You’re Not Free With A Mandate


There are 535 turds in Washington D.C. who are unable to mount up in front of the media lens and tell the American people they allowed Medicare/Medicaid to go broke.

In all of this, we cannot fault the Democrats because it has been their sworn duty since 1968 to tear down the nation and overwhelm it in a Cloward & Piven nightmare. We must lay the blame at the feet of the Republicans who overthrew Newt Gingrich with the help of the media that has them absolutely scared to death.

The nation will go on if they no longer have an office in the halls of Congress – in other words, we don’t need them – and they don’t need to spend another dime of the grandchildren of the American taxpayer.

Newt had large dreams to right the ship of state. The Denny Hastert crew had large dreams of perpetual power, building a fence around the money tree.

The obvious move for a drunken congress member is to step up in the media glare and say “hi, I’m Joe Blow, and I’m drunk on your money.”

Freedom is not just a word. Campaign promises have become less of a tall tale with our new president who is striving to make headway. The best thing for America might be for Paul Ryan to work his fingers to the bone, only to meet President Trump’s “VETO.”

Paul Ryan was the numbers guy who Denny Hastert welcomed into Washington, D.C.; all conservative angles-of-the-dangles swooned over his grasp of the budget. Paul Ryan is the equivalent of the Russia expert – Condoleeza Rice, running the State Department as Russian relations started a steady slide to the toilet. In other words, we’re two steps off a war with Russia and we’re two steps past broke – with Ryan.iu-13

If you think that these assholes dressed in black, running through our streets are a problem, let some schmuck like Paul Ryan saddle us with another mandate and see where we go from there.


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