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The National Transportation Safety Board came out with its report on JFK Jr’s plane crash, 13 months after the crash. There are contradictions in it but here is the gist of it:

 In 1967 NTSB was separated from the Department of Transportation and in 1974 it was created as a completely separate entity, outside the DOT, reasoning that ” …No federal agency can properly perform such (investigatory) functions unless it is totally separate and independent from any other … agency of the United States. ” Because the DOT has broad operational and regulatory responsibilities that affect the safety, adequacy, and efficiency of the transportation system, and transportation accidents may suggest deficiencies in that system, the NTSB’s independence was deemed necessary for proper oversight.

In its infancy, this organization was not known as NTSB; it was created out of the Air Commerce Act of 1926. What can be noted back in those days – the names of these organizations and Acts had to least appear as if they were Constitutional in nature. The good old Commerce Clause.

The plane crash involving William Penn Adair Rogers and his pilot, Wiley Post, was investigated by the Bureau of Air Commerce. The reason for mentioning these two crashes which subsequently were investigated to the fullest by the Government of the United States is that they are both political in nature.

Will Rogers had made a career of poking fun at politicians. When a crew would set up and  the film was running, Rogers would ad-lib while standing next to political figures.  Political careers at that moment were swinging on a meat hook. They were rather uncomfortable.

So too, a political JFK Jr running for office was unbeatable (anywhere in the northeast) and an especially bad omen for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senatorial Campaign. JFK Jr had run polling about his viability in a NY Senate run and even floated the idea with Roger Ailes who thought he’d stand a good chance.

On July 16, 1999 JFK Jr’s plane went down, taking with him any political aspirations the young Kennedy had. One year and 27 days later, the largest political fundraiser in U.S. history was held for 1st Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2000 Senate Campaign and also  as a Hollywood gala salute to President William Jefferson Clinton. A lawsuit resulted later  stemming from irregularities in reported contributions.

Prior to the Hollywood gala, New York politics had heated up. Hillary had succeeded in destroying Rudy Guiliani publicly by way of his marital infidelities with the ever-present Clinton media. Mayor Guiliani claimed health issues with prostate cancer and the pressing relations with city minority groups which, over time, had grown hostile.

The mayor had been savaged on all sides. In classic Clinton form of the politics of personal destruction, Hillary cut her teeth.  Mrs. Clinton easily defeated Lazio whereas if John F. Kennedy Jr. had been there, we would have never been bothered by this woman in any other capacity since the year 2000.

The Clinton White House/United States Government secrecy surrounding the crash was so deep,  that civilian bodies were buried at sea from a U.S. Navy vessel.


After setting the beacon at the airport, Kennedy’s plane crashed which should have sent an immediate alert from the airport.  It didn’t. They weren’t reported as missing for 15 hours and it took five days to locate Kennedy’s plane. Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) which sends a signal in case of a crash was not mentioned in the NTSB report. The battery had been removed from the black box, thus no cockpit voice recording.

On page 12 of the NTSB report –  the fuel valve had been turned to the off position. Early reports of a Flight Instructor onboard the plane were disappeared from the story as well as one of the seats was missing from the aircraft at the crash site. Supposedly the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) of Arab descent was never onboard the plane. This is the main reason so much time elapsed before the crashed aircraft was found at the bottom.

MK Ultra is the realm of the Central Intelligence Agency and Bill Clinton has been a long time asset to the intelligence types, i.e., George Herbert Walker Bush. The flight log also disappeared, and was never to be found. It would have revealed the passengers onboard that flight. This was a huge operation and can only be run by intelligence professionals.

It would be a safe bet to say that the CFI was MK Ultra-ed and was triggered to take the plane down sometime during the flight. The plane which was only owned a few months by JFK Jr. did not have any maintenance records pertaining to the removal of the seat.

Would you doubt the Clinton Administration would not have anything to do with this crash or influencing the outcome of the investigation? You might consider contacting James Kallstrom and ask him about the pressure he experienced on TWA Flight 800’s investigation which was a criminal investigation because an actual crime with witnesses had been reported.

Political and geopolitical solutions have been elevated to an art form in America. It can only be fully accomplished with a complicit, boot-licking media.

Further evidence of the coverup is the fact that Newsweek does not have an issue for the week of July 26, 1999. It was recalled from the distributors and destroyed. CNN sought to run cover for Newsweek saying they planned to change covers which never happened. In that recalled issue just before his untimely death was the story of JFK Jr’s political aspirations.

Newsweek Magazine has long-standing ties with W.Averell Harriman, a former Ambassador to the Soviet Union and once the Governor of the State of New York. Harriman’s wife, Pamela, was Bill Clinton’s Ambassador to France (June 1993 – February 1997). She was once the daughter-in-law to Winston Churchill. Winston was to spend some of his last days drinking on Aristotle Onassis’ yacht, “Christina.” It can’t get any better than that, can it?

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