If You Can’t Trust Congress, Who Can You Trust?


When we see the F.B.I. Director (again) in front of Congress it makes you wonder how many times an F.B.I. Director has testified in front of Congress in the past 45 years (since the death of J.Edgar Hoover?)

L. Patrick Gray – an outsider, appointed (May 3, 1972) as Acting Director of the F.B.I. by Richard Nixon just prior to the Watergate break-in. (Gray failed the senate confirmation hearing in February 1973.)

White House Counsel, John Dean, placed the contents of E. Howard Hunt’s safe into Gray’s care (June 1972). Six month’s later – December of 1972, Gray looked at these papers as he burned them in his fireplace. Gray resigned as Acting Director in April 1973 after admitting he destroyed the documents he had received from Dean.

For the next 8 years, Gray testified before 5 federal grand juries and 4 committees of Congress. Although Gray had received his J.D. from George Washington University Law School, another alumnus (Dean)  appeared to be much smarter.

On April 30, 1973 William Ruckelshaus was appointed Acting Director of the F.B.I. by Richard Nixon. He had previously served in the Nixon Administration as the first Administrator of the newly formed EPA.

The first action taken by the EPA was to ban the use of DDT. Federal Judge, Edmund Sweeney presided over the case against DDT and he concluded that DDT was not a carcinogen to man and that it had many uses.

It is distinctly important to note that Ruckelshaus overruled Judge Sweeney’s decision and banned DDT. (To date, more than likely 200+ million and mostly young people worldwide have died because of mosquito borne viruses in the absence of DDT.)

Ruckelshaus spent 70 days as Acting Director of the F.B.I.  He was then appointed Deputy Attorney General of the United States; a position he would resign, rather than fire Watergate Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox.

Attorney General Elliot Richardson also resigned. Both the #1 and #2 at DOJ would not cave to pressure from Alexander Haig to fire Archibald Cox. When the #3 at DOJ – the Solicitor General, Robert Bork, spoke with Haig, he felt as though the President had the authority to fire Cox and so he did.

Clarence M. Kelley was appointed Director of the F.B.I. July 9, 1973. He was the 2nd Director of the F.B.I.. After Law School at the University of Missouri – KC, Kelley joined the F.B.I. as a Special Agent. This appointment to the F.B.I. better suited the Administration.

Kelley served under Nixon, Ford and Carter and when he retired, the Associate Director -James B. Adams, became Acting Director while Jimmy Carter pulled William H. Webster out of the hat.

On February 23, 1978,  Webster was appointed F.B.I. Director and stayed there for over nine years. Then in 1987, Ronald Reagan appointed Webster as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. His Deputy Director of the F.B.I. – John B. Otto, became Acting F.B.I. Director until the appointment of William Sessions.

Sessions began as Director of the F.B.I. – November 1987, serving under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. By the time Ruby Ridge occurred during the George H.W.Bush Administration, the F.B.I. had become politicized.

The F.B.I. is the law enforcement arm of the Attorney General of the United States.

Working for George H.W. Bush, Sessions had a rocky relationship with Dick Thornburgh, and his successor, Acting Attorney General – William P. Barr. (Barr had been employed by the CIA from 1973 to 1977.)

When Richard Thornburgh resigned as Attorney General to run for the U.S. Senate (PA), his Acting Attorney General, Barr, took over that position until Bill Clinton came into office. Sessions had run up against the CIA cabal of George H.W. Bush and William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton.

The American people have been played by the push and pull of Republican-Democrat shenanigans, run by these intelligence operators who are bent on enriching themselves and their circle of friends.

The marriage of the military industrial complex is a three-way love triangle: Government, the former government and military personnel that are ensconced in our defense industries and contractors, and the elites who ride herd over our intelligence community.

In August of 1989, the F.B.I. (under William Sessions,) raided the offices of a branch of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro in Atlanta, Georgia. This open and shut bank fraud case was a cover-up by the George H.W. Bush Administration.

The former manager, Christopher P. Drogoul, had originally pled guilty to a charge of receiving bribes in exchange for loans in the amount of $2.5million.

Drogoul withdrew his guilty plea and the Justice Department had charged Mr. Drogoul and 5 other bank officers with defrauding the parent bank, making secret loans of more than $5Billion used by Iraq for an arms buildup.

By 1990, Saddam Hussein had been covertly financed from America through foreign, banking entities. Important to note that after the Reagan era, the Soviet Union had fallen of itself;  yet in the Bush administration, Secretary of Defense – Richard Cheney, went before Congress and proposed a $302Billion Defense Bill. (In 1990, $302Billion was a fairly sizable chunk of change.)

