Politicians Riding The U.S. Taxpayer Death Spiral

Instead of repealing Obamacare right now, make it easy for Paul Ryan. Repeal McCain-Feingold first! It is the law that George W. Bush said was unconstitutional and with a sleight of hand they said “well we’ve stripped out all of the bad stuff” but in reality, it is the poison of our political system. Please associate it with Paul Ryan!

Once we do away with the McCain-Feingold financing of our politics, then Paul Ryan will feel more freedom to work for Americans, rather than his big money donors.

When “W” signed McCain-Feingold into law it was characterized by Mr. “W” as being illegal, unconstitutional and that the Supreme Court would strike it down for being unconstitutional. Can we say unconstitutional?

McCain-Feingold opened the door for “dynastic” politics. Megan McCain would have been a player – you can tell John’s not a deep thinker. So…McCain-Feingold was challenged before The Supreme Court of the United States and Justice Roberts declared it constitutional! Once again, a bad judge foisted on America by the Bush Family and harming Americans. Can we say Souter, children? 

Not only was McCain-Feingold ruled constitutional, healthcare was ruled constitutional when it was actually nothing more than a bailout for the insurance companies.

The repeal of Glass-Steagall allowed the banks to become the investment house and the insurance company. So Wall Street only got bigger under the charade of the two-party system which has enslaved America for the Rockefeller inspired CFR’s New World Order, Bilderberg refuse.

Americans had no say in the bailout of foreign banking entities which had purchased specifically bundled (and destined to fail) mortgages from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (which had become an extension of the banks with help of Barney Frank and his gay boy banking friends.)

Dictated by President Bill Clinton, the house-buying frenzy (by people who could not afford homes) was the setup of the American taxpayer. This closely resembles a mobile homes manufacturer that would put anyone in a modular home and then repossess it. Of course they went bankrupt and just in time for Warren Buffet to come in and save the day. This is the model for Fannie and Freddie.

The housing bubble that was created with the help of Fannie & Freddie, and the bailout of insurance companies with healthcare reform?  It is absolutely going into the same coffer.

Truly, what we have now are elites who want to reduce the world’s population, own all natural resources which includes farming the remaining population for sex slaves.

This is not what the Lord God Almighty intended. This is what our Founders sought to remove us from: a tangled European web.


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