCain-Feingold.

McCain-Feingold facilitated passing money through SuperPACS while shielding the origin of the donation, flooding politics with foreign money – as if normal. A law so onerous that George W. Bush stated it contained provisions that had serious constitutional concerns yet signed it with the anticipation the Supreme Court would overturn certain aspects of it which violated certain 1st Amendment rights. Ignore the noise, follow the money.  What was left standing was the green light for foreign money/influence into U.S. Presidential elections.

Justice Roberts, a George W. Bush appointee, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, only nibbled at McCain-Feingold but basically let it stand, giving us the likes of George Soros and those for whom he “works.”

The political operators that run for the Clinton’s are running on cash under the table. They need to have a second paycheck to cover their lifestyles. Huma, Cheryl and others –  have more outside work in this busy world with Hillary Clinton where they are up her butt at a moment’s notice; doubling at the Clinton Foundation while employed by the State Department.  It reeks.

Recent emails circling around John Podesta like turkey buzzards, reveal the depths these desperate elites will dive to – to advance a “machine” that has so much money falling out of the cracks; bags full of cash are passed out as “walking around money.”

Sandy Berger at the National Archives, James Comey – in any position he’s ever had with the government: a reliable performer, Cheryl Mills: she just didn’t answer the phone? Benghazi is all over her. Loretta Lynch: coffee? tea? or me?

Hogan and Hartson was a repository for these turds who would stoop so low and throw themselves on their sword for the Clintons – it’s got to be some really good money.


And Loretta Lynch: I wouldn’t want to see her legs quiver and quake at the approach of Bill Clinton. She knew he wasn’t there for sex. But Loretta’s husband would have gone down on Bill.

The Clinton’s get whatever they want.

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