Apologies are in order or we go full- blown antipasto

(Strobe Talbott was almost our Secretary of State. What job was in store for the “dark” gentleman pictured above?)

The recent apology tour served up to Pizza King Alefantis by none other than Alex Jones, can only be likened to a few things in recent history. President Obama’s apology tour around the world: self-flagellation, the American people had not requested.

The 47 hard drives that the CIA whistleblower gave the FBI 2 years ago and no action was taken. Whistleblower then took the information to Charles Grassley, a stalwart conservative, who did nothing after the visit. CIA/NSA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery then went to a true American hero, a GIANT of a man, on the level of Donald J. Trump: Larry Klayman. Inside these 47 hard drives there are 600 million documents giving strong indication that the Presidential elections of 2008 and 2012 were stolen.

The ANTIFA actors with a name that links them to INTIFADA, allowing them to cover their faces because they’re not teenage mutant ninja turtles now but, Hashashins (assassins).


In the middle of this storm, Alex’s money dries up and he begs his digital masters to give him a thumb’s up in the arena so that the money can still flow. This is what got Judge Nap fired. He had three sources: Dennis Montgomery, Russ Tice and William Binney.

– the fertilizer of Watergate. A marriage of the intelligence community, the press and some greedy bitches in Congress. If you think pizza gate is not run by the elites, then who is running it? In today’s world, it is more or less like yesterday’s world, where Governor Edwards, prior to his election in Louisiana said “the only way I can lose is if I am caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.01.25 AM

We can see here by the Governor’s example, democrats are comfortable talking about the dirty deeds that would end a political career today. No longer does a broken marriage end political careers. They have moved on. It’s like Hershel Foster’s brother-in-law; he liked bondage at a young age and I said to him “well, when you get old, what are you going to do for excitement?” Hershel grew out of the same sludge as Governor Edwards – except that he went to work for a rich man. This process took him from the United States Marine Corps to the NSA. (When I served with Hershel in 1972 and 1973, it was actually NoSuchAgency).

Hershel was a cousin to Bill Clinton and he was positioned to grab the dirt on the Congress that was-so-in Bill Clinton’s pocket. Alphonse D’Amato divorced his wife and married his mistress. That was after ‘ol pit bull Al had his teeth pulled. It’s not hard to figure this stuff out – the politicians got a marble smile, while their marbles are geared to money-making. (Like Alex Jones – they don’t want to go away, cause it’s too good).

Bill Clinton worked in the Little Rock office of William Fulbright (Senator from Arkansas). The man who really controlled Arkansas politics, ascended to the same Governor’s mansion in 1967, which Bill Clinton would later make dirty: Winthrop Rockefeller.

Bill Clinton met Wade Rathke in Little Rock before he entered politics as a candidate for office. Wade founded ACORN in Little Rock (Rathke also founded a local of SEIU in New Orleans). Most interesting is how Bill and his friend Strobe Talbott, ended up in Russia without their passports being stamped (during Bill’s failed attempt at attaining his Oxford education, may be attributed to his raping way).

Before Senator Cohen (R-ME) became Secretary of Defense and after the debacle known as Mogadishu, a sorry man – Leslie Aspen, was replaced by William James Perry who appeared to be less political during his senate confirmation. In his past service, Perry was instrumental in bringing military intelligence gathering, in the new direction of signal intelligence SIGINT: the interception of signals which is the basis for our domestic spying debacle. (Replacing human intelligence HUMINT.)

Instead of enhanced intelligence and what is meant by enhanced – that HUMINT and SIGINT would operate in separate universes, under the same hand. (This is why we have in our history, operations that go bad because no one is on top of it – all the way down the line. P.S. if the helicopters have sand screens on their air intakes, leave ’em. [Unless Jimmy Carter’s Operation was doomed by the man turning wrenches.])

Human intelligence was a dirty business, and we were above that, or so “they” would have us believe. This caused the intelligence community of the 1970’s to divest itself of many employees who would come back to haunt America as contractors of the cocaine epidemic. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.22.42 AM

In this peaceful explosion conducted by Secretary of Defense, William J. Perry,  along with the Russian Defense Minister, Pavel S. Grachev – we see Hillary’s reset button; a Strobe Talbott-inspired, Faberge Egg. fe1(faberge eggs)

The elites steering our intelligence gathering towards electronic means, while abandoning human intelligence gathering, have in-effect, weakened our defenses. While they are working for their nefarious masters, the masters may have other sets of operators who are, the real down and dirty. The American taxpayers have paid for Orwellian surveillance of themselves and it has been brought to you by the democrat-half of the republican-half, of the man in charge, who may be at the center of the above egg.

The other comparison to Alex Jones is the (video:) South African Farmer today. He’s holding on to what little he’s got – as long as his black master holds the whip back and he lives another day.

When Bill Clinton was busy pulling our pants down, everybody was bopping to the Mambo #5 – they gave our best technology (Obama made NASA a muslim outreach) to the nation that manufactures all of our goods: China. And for all the feminism and the black caucus-ism antics of the left, it was a .45 caliber inside bevel hole in Ron Brown’s head.

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  1. Sugar Shack in Beaver Creek, WVa.1998, lived next door. put my Rottweiler down there after feeding him hotdogs for a month on the couch. he was 7 years old and was 3 legged. Loyal and an obedient worker. Cancer.


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