Mass Hypnosis: Not A NWO Reality!

The German Empire was relatively new as far as European dynasties go. Integral to the Holy Roman Empire, it had been forced by Napoleonic intrusion to seek a unified state for security and it took 56 years to form.

The Holy Roman Empire was German, Italian, Czech, Slovene, Dutch and French. “Kaiser und Reich” was the beginning of rights for the common man within the germanic speaking jurisdictions and its Latin cousin, Italy. The Holy Roman Empire dissolved, leaving a European orphan-hood of over 500 independent states in 1806 as Napoleon began to sweep Europe with a well-funded army. Does anyone wonder where Napoleon’s troops got the beaver pelts for their hats? War was (and still is) big business.

Seeking unity, the Germans dedicated themselves to a revolution of education. This caused the blossoming of a new science: psychology – resulting in a nationalism, designed of emotional bridges between groups in the body politic.

Socialism, with roots in the July 14th Revolution in France, was very attractive to Europeans, who embraced it as free-thinkers in debate, because it was, as yet, an untested social system. (Today we know the failed policies of socialism are set to parallel Islam, which has adherents after 1400 years of misery and failure. To equate conquered territory to success as a social order, is summed up by the Third Reich. Albeit, it is socialism and, as so, an abject failure.)

During those 56 years, Germany sought to unify all Germanic speaking peoples under its banner. This can be construed as the beginning of German nationalism;  a Johnny-come-lately, striving for colonies as a source of raw materials for its industrial base. Throughout these times, Jews in Europe did not have stability although they were educated – they may or may not (depending on the whims of local rulers) have  been able to own property.  Owning property would enable them to rise out of the Judengasse (which translates from German as ghetto or jews alley).

Psychology and socialism are the intellectual aspects of German unification which benefitted from the thoughts of many Jewish thinkers.

Within its first ten years’ as a nation, Germany faced its first immigration crisis beginning in the 1880’s.

Russian Jews flooded into northern German cities while escaping Czarist purges in Russia. Jewish intellectuals in Germany were ahead of the curve. The intellectuals had coined the phrase “anti-semitic.”  Political Correctness was well on its way.

The seeds for the 1st World War and the Russian revolution were sown here in Germany at this time. The seeds were not planted by a state or monarchy. It was an intellectual revolution of socialism married to psychology and destined to steal the minds of young idealists.

As Germany formed into the modern nation it is today, its beginnings were fettered by a monarchy. America too, had its fetters; the monied elites sought to use our government through its diplomacy and military interventions to advance their interests.

The face of America in W.W. I was General John Pershing. Pershing was a product of America’s elite which controlled the propaganda machine. Newspapers of every variety, had overtaken  “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine.

While serving in the Philippines under William Cameron Forbes, (who was recently installed as “The Governor General of the Philippines”) Pershing was directed to use limited military operations against a Filipino-muslim insurgency. William Cameron Forbes for his part, kept our military busy in the Philippines and China and into the future.

All the monarchies of Europe have had a hand in procuring the world’s riches and bringing novelty back to their homelands to the detriment of the inhabitants of the rest of the world.

Not having its own nobility, America was content to allow bold capitalists assume social stature – as long as they revered the Brahmins of Boston.

Our major universities, mostly in New England, but generally throughout the northeast, became the Holy Grail of education in America – complete with homegrown secret societies.

The monied Industrialists and the future Central Bankers in America, (many of whom were educated in Europe, following the War Between The States) developed a close relationship. Foundations built on endowment from America’s Industrial Elite, sought social change through its fast acting “keytone,” war.

Social engineering was accomplished in America by a progressive, democrat administration which saddled America with The Federal Reserve and The Income Tax before hoodwinking the nation into an unpopular war. It was so devious and totally plotted by the Foundations, that the returning veterans were forced into criminal behavior just to have a drink and America was changed forever by the Women’s Vote.

It was the Forbes estate and whatever was secreted there, that in W.W. I, General Pershing pulled our military force out of the Allied line and wheeled them down to secure the French estate of William Cameron Forbes. (John Forbes Kerry’s maternal grandfather.)

General Pershing’s grandson, Richard Pershing and John Forbes Kerry would both become members of The Skull and Bones Society, and in earlier years, together attended a boarding school in Switzerland. Richard died in Vietnam. Did anyone else know that John Kerry’s labrador retriever has a twitter account? @diplomutt

Diplomats working for their masters at the end of the Great War to end all wars, gave birth to a debt slave – The Weimar Republic became the  German Government. The Treaty of Versailles was drawn up in part, by the Dulles brothers, who were deeply connected to Wall Street.

The marriage of military, diplomacy and intelligence starts to get license in America after W.W.I.

Between wars, elites prompted limited excursions using U.S. Marines in Central America and the Caribbean. United Fruit, a Forbes Company, had railroads and fruit groves in Central America. They employed every devious means known to man to run ruthless  production that the liberals of today would equate to slave labor. (Note: November 18, 2013 John Kerry [whose family was foremost in causing the misery in Central America] stated the Monroe Doctrine is over.)

