The Left And The Right Shop Their Death Wishes Past The Same People


The media people who have been feeding the hysteria are actually hysterical themselves; not reliable journalists. They are reliable alumni of journalism schools with the right credentials belonging to the same coven.

The beacon which best illuminates the low moral IQ of journalists was the TV reporter who passed cocaine to her baby through her breast milk. She was just a young girl, married to a reporter who hadn’t left his party days behind.  These people are not smart.

The 1980 election of President Ronald Reagan did not transpire as the elites had planned. The “establishment candidate” had secured the vice presidential slot.  Bush now was the Shining Knight-in-waiting at Number One Observatory Circle. Thankfully medical science had become better than a .22 caliber bullet lodged a half an inch from President Reagan’s heart.

X-ray of Ronald Reagan’s chest after an assassination attempt showing the bullet lodged a half an inch from his heart.


In our recent election, the establishment candidate: Golden Girl/Abuela/Competent-Politician – Hillary Clinton, did not win. Many good dollars were invested in her future. The core operators in what can only be described as a criminal enterprise, sought to subjugate America on the way to a global utopia where everything the elites fancied were to be provided, no strings attached.

The Supreme Court has now allowed vast powers of surveillance as of December 1, 2016. Under Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, Rule 41 has been altered – remote access has been granted and thank God Hillary did not win. It was all in place.

We are not out of the weeds. The moniker “cowboy” was bandied about in 1980 for Reagan; they claimed he couldn’t be trusted. Hysteria was whipped up in certain circles which allows intelligence operators to cover their tracks. Hinckley (unlike Sirhan, where there were more bullet holes in the building than chambers in the revolver) was a very lucky shot or someone else had drawn a bead on President Reagan (Secret Service code name: “Rawhide”) as well.

Hinckley – unlike Sirhan, comes from a rich and politically connected family. He has conditional release at his mother’s home in Williamsburg, Va., while Sirhan has another parole hearing in 2021.

Sirhan is 72 years old now. The moral of this story is – children, don’t ever shoot a liberal politician or be involved as the patsy in a conspiracy to assassinate a liberal politician. And above all, have money and be politically connected.

CBS News contributor wants Trump dead?

CNN …”that means that his plane has crashed (@1:20 mark)”

Whipping up hysteria in the populous, especially among those who seem disconnected from the reality of American citizenship, is criminal. The elites have bred these genes into our children, enforced by Obama’s sloth economy. A regulatory hell King George III couldn’t dream up in an opium cloud.

President-Elect Trump was the only candidate who could win in a rigged system; a movement unto himself. Trump represents the key to the reversal of political bad fortunes. Within all modern assassinations, intelligence types have made appearances close to the actual deed itself.

The intelligence types who do the legwork for elites (having been trained up and co-opted) are the assets who would undertake a serious threat against the President-Elect and under the cover of a media generated hysteria. The people, (and the main stream media) can point a finger upon the dirty deed and say: “it was bound to happen.”






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