Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

The only success of Obama’s DOJ is the takedown of General Flynn.  Had he (National Security Advisor) not been that ready to mislead Mike Pence, this story would just have been a hit piece for the Obama/Clinton news. Climbing to the top entices.

The scourging of Trump’s Administration at the pillar.

The same Obama Justice Department would not call Hillary Clinton (presidential candidate -of-late) to STAND for her crimes. How asinine shines her light on the left.

Keep working is a motto, follow Christ is a command. Work ethic has everything to do with Christ. Work with Christ in your heart.

The Clintons are not in the “News.” Is that in their plus column?  Yes!  If you have large amounts of cash to move on, up and out.

Trump needs spiritual guidance, and all of our prayers. Please don’t sit this one out.

Suggestion for the leaders of our nation and the President of the United States:  General Cartwright to replace General Flynn.

At least we can start correcting the abuse of our military by the Democrat Commando, Party and Media.




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