American Pride

It was October 1st, 2016 and the internet went bye-bye. We could see new filters being enabled across social media, specifically, twitter – slower keystrokes, the slow feeds, censoring. As they watch conservatives interacting on the web they came to realize America is a predominantly conservative nation!

If “they” go and play with the internet now before the election, it will serve no purpose for the globalists. American politics today is like a roiling ball of water moccasins. They have misjudged the American resolve to take back its nation. And true to American form, they will attempt it, first, peaceably. There has never been a nation which has sat upon the world as its preeminent power and loved peace more than conquered territory.

Giving inches at a time to the globalist cabal, which grew out of foundations, into CFR’s and Trilateralists, serving a darker master in a landscape of bloody circles. Seeking to sever those in America who educate themselves of the socialist onslaught of the last 130 years, progressives have made war, their money has made war – and when faced with an enlightened patriotic fervor, seek to close their grip – but have found out that America is truly conservative.

The Clinton’s and the boy President they own, are just the ones to clamp down on freedom, don’t you know? Given an inch, they take a mile and soil the culture with every breath they take. Their stench rises above the earth as God looks down on an America which has been led away from HIM by the evil cabal.

We can only expect to live like Chinese under a red dragon if we go down the road of the defective mindset the academics have instilled upon our youth, at the behest of the elites who want absolute control because they are better and better equipped.

Say no America!

Everything this government touches turns to crap because it is soulless and foreign in our land. The Supreme Court is corrupt. The Executive Branch are queer. And the Congress is their honey.

You can expect when they start coming to your door, door-to-door in the America that the globalists are seeking – it will be some queer with a white-tooth grin. Our new military? The Elites have their army of homosexual robots and God doesn’t like them.

Who on Wall Street profits the most now?  The one’s doing “well” at this moment must be an enemy of everything that America stands for. They are to benefit from the bubble they have created and to understand it, follow the money and check out the new billionaires. There it is.

If people like Chelsea Clinton are “plugged in” – we have a problem. What is it they have created that is supposed to last – past America? They don’t want America, they want their money. And they want what their money will buy them. It is easy to see that the queer in the banking industry do NOT have America’s best interest at heart.

The end of the Republic has never looked better?



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