Director of Central Intelligence, William Webster, was testifying (at the same time as Cheney,) that the Soviet threat had been diminished, and for all practical purposes,  irreversibly reduced. “There is little chance that Soviet hegemony could be restored in Eastern Europe” Webster told the House Armed Services Committee. “Even a major reversal of leadership and policies in Moscow would be unlikely to restore an international order resembling the one that existed until only a few years ago.”

Cheney protested (Webster had circulated the CIA’s finding to all interested agencies two weeks before he delivered it to Congress). Cheney was in true convoluted form “I explained that it creates problems, that the way it was handled in terms of his testimony, was not helpful.

There is no question but that it would be easier for me in terms of getting approval of the budget that the President sent up here, if in fact – there was a little more restraint in his statements.”

Sessions was determined to investigate Justice Department Officials for misrepresenting facts to the Federal Judge and the attempted shuffling of judges within the judiciary in the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro fraud case. ($5Billion helped make Saddam Hussein look like  formidable foe in the news media which painted him as invincible. He was able to shout at us through CNN – The Clinton News Network in later years. It stinks of rotten operators.)

Within 48-hours, Sessions was subjected to an ethics investigation as Acting Attorney General, William P. Barr, presented allegations of ethical improprieties to the incoming  Bill Clinton, President of The United States.

Janet Reno (a tortured soul who was the 78th Attorney General of The United States) went on record about “serious deficiencies in judgement that Director Sessions had exhibited.”  Three-months to the day following the burning of the Waco, Texas compound, (where Sessions had been an attorney from 1963-1969) William S. Sessions was pressured to resign by William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton.

Reno and her special assistant, John Hogan, declared their own investigation of the facts and stated that Bush and his people had done no wrong.

[1] Judge Shoob who had maintained control over the cases of the bank officials, reacted to Mr. Hogan’s conclusion. The judge was strongly incensed, saying the multi-billion dollar bank fraud could not have possibly been run out of a small branch in Atlanta, describing the defendants as pawns in a large international conspiracy. Rather than sentencing them to prison which was the government’s request – he placed all five on probation.

Appointed as Acting Director of the F.B.I. was Floyd I. Clarke – a special agent since 1964. Clarke served for about a month and one half before Louis Freeh became the 5th Director of the F.B.I.

Freeh had been a special agent from 1975 to 1981 where from the F.B.I. Headquarters in D.C., he had joined the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Southern District of New York as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. It seems that Louis had cut his teeth at the Watergate PsyOp that our own intelligence people had run against us.

Director Freeh served through Bill Clinton’s eight years and lasted five-months into George W.Bush’s 1st term. Obviously, Director Sessions who was along for the ride at Ruby Ridge, and WACO, was not suitable for the subsequent investigations and hearings. Louis Freeh was just the man to work under Janet Reno and Webster Hubble (until he went to prison).

Director Freeh’s tenure at the F.B.I. included these events: Oklahoma City bombing (4/19/1995), Khobart Towers (6/25/1996) bombing,  TWA  Flight 800 was downed (7/17/1996), Centennial Park bombing (7/27/1996),  Abortion clinic bombing in Birmingham, AL (1/29/1998), The U.S. Embassy bombing in Dar es Salaam (8/7/1998) and almost simultaneously in Nairobi Kenya Embassy bombing (8/7/1998), the U.S.S. Cole Bombing (10/12/2000).

Thomas J. Pickard replaced Louis Freeh as Acting Director of the F.B.I. on 6/25/2001. He received an M.B.A. in accounting and taxation and began his career as a special agent on January 30, 1975 – another one who cut his teeth in the turmoil of Watergate.

Pickard worked under cover during ABSCAM; an FBI sting where Congressman John Murtha D-(PA) said “he could take it (the money) when he knew them better ” And so… with a good lawyer…many were able to walk.

Pickard was sworn in by Attorney General John Ashcroft. A very peculiar man – Ashcroft had been Governor of Missouri and had his eye set firmly on the Presidency.

Pickard had an illustrious career – supervising matters involving the World Trade Center bombing, the trial of the Blind Sheikh, conviction of Ramsey Youseff and the TWA Flight 800 explosion.

As Director, it seemed as though his only accomplishment was forcing John P. O’Neill out of the F.B.I.. O’Neill had run afoul of the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine; another Missouri native. O’Neill was last seen at his new job on the 49th floor of the World Trade Center.

Pickard was replaced by Robert Mueller, the 6th Director of the F.B.I. on September 4, 2001. One week later John P. O’Neill was dead.

