Lookout Mountain!

(Featured above: Bill First, Bob Corker, Howard Baker and Lamar Alexander (The Tennessee Boys minus Fred Thompson)

Have you ever heard of the position of surveyor general? It is not something that would cross your mind and it just doesn’t fit in today’s world. You never hear a young child say “when I grow up I want to be surveyor general.” (Unless it has something to do with gender studies).

The Virginia Company of London appointed the first surveyor general in 1621. The Crown (you know, the Buckingham Palace gang) continued in appointing surveyor general after Virginia became a Royal Colony.  From 1693 onward, the College of William and Mary was responsible for the office of surveyor general, until the state declared its independence.

On June 22, 1779 – the Commonwealth of Virginia established a land office. Patrick Henry’s father, Thomas Jefferson’s father as well as George Washington, were surveyors. Many of these early colonial surveyors trudged through unexplored swamps, battling mosquitoes and snakes, and all sorts of deadly disease, in a westward expansion.

The earliest settlers in Alabama who could be considered Americans, were from the Colony of Virginia.

In the 1540’s Hernando de Soto raised the Royal Flag of the Kingdom of Spain.  Next, Mobile was designated as the Capitol of French Louisiana in 1702, under the Flag of Bourbon. After the French-Indian war, where the bullets were said to hit George Washington’s coat and then drop to the ground (by eye-witness account) FhY1ucI-

(as God Almighty had His hand upon him) the Flag of the British Empire then rose over Alabama. During the American Revolution, the Spanish Governor of Louisiana, Bernardo Galvez, captured Mobile and raised the Flag of Bourbon Spain.

Eventually, The United States of America hoisted its flag over Alabama, claiming Mobile and Baldwin counties from Spain in 1810; it was known then as West Florida. Of course, Alabama seceded from the Union, and the Flag of the Alabama Secession Convention was raised; shortly thereafter replaced by the First National Flag Confederate States of America. Yes Virginia, Alabama was readmitted to the Union, but their heads are just as hard.

British interference and intelligence operators inflamed passions on both sides in The War Between The States. Feeding the fires of the abolitionists while touching off the powder of the secessionists. British money has been the root of much evil within our banking structure during the rapid industrialization after this horrendous war. A war that was studied by European Military Officers working for their respective monarchies. Monarchies indebted to the same bankers seeking to own America, which they still enjoy addressing as, “the Colonies.”

Warburg: a name long associated with Rothschild banking, is the perfect example of the difference between frontier blood and the banking blood from Europe.

Almost one year ago in Talladega, Alabama – Chris Gaither, an 11 year old homeschooler was alone when he had a chance meeting with Christopher Ryan Stringfellow. Stringfellow,  a 33-year old thief had to lean on his crutches as his mug shot was taken. Mr. Stringfellow was charged with 1st degree burglary and given a $250,000 bond (Anniston Star). Talladega Police Chief Jason Busby is tightlipped due to the child’s age. He declines to release information about the family. We can be thankful that there is no prosecution or grand jury being convened on this 11-year old future patriot.

Stringfellow was armed with a pistol when he broke into the Gaither home. Threatening the life of an 11-year old boy as he was leaving the home, carrying a hamper of “booty,” like a modern-day pirate. Young Chris armed himself with his stepfather’s 9mm handgun (a gun on which he was taught gun safety and trigger control) firing off rounds in the direction of Mr. Stringfellow as he climbed the fence. (It has been said that 12 is one of the Lord’s numbers). Mr. Stringfellow was shot in the leg. Commenting on his 12th shot, young Chris said, he then “started crying like a little baby.”  Rest easy America – Alabama is where some of our best troops come from. You won’t have to worry about Chris Gaither robbing you, nor will you have to worry about Chris Gaither being groomed as a shark, venture-capitalist!

The Warburg banking family in America owes its beginning to Felix and Paul Warburg. Felix married the daughter of Jacob Schiff; another Rothschild operative. Schiff was active in his investment bank,  Kuhn-Loeb. Felix’s New York City residence is now the Jewish Museum.  Brother Paul, married Nina Loeb and Paul was a principal planner in the collection of private banks we all call: The United States Federal Reserve System.

