Progressives and Pusillanimous Politicians


It is obvious that the Reagan revolution was co-opted by the Rockefeller Republicans in the form of George H.W.Bush. The Bankers – the Eastern establishment and the same types that held Nixon by the chain.

Running Watergate – a PsyOp against America, giving us Jimmy Carter, interrupted by Ronald W. Reagan and back on track with GHWB until the present anomaly: President-Elect Donald J. Trump. That PsyOp was only successful due to a carefully controlled media and brought to you by those who dreamed up an all time favorite: “conspiracy theorist.”

It is up to us with the renewal that Trump guarantees, to give revival to the nation, its economy and its education – and in some cases, re-education. American minds were cheated by progressives dispensing their gender study pipe dreams while masquerading as educators. The over-sexed, under-educated now need training for making a living.

God created the genders. He said it was man and woman.

The Clinton’s have purportedly moved their money to the country that gave education to John Kerry, General Pershing’s grandson and Richard Helms.


Helms’ grandfather was Gates W. McGarrah, a man who rose through the banking profession, took several banks through a series of mergers and was President and Chairman of the Board of Mechanics & Metals National Bank when it was acquired by Chase National Bank. He was instantly installed as Chairman of Chase National Bank Executive Committee (a Rockefeller entity).

The following year, McGarrah went on to head the New York Federal Reserve and was the 1st President of The Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland. The purpose of this institution in Basel was to oversee the bloodsucking of Germany underneath the Treaty of Versailles (crafted in part by Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles). The misery of the Weimar Republic spawned Adolf Hitler.

St. Alban Gate – Basel Switzerland

We have to see this for what it is or we can talk about “what is new.” No, you have to look back and see what has gotten us to this point: The Rockefellers, the CFR’s and the Trilateral Commission.

The money, the Foundations, were very evident in the 1930’s when a young Richard Helms interviewed Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games.  Although he was not skull and bones, Nixon maintained Helms at C.I.A. to his own detriment.

Nixon did not suffer like JFK who replaced Allen Dulles with John McCone and was promptly assassinated. McCone had no intelligence background but rather had been a principle in Bechtel-McCone, one of our original defense contractors who had made fortunes on the bloody sacrifice of our young heroes.

The lost voices of American citizens aborted in America can thank Prescott Bush who had 5 children himself but was Treasurer of the 1st National Capital Campaign of Planned Parenthood in 1947. Prescott was a fast friend of Averell Harriman. He was also plugged into the Eugenicists and backed by the Foundations. These blue bloods have more in common with the Nazis of Germany than the Founding Fathers of America.

We are suffering from these family ties even now until this day. It is time for our betters to get to the back of the bus. This is Government of the people, by the people and for the people and it shall not pass.

The radicals of the 60’s got a leg up but are actually pawns of the blue bloods. They have to go.




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