Good Against Evil


The charges against Donald Trump in the media make it plain to see that the media is not anything other than an organ of the Democrat party.

Conservatives have gone over to social media and social media has proven effective but it is not an organizing tool. The internet has been given over to someone other than the U.S. Government. Radio waves are owned by the government. TSA’s waiting for your ass down at the airport and if they don’t like you, they can lock you up for ten years.

Today, Rush Limbaugh quoted a poll that was exactly correct on the point spread of the ‘2012 election. He had all the numbers up front, reciting them as if he was the golden Buddha. When you can tune the elections results with a Soros provided Variac? –  numbers coincide New World Order symbolism.

Anyone who has a voice is subject to being shut down; one way or another and that’s just the way it is.  So if you think there are Nazis on social media, you just wait until these pukes steal the election.

If you don’t put these creeps on notice now – for shenanigans they intend to pull, won’t y’all look like cry babies losing an election?  The media will then paint your ass a bullseye, and the government will send its new employees.

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