America: Your Children Think This Is “The Madonna”


Trump is for all Americans having a piece of the pie. Welfare people, who in some cases are generational welfare people, need to be shown a dignified way off welfare. Industrious, independent Americanism awaits those who have languished under the evil welfare system.

(Isaiah 35:4) God instructed the prophet Isaiah – Say to those who are of a fearful heart, “Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you.”

Our rebirth is promising meaningful and fruitful employment where possible. Homeless Veterans will be cared for and respected. It is possible that everyone alive in America today can realize a good retirement.

Corporations do not need welfare. Warren Buffett doesn’t need any government assistance nor should he hamper progress that might be inconvenient to the advancement of his corporations (railroad stonewalling the Keystone Pipeline). Buffett couldn’t accomplish half of what he does without a lot of sway in the halls of Congress. So who needs a break today? Warren Buffett, or a homeless veteran?

Corporations don’t need unelected bureaucrats hampering them unnecessarily, because it has been shown that the bureaucracy never loosens its grip. Its very nature is the calcification known as government regulation.

We have too many laws demanding compliance where only a wonk or a lawyer could read and discern its meaning. This cannot be any longer. Bureaucrats are unelected and the satrap system they have erected, closely resembles colonial government and its stamp.

Previously quoted Isaiah 35:4 but verse 3 is very interesting: Strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble knees. And verse 5: Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened and  the ears of the deaf unstopped. Isaiah directly spoke to the coming of the Christ – preparing the way in the wilderness so that the blind would see, the deaf would hear and the dumb would sing for joy.

America needs revival. Revival before our renewal. We have been given a chance to clean our house before the Master’s final return. America’s Republic, in the form of government our Founders bestowed upon us is unfitting of an immoral people. One nation under GOD.


Government by the people, in no way, shape or form should demand submission as if Washington’s monument is a minaret at the mosque. Any form of government that is not of the people, is (in and of itself) a national cancer. Thank God for the Electoral College, that the dead white men in their extreme wisdom, had the vision to prepare the United States of America. They gave her the tools to fight the marriage of criminal government heaped with bureaucracy, covered in a blanket of lapdog media.

Trump represents sanity, a refreshing concept our new President has brought with him to Washington, D.C. which stands in stark contrast to the insanity of Government that has oppressed America and especially, small business owners. Communist media spoon-feeding America 24-hours per day while touting the line of political correctness.

We must first secure our border. If we are to dismantle structures like the TSA that harass our citizens as if they did not have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, our border must be secure. We are Americans and we do NOT have to kowtow to board an aircraft.

Government (specifically the U.S. Government) has boxed us into an alternate universe where they observe on an unprecedented level as they attempt to  become some kind of god themselves; this is satanic in its very nature.

Cyber security now coming to the fore today as our most pressing point?   We have no cyber security.  The Federal Government was supposed to provide it.  It did not. Those in charge of the Federal Government instead chose to attack us, the very citizens from which they derive their power with a monolithic bureaucracy.

The security which rose from the twin towers was turned inward and is exceedingly unconstitutional. The courts must be a beacon of the Constitution and not an upstart branch.

Tyranny, even in its infancy,  cannot be allowed to rise again through the politics of “loud and proud” bringing with them a godless vacuum, sucking the life out of our dear nation.


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