During The Treaty of Versailles, there were Warburgs on either side of the table.

Before the United States’ entry into WWII,  Eric Warburg founded E.M. Warburg & Company in 1939 with headquarters in New York. Offices were located within, of all places, the Kuhn-Loeb building.

E.M. Warburg eventually merged with Lionel I. Pincus & Company.

Lionel Pincus had grown up in a family with a business tied to the garment industry. A Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in English in 1953, he then obtained an MBA at Columbia Business School in 1956. Uninterested in the family business (which also had real estate holdings) he joined the investment banking firm of Ladenburg Thalmann (established 1876).

Ladenburg Thalmann had close ties to the O.S.S. in WWII.  Black markets in Istanbul Beirut and Tangiers, were used to smuggle allied agents into Southern Europe, using a simple smuggling operation as cover, for the transportation of covert, wartime agencies.

Banking services facilitated the sale of items in short supply, due to blockades and restrictions. Trading gold, platinum, diamonds, precious stones and Swiss watches, including every form of European currency as well, as most every currency from around the world which would then be used in covert activity.

The operation was known as Musson’s Smuggling Fleet, operating from Gibraltar and paving the way with a time-honored bribe of tobacco. (In the dark of night which caused the lull of battle, Billy Yank and Johnny Reb would crawl down to the water’s edge to fill their canteens with cool water, they would whisper across to each other. Billy Yank had coffee and hardtack. Johnny Reb had tobacco).

Pincus became a partner at Ladenburg Thalmann after 5 years. Four year’s later, he formed a consultancy firm, Lionel I. Pincus and Company. He joined the Board of Directors of E.M. Warburg and Company in 1965. Eric Warburg retired to Germany and in 1970, the Company was renamed E.M.Warburg Pincus.

Able to raise many billions in investment capital, Pincus became a master at using other people’s money. (Jimmy Hoffa was caught up in a similar scheme. Pension fund money was “Blue Chip” in the day. If there’s one thing we all learned: “no balls, no blue chips”) Early investments of E.M. Warburg Pincus included healthcare, no not insurance! HUMANA! – as it went from nursing homes to hospitals. Now, Humana is the whole ball of wax – partnering with the CDC to help manage global population “health.”

The main map room of the New York Public Library was renovated in 2005, under an endowment by Pincus and Princess Firyal of Jordan. Following the renovation, the map room was renamed The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 3.36.07 PM
Here we have Lionel Pincus (left) and another Philadelphian – Willie Mosconi. Makes you think that all the Philly guys look like Jack Klugman?

Lionel and the Princess – it’s much deeper than most would realize – the jewish boy and the bedouin princess, or is it deeper than that?

A formidable member of the U.S. House of Representatives served Tennessee’s 4th District from 1953 – 1977. What makes this man so interesting are the bookends in the 4th District that bracket Joe L. Evins. In 1935, Joe was a Staff Attorney for the Federal Trade Commission. Commissioned during WWII, he served with the Judge Advocate General Corps of the United States Army.

Evins was nominated by the Democrat party for the 5th District of Tennessee and he won that easily and served two terms.  After his district was re-designated as the 4th District, we see that this congressman served for a total of 30 years – and the bookends of mention?: Al Gore Senior and Al Gore Junior. (Joe L’s nephew, Dan Evins, was founder of Cracker Barrel – Old Country Store, a publicly traded company)

Congressman Evins was a powerful figure, who at one time, was Chairman of the House Select Committee on Small Business and House Appropriations Committee, who lost his seat only when primaried by Al Gore Jr. (Al Gore was pro-life at this time, the climate can change everything in D.C.)

