Nice Knot


There are 535 members of Congress and the Heritage Foundation has their numbers. In other words, only two members of Congress (114th Session 2015-2016) have 100% scores in what could be likened to a Heritage Hall of Shame. Congressman Ken Buck (R) CO District 4 and Senator Mike Lee (R) UT carry 100% conservative credentials (Heritage Action For America).

Since the nation actually attempts to accept the charade of a two-party system, we must give accolades to Congressman Collin Peterson (D) MN for being the most conservative Democrat in this Congress with a Heritage score of 34%.

Looking through Heritage scores for our Republican leadership, Mitch McConnell weighs in with a 40% conservative rating. Thank you, Kentucky.  The Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan (R) WI District 1 comes in at 49%. He ties Senator John McCain (R) AZ!

Now we see why Congress does not reflect America. These percentages are more important than any sports page. These people spend our money, ensnare us in bureaucratic red-tape that they conveniently blame on alphabet bureaucracies while investing their way into millionaire-hood status.

The fact that Paul Ryan received the speakership in November of 2016 speaks volumes from Washington D.C. (establishment) to the electoral landslide of President Trump. The only parallel in modern Republican history is the Contract With America. That “contract” ushered a conservative speakership. Newt was replaced by Denny Hastert who had a ten-year run at the money; this is what Washington D.C. is all about.

During President Trump’s first address to the Joint Session of The United States Congress, we watched Paul Ryan fussing with his clothes. Every time he stood up he had to make it just right. 

John Boehner, Speaker of the 113th Congress (2013-2014) had a 61% rating from Heritage.

Paul Ryan received a 58% rating in the 113th Congress from Heritage, down from 74% in the 112th Congress. Between running for the Vice President of the United States and becoming Speaker of the House, conservatism took a hit at Paul Ryan’s house. Mitt Romney sought to degrade Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 with more spunk than his 2012 Presidential campaign.

This glaring brand of Republicanism seeks to resist the Will Of The People to preserve their monument to the: Denny Hastert, Romper-Room, transsexual bathroom, ribbon-wearing Boehner-isms. The anti-Newt.

You can bet the only time Newt fussed with his tie was when he was trying to hide a mustard stain.







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