George Washington Cut Down The Cherry Tree. Bad George! (Slave Owner!)

Ever wonder how the CIA was never prosecuted for the drug running? Oh, there’s been some street justice for the operators. One star operator: Berriman Seal, gunned down outside a Baton Rouge halfway house where he was serving probation. At the time of his murder, he had George H.W. Bush’s personal phone number in his back pocket. The sentencing judge made sure Seal was not able to procure his own personal body guards.

The terms of Seal’s probation required him to report to the halfway house by 6pm. This is where he died in his Cadillac from a hail of sub-machine gun bullets. The two Colombians later said they were acting on the orders from Oliver North. 1986 was a good year.

This is how Oliver North was set up to take the fall. Having served with Oliver North, I can tell you he was head and shoulders above most officers in the Marine Corps at that time. His personal judgement however, may not have been the best, i.e., his wife Betsy rappelling at the northern training area and the rumor amongst the troops that she was staying at Bachelors Officers Quarters (“BOQ”) across the street from our barracks. Oliver North can stretch the truth like a pot hole patch on a Louisiana highway.

If you like conspiracies, you must note that Senator John Heinz died in a light plane crash while visiting Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley. The plane was experiencing landing gear difficulties and, at the direction of the air traffic controller, a Sun (oil) Company helicopter pulled next to the light aircraft (containing Senator John Heinz) to check the position of the landing gear. The blades of the helicopter struck the light aircraft.

The bodies of the helicopter’s pilot and co-pilot were never found. John Heinz’s staffer, George Tenet, went on to work for Dick Durbin. (The United States has been flying drones since the end of W.W. II.) Just prior to the Heinz crash, the helicopter had just dropped off oil company executives at their destination. We have to question the scenario. (Just like General Patton’s car in the museum is not the car that he died in. Right Henry?)

Now that we’re on to conspiracies…in 1974 – Seymour M. Hersh reported that military spying inside the White House began in the fall of 1970. More than a year earlier than previously reported (by closely involved, unnamed sources), this would place it right at the time that Admiral Thomas H. Moorer became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At the center of the pilfered (classified) documents, was Yeoman first class Charles E. Radford. Radford, an adept stenographer, was in demand by upper levels of government, especially by Kissinger. Radford was a Mormon, as was Jack Anderson. This was how investigators came upon Radford. While pursuing Jack Anderson’s source on the Pakistani-India war, the Mormon connection could have been a smear, worthy of Catholics  In Action. Whether it was a set up or not? We may never know.

After becoming a  suspect in the leaking of  White House intelligence documents to Jack Anderson, (a Washington columnist) Radford maintained that he had no contact with Mr. Anderson.  Although they did attend the same Mormon temple. The Navy enlisted man, confessed in December of 1971 that he was under the express direction of Rear Admiral Rembrandt C. Robinson.

Robinson had assured Radford that Admiral Moorer was pleased with his work. (Admiral Robinson had been chosen in 1969 to head up Kissinger’s military staff. In 1972, Admiral Robinson was the only Naval Flag Officer killed during the Vietnam War. His body was cremated.)

Radford went so far as to state that Admiral Robinson had introduced him personally to Admiral Moorer further stating, that his pilfering was not the subject of any conversation.

The reason for Moorer’s interest in these documents is that Kissinger and Nixon had precluded him from receiving some sensitive information. This is the lead-up to Watergate.

Kissinger was viewed by Admiral Moorer, as a pawn of the Rockefeller-lead Council on Foreign Relations “CFR.” Moorer also believed that Kissinger was an adherent to the world view: the Soviet Union would one day dominate the world (a foregone conclusion?)

Further, Kissinger involved himself in changing the State Department through the National Security Council. He had planned, and later implemented, a policy planning group within the State Department which would be known as the Office of Population Affairs in 1975.

“There is a single theme behind all our work, we must reduce population levels. Either they [governments] do it our way through nice clean methods or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut. Population is the political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it. We look at resources and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic needs, and we say that this country must lower its population, or else we will have trouble. El Salvador is an example where our failure to lower population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis. The Government of El Salvador failed to use our programs to lower their population. Now they get a civil war because of it” said Thomas Ferguson, Latin American Case Officer for the State Department Office of Population Affairs “OPA.”

On the other hand, W. Mark Felt, who named himself as Bob Woodward’s source known as “Deep Throat,” considered Nixon a fascist.

When young Woodward (who along with Bernstein, despised Kissinger) was a Navy courier, he and Mark Felt met in a White House hallway. Felt and Bernstein may not have been a chance encounter. Woodward continued to cultivate that relationship as Washington, and its politics, became his bread and butter – winning a Pulitzer Prize for the Washington Post.

Felt may have harbored animosity towards Nixon, thinking that he would have been the next Director of the F.B.I. (after J.Edgar Hoover) – but we all know that didn’t happen. Although…prior to the Director’s death, Felt did manage to remove J. Edgar Hoover’s secret files. (Can we put a dollar figure on that?) Felt had joined the F.B.I. in 1942 placing him at the epicenter of events transpiring in post W.W. II America.

The Kennedy assassination could not have been accomplished without cooperation behind the scenes (of which we may never fully know). Less than 10 years later, the destruction of the Nixon Administration was more or less, a government coup, worked by the media, controlled by the leaky and sneaky intelligence apparatchiks. (Does this sound any different from today?)

There you have Henry Kissinger as National Security Adviser going to China, reporting on his secret mission to the White House, where Yeoman first class Radford would then, with his sticky fingers, sanitize the documents, clipping off the identifying markings.  He then pasted the clippings on a white sheet of paper. Radford did state however, that those papers personally intended for Admiral Moorer, were not sanitized (“he got them with all the markings”).

