The government has sought to expand its authority and influence at every step in modern America (which includes the last century).  When radio waves started to fill the air, government sought to hold the technology close, as a necessity for security.  It regulated television, they had censorship controls! The liberals, especially those who attended the Algonquin round table in New York City, detested censorship and our social mores that have served to make America different from any other nation on the face of the earth.

mores: the fixed customs, conventions, rules. for practices of a people; especially the manners that reveal the ethics of a people. (Webster Unabridged 1965)

Censorship in the new radio and television era also emanated from the Hollywood news reels in movie theaters (many were not aware they were being programmed to forget their social mores). We all know where Hollywood is today – they want to elect Jon Ossoff (95% of contributions from out of state) in Georgia’s 6th District (they are desperate to put egg on the President’s face). Those who railed against censorship are the ones today who gave us “Girls Gone Wild.”  Thanks, Mark – glad you’re rich.

The media?… we know who they are: the fake news crowd. Thanks to Kellyanne Conway’s young son (mouthing “fake news”) behind CNN’s fake news reporter on the White House lawn. A young man like that could be president one day (if the media stops recruiting metro sexual and gender-conflicted college kids).

Today we have the new media: people like Curt Schilling – a nemesis of the cable sports network. The cable sports network was born out of the Algonquin round table; communists through and through. They are the Walter Cronkite of the bookie. The bookie doesn’t care about your politics – he wants your money. So why are sportscasters at ESPN in total lockstep with the government and PC if it’s all about numbers in the book? (Statistics and odds)

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.14.36 PM

There are some weeds in sports today who say the flag should not be brought into sports, because it’s too political. Just that statement alone convicts a large percentage of sports personalities as being absolutely stupid, unimaginative and without a shred of patriotism to the nation which birthed them and gave them the opportunity to excel out of nothingness!

The media has become the government organ. Hollywood reaches out to become the arbiter of your social mores (which can be likened to the First Amendment being shepherded by Larry Flint). The sportscaster is also part of this cabal which walks around in jackboots, silencing conservative voices at every turn. Enough!

If people do not mobilize now – they will be in the same boat as when Barack Hussein Obama stole the elections in 2008 and 2012.

In 2009, when they started to pass healthcare, (before we knew what was in it, because they knew what was in it) the people should have marched on Washington D.C….NOT with Glenn Beck, riding the Tea Party wave. By the way, where is the Tea Party today? Consigned to irrelevance by the two wings of the McCain-Feingold party!

We don’t have troops with saddles on their horses, awaiting the necessary reset.

America lacks champions because of petty squabbles and undertones of smallness today. Leaders are not recognized for what they are and success is determined by how much padding is in the bank account.

Greek statues of antiquity are old men with their bellies overtaking their manhood, but they survived as warriors into their old age… and were revered. This is gone from America today, and it is very much a crying shame.

Look around and see that a degree is something to be pursued or that riches are the answer to the nation’s problems. America has a God problem throughout! Much like the fall of the Soviet Union, America has fallen so far because of government, bogus leadership and those with evil intentions. The lap-dog media purported as “the watchdog” (we now know) were in sheep’s clothing.

Iron bars appear to spring up around America – weaving themselves into a new iron curtain around the U.S. Constitution. Here, in what these new world order pukes call “The Homeland,” they seek to restrict our way of life because it does not match their utopia (our dystopia) which the right-wing of the McCain-Feingold party cannot be allowed to replace. The watered down conservatism must not be allowed to raise us to riches while forgetting that Jesus is LORD.

It is better to be in Christ, than to be in the world. We must form together the people into a reactionary force. The people must be ready to defend the principles that are dear to our nation and our families, regardless of government, media, and entertainment because it is our blood, upon which, this ship of state floats. We must be willing to march… even on to D.C. if necessary, to throw out the bureaucratic bungling mass of ineptitude. If our elected officials take a side in this matter that is not “of the people?” … so be it.

Success is with JESUS! and let no man get in front of HIM!

Family Saying Grace at Thanksgiving Dinner
America, bow your heads and ask God’s blessing


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