When Nelson Mandela Got Out of Jail, He Had His Fist Up

President Trump is following the advice of General James Mattis. Mattis is a globalist. He likes coalitions so therefore, his views coincide with Jared Kushner – who is most comfortable with Goldman Sachs’ culture.

When I was a 19-year-old Corporal,  2nd Lt. James Mattis had to break up a fight I was involved in. A black Marine was butting up in the pay line. (Black power and THE DAP [fist-bumping])

If you don’t think that THE DAP has taken hold in America’s culture, look here at a photo of Judge Gorsuch fist-bumping a cute little black kid.


Fighting this black Marine, another black Marine (who was an obviously racist member of my platoon) came to the aid of the offending Marine (a member of the 81MM mortar platoon) swung me around (in a classic TV wrestling/twirling throw) and I landed on my hands and knees, immediately headed back to engage the offending Marine (not the one who swung me). In my path appeared 2nd Lt. James Mattis, who stuck a .45 caliber 1911 government-issued pistol in my face. He told me, in no uncertain terms, “if you make another move to fight in MY pay line I’m going to blow your fucking head off.” So I stood up straight, so he could have a good one.

Being a Corporal, the enlisted Marine that I had engaged in fist fighting, was locked up immediately. The racist Marine from my platoon did everything in his power to hang charges around my neck; he was a junior Corporal to me. When I found out that there were charges looming for either an article 15 non-judicial punishment, or a court-martial, which is a federal felony – I went to work to cover my ass.

Before we left Okinawa on a float, Regiment sent us a radio operator named, Ernest Parks El Junior. To make a long story short, he was a black muslim, a very large black “mooslum.” The blacks didn’t like him and the whites didn’t like him but he was a Marine and I saw his usefulness, as that was my job.

No one would connect their shelter half to his, in other words, in the field he had no one to build a hooch with. Another Marine, named Brown from Philadelphia, had served on a Med-cruise with me (BLT 2/2). We served together again in 1st Battalion 4th Marines (when I met him in 1972, he was 28 and he was called “old man Brown.”) We made Corporal together in 4th Marines. He and I made a 3-man hooch so that the black muslim Parks had shelter over his head. I called in my chit and the black muslim testified on my behalf.

Old Man Brown on Right – God Bless Him! (Picture by PFC. Ernest Parks El Junior)

I held my tongue when I read that General Mattis had said that Lt. Col. Allen West had been watching too many movies (when describing the moment when Lt. Col. West had let off a round by an Iraqi’s head while interrogating him in the heat of the battle.)

Now I don’t hold my tongue. Lt. Col. West, a former Congressman from Florida, who I wasn’t always in agreement with on various issues. That’s his prerogative because he’s the one in the job. Ultimately, it is up to the voter who determines who stays and who goes. But let me say, that on any day of the week, I would stand with Lt. Col. West and General Mattis. We need all heads at the table, not pimples.

When I made Sergeant, about 8 month’s later, (following that fight in the pay line) my pay was $518.00 a month. Jared Kushner could not make it in this world on $518.00 a month. Steve Bannon could.

President Trump is supposed to be listening to all sides, while not residing in any particular camp, because he is our leader. We should be behind him at the moment we go into any battle – because he is the President of us all. Therefore; family ties do not TRUMP another American’s opinion.

If we are to make good on this missile strike from the Eastern Mediterranean, we must now wipe ISIS off the face of Syria, for starters. Lastly, we will push the Palestinians out of the east bank and the Gaza Strip, into Iran. Because the crown jewel of this operation must be taking the ass out of Iran. The Palestinians are actually Jordanian bedouins. The Jordanians did not want them after they were moved by the U.N. to make room for a jewish homeland, dreamt up in Europe. These bedouins set up road blocks within the Kingdom of Jordan and collected taxes upon threat of death, (much like they did when they got to Lebanon).

King Abdullah’s father, King Hussein of Jordan, moved these crazy bedouins into Lebanon with artillery, firing into their refugee camp. They in turn, destabilized Lebanon where we eventually lost 283 men in the Beirut bombing. Once we were out of there, Syria moved into Lebanon with money and intelligence operators and fomented troubles for Israel with the aid of the Ayatollahs. (Iran) It must be suggested that the Jordanian bedouins will find a new homeland in the Iran of tomorrow. They surely have caused more than their share of trouble. It is high time for them to give the rest of the world a breather. The multiculturalists support the Palestinians and their proposed genocide of Israel, a multicultural state.

A perfect world after this, would see a Goldman Sachs World Headquarters in Teheran, move! Please remember, as it is important to remember, Robert Rubin took $50 billion  to bail out Mexico! No more of this bullshit.

Jared poses for the picture.

As we can see here, all eyes are focused on the monitor, even the Goldman Sachs guy to Jared Kushner’s direct left. The man on Mr. Kushner’s right, is only looking at the monitor with his eyes, he’s not turning his head. Mr. Kushner appears to be looking directly at Steven K. Bannon and Stephen Miller, who appear to be the wall flowers wat brung the President to the dance.

Gorilla Mindset, Mike Cernovich’s book, is not along the lines of Jane Goodall who would tell you that Gorillas stare at one another before they fight. Cernovich smoked even me with his scoop on Susan Rice, the Ambassador of nothingness. I fell in line with him like many others looking at the new media, poppycock. Cernovich was fed this information so that he could in turn, lead the anti-Trump, anti-war faction, from his apartment/house – in California.

Great Job on the Book Mike!
Mike has a $10K Reward for a Stolen VW Thing. Please help out.

So therefore, I understand where this is going with the “COALITION” air strikes, because we have GLOBALISTS in the Trump Administration. I also served with General “Hoss” Cartwright. This in itself is another story but it will take another day. I was extremely pained to see him put through the ringer but in the end, he came out the other side, pardoned by the ACORN muffin, 44.

The reason why I don’t feel fully sorry for Cartwright is because I now know of all his ties to the military industrial complex. These warnings that Americans have received over the years which included President Eisenhower and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy should be fully understood; they are not in America’s best interest. Therefore, all military men should be precluded from anything except a government-run think tank, no more “cashin-in.” Nonetheless, I would serve alongside General Cartwright or his son.

(Please note that Caterpillar was not the first to bank in Switzerland).

6 thoughts on “When Nelson Mandela Got Out of Jail, He Had His Fist Up

  1. Outstanding article, and emailing and reposting. Interestingly, I had just posted on a forum that I had never trusted Nielsen, and before her, Kelly. I have known Kelly & Mattis are/were globalists since really got into the politics of 2016 election, before and after. IMO, anyone left of the flag officers who were NOT fired under 44, are NOT to be trusted, period. As for the other frauds you mentioned, totally agree. I was fooled by Cernovich initially, but not for long. Again, great article. Keep ’em coming.


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