Taste The P.C. at the gallows


If we, as a nation, are to be nothing, let us be nothing now.

The Justice Department is warning poll watchers – civilians, not militarized federal officers,  if you come out in your red t-shirts we’re going to hang a red handkerchief around your neck and sling you up a tree. “You gonna hang crackas.”

And now comes Hillary Clinton – You gonna hang christians, you who wish to raise your children as your God-given right in America. It takes a village.

All you dead white men get up out of your graves and save your country cause Joseph Stalin brought it down. It appears that America was outclassed at the chess table by the global elites. Our media is their propaganda arm, propping up America’s version of a Maoist pig. Bringing their soldiers into America, in plain sight, to form their version of the red guards – guarding what?



No one guards America today.

If we’re going to be nothing, LET US, be nothing now.

If anyone has any doubts about, “WHAT IT IS,” that is being preached here – “let us” is a communal piss it away – you got nothing here, anyway.

A New York Times Bestseller?


Described as a New York Times Bestseller – When you have control of everything, you’re golden in everything. Hillary controls all media because her masters control the media.

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