Mueller had been U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California. Here we clearly see the firm hold that the Department of Justice has placed upon the F.B.I. (wholly politicized – just as the DOJ has been revealed to be under the Obama Administration, a total joke).

Mueller had what some would call a fair education and what others would consider an education to give their right arm.

Mueller served three years in the United States Marine Corps and received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

Mueller started his career with the Department of Justice under Ronald Reagan in 1986 for one year and was brought back into the DOJ by George H.W. Bush in 1990 – out again when Clinton took office and back in – in ’98 until George W. Bush made him Director of the F.B.I. – exactly one week before the Twin Towers fell.

It must be mentioned that while at DOJ, Mueller oversaw the prosecution of Manuel Noriega, a known drug dealer, and Gambino boss, John Gotti – another known drug dealer. All of this while our government had been implicated in the importation of drugs in the 1980’s which made some in our country, exceedingly rich.

After 9/11/01, the glaring spotlight of unconstitutional wiretapping is associated with Robert Mueller. White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, (the man who whispered in President Bush’s ear at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, FL:  ‘a second  plane has hit the 2nd tower, America is under attack’) along with White House Counsel, Alberto Gonzales, attempted to pressure Attorney General Ashcroft who was firmly against Steller Wind (domestic surveillance).  The day after Ashcroft declared Steller Wind as unconstitutional, he entered the hospital with acute pancreatitis.

While in the hospital and seriously impaired, Gonzales and Card brought a document from the White House for Ashcroft to sign that would reverse the Justice Department’s position.

Ashcroft refused to sign and it has been said the Acting Attorney General, James B. Comey, was there along with the head of DOJ’s legal counsel, Jack Goldsmith and they were able to prevent any further pressure upon Ashcroft.

Further, the Director of the F.B.I.- Mueller, and Acting Attorney General James B. Comey were both on record as they were prepared to resign if the White House went over Ashcroft.

In 2004 we had the convergence of the F.B.I. and its mother, the Department of Justice with torture and surveillance, i.e., domestic surveillance. (Goldsmith held that torture of foreign combatants on foreign soil was legal but as memos were leaked, he resigned.

Goldsmith also felt that domestic surveillance such as Stellar Wind was also legal. On the other hand, Director of F.B.I. Robert Mueller, and Acting Attorney General, James B. Comey did not believe Stellar Wind was constitutional… at this particular point in time.)

In 1973 Mark Felt is leaking information to a former Naval Officer who had, just until recently, worked out of the Pentagon: Bob Woodward. This succeeded in driving the United States into a media compliant state. After Reagan, we see how the DOJ inserted their actors into the F.B.I..

Under George H.W. Bush the F.B.I. was run to ground, as they placed Sessions into uncomfortable positions i.e.,  Ruby Ridge standoff, the death of Randy Weaver’s wife and son. (Not investigated until Bill Clinton was President.)

The knives were already out for Sessions and he was forced to resign. At this point, we must consider Bill Clinton’s ouster of Sessions as the coverup for George H.W. Bush insofar as there was no discernible difference between the two: Republican or Democrat. The cocaine cowboys had free rein.

The elites controlling both parties turned Americans cynical of their government in about 25 years.We went from Watergate to ABSCAM to Iran-Contra to Ruby Ridge to WACO to Oklahoma City – and no one did anything. They were allowed carte blanche to operate in America as if they were Catholics in Action in a banana republic.

The day before 9/11/01, Secretary of Defense, Donald J. Rumsfeld reported on $2.3TRILLION in unaccountable funds at the Pentagon. (Rumsfeld was both the 13th and the 21st Secretary of Defense. Serving under Gerald Ford he had replaced [2] James Schlesinger)

(Rumsfeld had been Frank Carlucci’s roommate at Princeton. [3]Carlucci was Secretary of Defense in the final year’s of the Reagan Administration and he was replaced on January 20, 1989 by Dick Cheney).

The ripoff of the American taxpayer is so convoluted and layered that to get to the bottom would require that we do away with the I.R.S., its income tax, and go to a fair tax. Every single accountant in America would be available for a forensic audit of the Federal Government for the last 30 years (with incentive bonuses!)

[1] https://www.c-span.org/video/?707-1/mariel-cuban-prison-riots In 1987 America heightened its drug problem with Mariel Cubans who were pre-disposed to criminal behavior.

[2] Leading up to Watergate was a huge internal spying scandal within our government. The Pentagon was spying on the NSC which was run by Henry Kissinger.

[3] Frank Carlucci was a CIA covert agent, a testament to his handler in South Africa during the Congo troubles in the 1960’s. He was also a long time Chairman of the Carlyle Group and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Rand Corporation.




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