Women’s Intuition

How can anyone but the most ardent lesbians find Hillary Clinton to be a leader? (Janet Reno had a good line on what happened at WACO – she had to go sistahs.) When you think of women’s intuition you think of them guiding a growing family with a sixth sense. The only growing family that Hillary Clinton has is an ACORN perpetuated fraud on America.

Yes, she does have some kind of intuition – she didn’t want anyone looking at her emails, so she placed a private server in the basement of their NY residence…protected by the Secret Service. As you can see by her words, “protected” by the secret service – she is a consummate word smith and in this case, a crooked lawyer.

Are we to believe that she is not the buck-toothed college sleaze with glasses reminiscent of the bottom of a coke bottle? The bleach blonde, possessor of manly eyebrows, standing astride America with jackbooted “cankels?” Leaving the bodies where they lay as in the case of a former U.N. official due to testify?

Known to call higher echelons of law enforcement, “pigs” the two Clinton’s transferred that ability to what is called their “daughter.”  She wears an upside-down cross and is in a marriage arrangement akin to European nobility.  She is married to the Rothschild’s main pawn in America, which reared its ugly head under Adolf Hitler.

Bill Clinton’s cronies from within the ranks of the  Central Intelligence Agency (not a reflection of a Constitutional Republic) are knee-deep in this third way. Bill Clinton’s third way is no different from the Weimar Republic at this stage: drugs, debauchery and a currency that is not worth anything. But you’re asked to look further: it’s the Religion they want to stomp.

Bill turned Al Gore loose on the Pentagon so he could restructure government. They gave us Wiccans in “the cemetery.”  The man who LOATHED the military made us dependent upon the Reserves and National Guard as our force in readiness.

In all these days up to this point –  it’s never been this bad. “The man” has never had the technology at his hand to subjugate your very thoughts. Advancements in observing activity in the brain makes it possible for them to analyze you by those thoughts. The FBI agents reportedly sacked from the bureau have been attacked by the thought police. You might say, in this case, they are the canary in the coal mine.

Evil now has the ability handed to him by labor and technology. The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil – was this technology we bite on, say, as an Apple computer.  All these mind games are being run from a Nazi perspective – the news feed is now your enemy. It was never your friend as Walter Cronkite’s face was revealed to a bunch of stoned Americans who partied on to Boston.

More than a feeling. Liberty.  If you’re free, you feel free.  We are not free.

Hillary Clinton is a continuance of the third way Bill Clinton initiated with the help of the 60’s radicals; (the Podesta Brothers) the antithesis of true Americanism which was assaulted by the immigration demanded by the industrial giants of the late 1800’s. A sickness permeated the United States of America with post-feudalism thought of the recently freed serfs of Europe.

They, the serfs, were the dross left after our forefathers abandoned the spiritually tainted continent, consumed by inbred monarchies and their paymasters.

America’s collective guilt was brought to a boiling point to initially launch the 60’s radicals. The radicals used the black community as pawns for organizing and college campuses were ripe with academia steeped in the traditions of our late 1800’s immigration: Marxism, Zionism, socialism and nihilism.

Consider Boston: the last school system in America to be desegregated. Desegregation was launched upon the south by a Massachusetts Democrat a full 10 years earlier. The Boston Southies would have none of it – no way shape or form be run on the Southies in Boston.

The Central Intelligence Agency types had already thought that possibility as they had raised up Whitey Bolger in an MK-Ultra cocktail while he was in prison. He was run as an asset from somewhere within the FBI. When you say all these alphabet names you are not impugning the structure itself you are impugning the co-opted who run for people who call law enforcement, pigs. The gray-haired pony tails have taken over and are about to pounce with “the gulag” technology enables them to bring.

One of the 1st things to pop up when Boston desegregated, was a harbinger for the 1st woman president these pukes dreamt up. The pukes from the 60’s are being run by the children of those who formed the Central Intelligence Agency and have acted through it to destroy America.

The Harbinger here is what the left did for the newly “freed” black ladies of Boston. The Combahee River Collective: a Black lesbian organization which sought to ride herd on the word “feminist.” The collective sought to own feminism from the start.  Rather than Harriet Tubman, it was Leon Trotsky – but no one will tell you that in modern history.

There you have it – Whitey Bolger and the Combahee River Collective…who could think that good?


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