In 1972, William Harrison Frist, a 2nd year Princeton University student was placed into  a summer internship with Congressman Evins.  Bill’s brother, Thomas F. Frist Jr. (14 year’s his senior) was a doctor like his father, Thomas Sr. Together they co-founded what was to become Hospital Corporation of America (originally founded in Nashville in 1968). Venture capital was provided by Jack Carroll Massey (who also happened to own Kentucky Fried Chicken). An interesting note: not only was healthcare attractive to Mr. Massey, the savvy investor was able to invest – early on, in the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)

Humble Beginnings of Hospital Corporation of America – Nashville Tennessee                                   (It pays to be in the loop)

Bill Frist attended Harvard Medical School where he roomed with future U.S. Congressman, David Wu.  After graduating with honors as a Doctor of Medicine in 1978, he continued cardiovascular physiology at Massachusetts General Hospital – becoming a resident in surgery in 1978. In 1983, our future Senate Majority Leader, spent a year in Southampton, England serving as senior registrar in cardiothoracic surgery at the Southampton General Hospital.

Upon returning to Massachusetts General Hospital, Frist became Chief Resident and Fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery. Frist occupied a similar position in cardiac transplant at Stanford University School of Medicine and after his fellowship there, returned to Nashville Tennessee and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Bill Frist founded the Vanderbilt Transplant Center.

After meeting with Senate Majority leader and fellow Tennessean, Jim Baker, Frist was told to prepare for a Senate run. He then worked on Tennessee Governor’s Medicaid Task Force (1992-1993) laying the groundwork for Tenncare. While getting involved in National politics, he was Deputy Director of the TN Bush-Quayle ’92 campaign.

Frist ran a superb campaign against incumbent, Jim Sasser. He tied Sasser to Marion Barry as he rode Haley Barbour’s legislative tidal wave into Washington D.C.. A reliable fund-raiser, he became chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, helping Republicans win back the Senate as it see-sawed between the two wings of the McCain-Feingold party.

As fate would have it, a fellow senator from the south, Trent share-the-power Lott, was somehow induced to make comments at a Strom Thurmond birthday celebration. Reminiscing about the good ole days of 1948: “We wouldn’t have all these problems over all these years” if Strom Thurmond had a successful Presidential bid. Lott was shamed into resigning his seat but quickly overcame his shame as he moved up to K Street (Because D.C.’s is where the REAL EASY money is!)

The nuclear option, was an idea first advanced in 1917. It was a threat to reform the Senate’s filibuster rules. Used again as a threat by Senate Majority Leader Frist to end Democrat-led filibuster of judicial nominees to the G.W. Bush Administration.

In 1957, the Vice President of the United States (who is also President of the Senate) – wrote an opinion granting the presiding Officer of the Senate: authority under the Constitution to override senate rules if it is then upheld by a majority vote. Trent Lott coined the term “nuclear option” for this in March 2003.

The parallels between Richard Nixon and Barack Obama are dwarfed only by the lawbreaking and the Democrat-brand, Leader, Harry Reid. They used it, so they own it.

We see here how those in and around our government, position themselves to make money after the government commits to a program, or a direction. Healthcare is not so much healthcare today, but insurance. Glass-Steagall is not so much about the tax-payer as it is now about enriching the bank, who became the investment house, who in turn became the insurance company.

Government bailouts for these folks is an absolute ridicule of the American taxpayer. We have been enslaved by these banking entities and venture capitalists.

When Americans saved money in the 70’s, the Venture Capitalists used their Blue Chip pension funds for cash. At the same time, these business entities, geared to services remitted by the government, sucked-dry the United States through programs e.g. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, HUD, Prison Systems and of course, military expenditures.

The nursing homes of the past will go away because the government tit has dried up. They have led us down a road, ignoring their own criminal deeds of mismanagement, setting up the people of America with a Gruber-sponsored, bitter pill.

Trent Lott pined for the days of 1948, as Republicanism was becoming fashionable in the south. From Lookout Mountain, seven states were visible: Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and…Alabama!

The Republicans had a golden opportunity with Newt Gingrich as House Speaker in 1994, but making money out of political sausage, was just too sweet. It’s so pat, that the bailouts cannot be blamed on one party. The banks have robbed us blind. The Federal Reserve is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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