Charles Douglas Jackson, (Princeton ’24). Early 1930’s – deep in depression America, intelligence types seemed to be bustling about. Jackson took a position with Time Magazine. Richard Helms was also another intelligence type who had entered journalism. It must be the same attraction that Kim Philby felt for the craft.

Prior to and during our entry into W.W.II, Jackson was Special Assistant to the Ambassador to Turkey – Laurence Steinhardt, a German Jew and a N.Y. lawyer at the firm: Guggenheimer, Untermeyer and Marshall.

For his part, Steinhardt was obviously highly intelligent and diverse in knowledge, depth and breadth – unparalleled, a favorite of F.D.R. whose ancestors stood on the Wall Street, almost like another peg-leg, Peter Stuyvesant. Steinhardt had predicted the crash of 1929. He also predicted the demise of capitalism using the word “tainted” to describe the marriage of capitalism tainted by socialism as the new direction of the emerging world.

Steinhardt’s 1st post with the State Department was Minister to Sweden and he would go on to become the Ambassador to Peru then USSR, Turkey, Czechoslovakia and Canada. When discussing Sweden in the press, Steinhardt was at his best (in lawyerly persuasion) for everyone to consider the Swedes on “a higher level of culture as any nation on the earth.”

Steinhardt extolled the virtues of Sweden; a larger country that had dealt fairly with its smaller neighbor, Finland, over an island in a boundary dispute which was settled at the Hague. Sweden abided by the decision and handed over the land. A point to be rememberered many centuries ago – the Dutch and the Swedes had fought wars as Sweden was like a seceding state. It could be said Sweden had their Brexit about 500 years ago.

Every monarch and government in the 1930’s watched news reels of Hitler’s mass hypnosis and giving pause, must have wondered, could they control their own population that easily? In the long run – it was a lie.

The United States of America seemed to position itself as a leader among neutral countries before December 7, 1941, and diplomatic feathers in Steinhardt’s cap as Sweden, Peru and Turkey remained neutral throughout W.W.II.

All throughout Europe, and even neutral Switzerland, Nazi sympathizers and agents, flourished. Prince Bernhard Leopold Frederik Everhard Julius Coert Karel Godfried Pieter of Lippe-Biesterfeld’s family lost their German principality after the 1st World War. While a student of law in Switzerland at the University of Lausanne, Bernhard became a member of the S.A. (Storm Detachment) the Nazi Party paramilitary arm whose leader, Ernst Rohm, was a homosexual pedophile which never presented any problems with the Nazi leadership.

During the 2nd World War and while Ambassador to the USSR, Steinhardt evacuated the Moscow Embassy in 1941 when the Soviet Government moved its capitol to S.E. European Russia.

Now U.S. Ambassador to Turkey in 1942-43, Steinhardt and his assistant – C.D. Jackson, worked together until Jackson entered military service with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in 1943 through the end of the war. This placed Jackson under the command of General Wild Bill Donovan.

C.D. Jackson became Deputy Chief of the Psychological Warfare Division and attained the rank of General.

After the war, Jackson returned to Time-Life International. Becoming involved in Republican politics, the former General was also a speech writer for Ike’s campaign in 1952 and became Special Assistant to the President.

The relationship between the former Supreme Allied Commander and a General from the OSS is better understood by examining President Eisenhower’s military service to America.

Eisenhower himself had been Douglas MacArthur’s Chief of Staff in the Philippines. Eisenhower understood logistics but he did not have the military background or combat experience of MacArthur or his predecessor in the Philippines – General John Pershing. When MacArthur was informed that the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe was Ike, he said that Eisenhower was more than able and qualified for the job.

C.D. Jackson was soon assigned by the President as Liaison between The Pentagon and The Central Intelligence Agency, more or less as if an ambassador-at-large. As Eisenhower understood logistics, C.D. Jackson understood the psychology of intelligence apparatus.

When America had left Europe in victory, the Dulleses and Helms of our intelligence community ran Operation Paperclip; Nazi German scientists and psychologists were moved to Canada and staged there.

Werner Von Braun is a testament to Operation Paperclip – he is the father of the U.S. Space Program. Our rockets in the period after W.W. II through the Apollo Mission, were the work of Werner Von Braun.

What is an evil testament to Operation Paperclip is the MK Ultra, psychological torture which the “former” Nazis perpetuated in Canada, under the auspices of British intelligence. It seemed that the Brits had infected a good number of our intelligence operators and diplomats.

There is more documentation in Canada, because MK Ultra records were destroyed by Richard Helms in 1972. Canadian citizens received monetary compensation. C.I.A. experimentation was conducted on American citizens who, for the most part, were not willing participants. In 1950, at 57 years of age, The U.S. Ambassador to Canada – Laurence Steinhardt, would be the 1st death of a serving U.S. Ambassador to die in a plane crash as Operation Artichoke (a spin-off of Operation Paperclip) blossomed into MK Ultra.

