Pizza Delivery To The Federal Penitentiary

According to the Venona Papers as well as other sources within our government, Teddy Kennedy, (the “Lion of the Senate” – the title given by other weasels)  was a Soviet Agent on the No-Fly list. Although his two brothers had been assassinated, he so desperately wanted to be President, he sought the aid of a foreign government.

Not only a strike at the Constitution and Old Glory, Teddy politically back-stabbed the leader of his own party: The Honorable Peanut Farmer/Nuclear Physicist, Jimmy Carter (the son of an illustrious member of the Peace Corps). Not much of a surprise, Teddy sought the intelligence services of the  U.S.S.R. to subvert the Republican party as well.

Teddy got his wish today: the Russian in the woodpile-gate.  An ungainly Democrat last-ditch play which actually does have a Russian hand visible.

Today we see internet news, Jeff Sessions may end up in prison for lying to Congress from the party of Hillary Clinton and BleachBit. The main question in all this is: what is so threatening in the minds of these rabid Democrats that they would precipitate civil unrest to take down the legally elected government as provided for by the Constitution?

If the power-abusers who recently vacated seek to act outside of government, then the second amendment provides for a well-regulated militia, which is not part of the Federal Government. Therefore, there are fifty answers to the Democrat’s problem: let the buyer beware.


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