Admiral Moorer’s predecessor as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was Army General Earle G. Wheeler. Wheeler had served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff longer than anyone else. Wheeler was chosen by LBJ and replaced by Nixon in July of 1970. The fact that Richard M. Nixon chose Admiral Moorer, but then proceeded to keep him out of the loop, shows the wormhole that Kissinger bore into the Executive Branch.

If we are to assume that Richard Nixon was paranoid on the information that has been presented to us through normal channels, i.e., FAKE NEWS, we can most assuredly determine now – that this plan for America was set in motion before Nixon was ever President. It can be concluded if Nixon exhibited paranoia, Henry Kissinger was at the root of all evil there. (A modern example is the babbling at the microphone, Governor Perry during one of the Presidential debates, which can only be described as Jumping Jack Flash – it’s a gas.)

Governor Perry was seen searching for the name of one of the departments he would eliminate. President Trump has now appointed him to lead: The Department of Energy. (The Teapot Dome Scandal actually involved The United States Navy, old oil interests, protected drilling rights on Federal lands, and the former head of The Bureau of Investigation, William J. Burns – once known as America’s Sherlock Holmes; his private detective agency caused a mistrial in this case.)

These dictatorial Greenies pine over deforestation, cry about erosion of the earth’s surface, when in fact, they work for those who seek to enslave the world. (Are we to become a global society, seeking to make abortion the global NORM?  And at this time, we are involved in baby stem cell research.)

They are gathering the world’s resources for their own e.g. Venezuela. There is no doubt, the Deep State has existed much longer than the American public has imagined. Trump has awakened the nation’s patriots but there are some citizen who choose to remain blindly ignorant. They are in both parties.

They are ruled by the same “Massa.”

Prescott Bush, who stole Geronimo’s skull for rituals performed at Skull & Bones initiations, adjusts Richard M. Nixon’s sombrero

In a telephone interview reported in the NY Times by Seymour M. Hersh, General Wheeler noted that Admiral Robinson was a liaison aid to the National Security Council and continued on in that position with Admiral Moorer. General Wheeler added that he did not think Admiral Robinson would dream up anything like this (in reference to the military spying within the National Security Council).

Admiral Moorer’s office released this statement through Navy Captain J.C.Mackercher: “The Chairman’s Office has no comment on these charges anymore than it has had on the innumerable other charges that have been made by unidentified sources.”

Admiral Moorer, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, would have been a member of the National Security Council by way of his position. Kissinger, denying him documents and materials, effectually excluded the Chairman.

Admiral Moorer initially stated that he had no knowledge of military spying. Everyone came to Moorer’s aid including the Secretary of Defense, James R. Schlesinger, who said that Moorer was not familiar with the exuberant methods used to collect this material. (It almost sounds like a Watergate defense!)

Robinson was the only one who had not attended the Naval Academy of the four Naval Officers involved (Moorer, Robinson’s replacement – Admiral Welander, and Captain Harry D. Train II). Connected to this same circle, was one of the most recognized reporters in modern American history – Bob Woodward. He had worked in the Pentagon message center. Prior to that he had been Communications Officer on board the U.S.S. Fox, under Admiral Welander’s command.

Woodward is the son of Alfred Eno Woodward II, who was at one time, Chief Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Bob attended Yale on a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship where he studied history and english literature. Upon graduating in 1965, he began a 5-year tour of duty in the U.S. Navy.  (Anyone who has any brains on either side of this mess, should despise Henry Kissinger.)

Throughout the scandal of the Nixon years, beginning here with the military spying within the National Security Council and Watergate, only the Pentagon’s lawyer –  J. Fred Buzhardt Jr., has the amount of continuity on par with Bob Woodward.

It can be said “Alexander Haig” was more involved in the military spying against the NSC (they all hated Kissinger).

After putting to bed the Moorer-Radford spying scandal,  J. Fred Buzhardt, Jr. became Special Counsel for Watergate, while retaining his title as General Counsel of the Department of Defense.  (It would be nice to know whether Radford served under Welander alongside his comm-officer, Bob Woodward on the U.S.S. Fox.) Buzhardt seem to have many contacts throughout the intelligence community as he had once been a legislative aid to Senator Strom Thurman.

Alexander Haig had replaced H.R. Haldeman as White House Chief of Staff and he immediately sought Buzhardt to investigate former White House Counsel, John Dean. Buzhardt then determined that Dean, was in fact, in possession of a proposed expansion of domestic surveillance, which was, of course – unconstitutional.

Haig then supplied Buzhardt with detailed accounting of Nixon’s meetings with Dean, including verbatim transcripts from the White House taping system. (Buzhardt had maintained throughout – that he had no knowledge of a taping system in the Oval Office.)

Buzhardt brought these conversations to the attention of the Minority Council for U.S. Senate Watergate Committee: Fred Thompson. When Thompson approached the Majority Council, it became apparent that the conversations were not from a stenographer, such as Yeoman first class Radford, but rather, a safer, non-spying tape recorder which may have been foisted upon the Nixon Administration where it may have been perceived as a security measure. (We can show that Nixon was screwed – deeper than most realize. People working for it may not have realized what they were working for, but they had their own purposes.)

Central to the screwing of Nixon is the fleecing of America. The 1971 abortion bill that Ronald Wilson Reagan signed while Governor of California, opened the door. The law was specifically written to protect the life of a mother whose health and/or life were endangered by her pregnancy. In two short years it came to pass: Californians abused the aforementioned law, 2,000,000 times. In 1973, Roe V. Wade became the law of the land in a contrived case that haunts America today as the souls of our aborted brethren reach our Lord in Heaven.

(Thank you David Rockefeller, for finally checking out.)

May GOD have mercy on our souls

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