One willing participant who can be pointed out was “Whitey” Bolger – while he was a Federal prisoner. It seems that Whitey was a government asset all along; bringing drugs, death and destruction to the “Southies” and to New England, in general, as well as an end to the Italian mob in Boston.

Prince Bernhard was the “bridge” for the Bilderberg Group, bringing together the forward thinking – represented by what can only be described as Neo-Nazi-Fascism. The European Union, an earlier idea, was championed by the Bilderberg Group. Although the Prince was the Supreme Dutch Commander and a Flight Officer in the RAF, he will be forever tainted by his membership in the Nazi Party.

The Bilderberg Group represents Rockefeller Republicanism insofar as it accomplishes all goals that the Rockefeller Foundation had planned for the entire world. Nelson Rockefeller was working in the Eisenhower administration. C.D. Jackson, was also a framer of the Bilderberg Group and worked diligently to insure that the U.N. was the House of Commons and the Bilderberg Group was the House of Lords.

During the 1950’s and the birth of the Bilderberg Group in 1954, other intelligence types, i.e., former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, William Harding Jackson (Princeton 1924 and Harvard Law School 1928) began advising President Eisenhower on psychological warfare.

W.H. Jackson recommended that the President abolish the psychological strategy board which C.D. Jackson was on. The report was accepted and a new operations board was formed. In 1956, W.H. Jackson became Special Assistant to President Eisenhower, succeeding Nelson A. Rockefeller to assist in coordinating and executing foreign policy as the Federal Government was growing, one department would trip over another as one agency would trip over another.

During W.W. II the former lawyer and investment banker, William Harding Jackson, had been the keeper of the highest secrets in the European theater. He was the American at Bletchley Park and responsible for maintaining the Ultra Secret within and throughout the many U.S. Headquarters of the European theater of operations.

The Ultra Secret was maintained by a Canadian spy master, Sir William Samuel Stephenson – Churchill’s trusted confidential informant on Adolph Hitler and the Nazi buildup which was a clear violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Stephenson, who was born William Samuel Clouston Stanger, had been abandoned and adopted by an Icelandic family named Stephenson.

Stephenson took his adopted family’s name and was described by one of his teachers, Jean Moffet, as a bookworm, who loved boxing. “A wee fellow, but a real one for a fight.” After leaving school, he worked in the lumberyard where his adoptive father was a laborer – but he also delivered telegrams. There was a famous murder case involving one John Krafchenko, and while delivering telegrams at the age of 17, Stephenson spotted the wanted man, and reported him to the police.

A local newspaper reporter noted that Krafchenko had a genius for robberies requiring desperate action. The reporter also noted that Krafchenko was “one of the most cultured men imaginable.”

Stephenson followed the trial in the newspaper – the suspense really built and he was fascinated when Krafchenko confessed to having a fountain pen, filled with nitroglycerin. He intended to use it as a bomb to evade capture. (Shades of Breaking Bad.)

John Krafchenko

During the trial, Krafchenko escaped. Taken into custody for aiding his escape were a prison guard, his attorney, the legal clerk and a builder. The local newspaper in Manitoba, Canada reported that the alleged accomplices were all “under the spell of his fascinating personality.”

It would appear that hypnosis held a fascination of the future Canadian spy-master, William Stephenson, prior to his entry into military service through his connection to the Krafchenko case. Krafchenko was executed in 1914.

Thank you for reading this far – you may be a conspiracy theorist or you may think this writer is one but C.D. Jackson was the purchaser of the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination which took place on November 22, 1963 (The film was locked up in Manhattan for many, many years).

(From a dictionary that was new when the Bilderberg was 10 years old) Ambassador:  The highest diplomatic representative that one sovereign power or state sends officially to another. An Ambassador represents his sovereign personally, as well as the state. Otherwise, the difference between Ambassadors and Diplomatic agents of the 2nd class – envoys, and ministers resident and plenipotentiary-is one of dignity, privilege and etiquette. An Ambassador ranks next to the royal blood, and may ask audience at any time of the chief of the state to which he is accredited; he and his household are exempt from local jurisdiction and from imposts and duties; he enjoys immunity of person, and freedom of religious worship. Until 1893 The United States accredited abroad no higher diplomatic agents than envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipotentiary at that time Congress made provision for raising to the Ambassadorial rank ministers to foreign powers sending Ambassadors to the United States.

The Bilderberg Group seeks to force civilized nations to accept mass immigration from inbred adherents to a failed social system which is over 1400 years old.

President Trump seeks to enable muslims to have their own corner of the world and we can live in peace just so long as jihad dries up and shrivels in the wind. That wind will be our men who will make the jihadis say Uncle… Uncle Sam.

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