Visit Europe Now! The Museums Won’t Last


When we look at higher learning in the United States today we see a great disparity between the areas that America’s students are focusing upon for their degree as opposed to foreign students.  Foreign students are all too eager to study mathematics and science while the American students are all too happy to take the easy road on the newly critical subject of gender studies.

Whose design could this possibly be? For one thing, the foundations which grew out of the industrial revolution have absolutely no DNA of capitalism left within themselves; they have been in the business of supplying the textbooks to our elementary and high schools for almost 100 years! See Sally run! Look Dick, jump!

After W.W. II (and before Dr. Seuss or Dr. Spock) Alfred Kinsey was being served up to the universities. Through the newly legitimized psychiatric and psychological sciences, the pill pushers were able to prescribe drugs in the 1950’s taking the 60’s into the Valley of the Dolls.

Following on Kinsey’s heels, Masters & Johnson piqued the imaginations in our universities just as LSD became available in quantity.  The 60’s became “free love” the 70’s became the “abortion mill” – “Try it on for size.”

Kinsey was such a nice man – an eagle scout who eventually circumcised himself without any anesthesia. In today’s world, he would likely perform chop-a-dick offa-me procedures. (See Dick jump, off the table.)

Which brings us around to the true subject of this blog today – the low I.Q. of immigrants who adhere to the muslim social order. (They don’t perform chop-a-dick offa-me’s but instead – clitoridectomies with scissors or razor blades. In this social order, it’s truly a man’s world).

Europe has been importing millions of low I.Q. high-testosterone immigrants who are only too willing to help them with their low birth rate. We see their doom. Today’s Europeans made sure their work agreements guaranteed plenty of vacation time, which seems to be the pursuit of socialism. So having large families is not what they proscribe to. Most experts agree – just on birthrate alone,  Europe will be muslim by the year 2040.

The Soviet Union was the natural ally for Islam, post WW II. Case in point is Syria, which was a client state of the Soviet Union and Russia, engaging in very little trade with the west. In effect, these are 7th century Soviet agents and their social structure is the only thing that can make socialism look good.


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