“Pi R Squared”


Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson – who served in that position from 1983-89.  He described the ideology of “Thatcherism” as British Nationalism both home and abroad with the emphasis on free markets and restraint on government spending while encouraging tax cuts.

Tony Blair came into power as the “new Labour” which can only be described as a centralization of government power.

Thatcher’s monetarism was closely associated with Milton Friedman emphasizing control of the amount of money in circulation.  Formulated by Milton Friedman who argued that expansion of the money supply is inherently inflationary, recommending  the focus of monetary authority should be – price stability. In other words, Thatcher and Reagan experienced no wobble; they walked hand-in-hand for good reason. Tony Blair is a modern phenomena in the decline of Britain which has been papered over by the media and fed as pabulum to young folks (who know no better).

Thatcherism (according to the British Journal of Political Science) spawned a generation that supports free market economics, tough policy on benefits and a value on self-reliance. Thatcherism was the anti-European social model.

Tony Blair, by holding on to Thatcherism and incorporating it in new Labour succeeded in generating economic Conservatism in England while at the same time, facilitating cultural decline. Tony Blair is a New World Order proponent. The timeline of legislation from 1998-2007 showed Tony Blair to be the antitheses of UKIP today. Britain had suffered for many years before the 1960’s with immigration from its empire; they all came with a British passport.

The United States sought to limit immigration with the McCarren-Walter Act (1952) which was vetoed by Truman  yet overruled due to massive support. Immigration has and always will be a thorn to be used by those seeking to water down society.

Tony Blair can be explained as the mirror image of George W. Bush.

UKIP and Trump, although not a mirror image, represent the push-back and are related only because the globalists had saddled each side of the pond with a false conservatism led by George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Anyone can see these parallels are absolute.

A free people will not be led down the rabbit hole by the elites. At some point they will work within the system to right the wrongs, before rising up as revolutionaries.

It is repugnant to think that Tony Blair could represent United States interests in the Middle East. The Middle East is a mess solely because of the false boundaries drawn by the British as they exited their empire. Everywhere the British Empire ruled, strife bubbles over. The world was Great Britain’s fiefdom and as such, they were locked in with petty squabbles. This is what the nobility has always used to maintain its power; squabbles among the masses and lesser nobility.

Not only was Tony Blair wrong on immigration, he was wrong on the European Union. Globalists have had their day and it wasn’t pretty – and it still stinks.

The mess in Europe – and by mess, meaning immigration, dovetails with the direction George W. Bush and Tony Blair sought to lead the free world. The European banking global network thought that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in. Otherwise, Merkel would not have gone out on the limb that she did; Sweden would not be overtaken by rape as it has. Northern Europe is a cesspool of muslim immigration which the globalists fomented in preparation for a global reset.

The rest of the world may soon wakeup (as the free people of these two english-speaking nations) in absolute indignation.

The pedophile elites sought to enslave the world, using adherents of a 7th century social order to spark the now endangered system of world enslavement.


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