(Source: AP) From the Family that Brought You New World Order and Homeland Security. Please Clap.

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First, we must entertain questions that most people would not ask of themselves. Many today have an extraordinary desire to shout-down, anything in opposition to what they think. What if the pudgy kid (from the north side of the Korean Peninsula) was the Chinese Government’s version of Whitey Bolger? An MK Ultra puppet? Whitey had three middle initials – F.B.I.

Whitey and the F.B.I. were the “Atomic Titans” which ruined New England after the Boston desegregation riots. They brought the coke. Whitey was able to bring down the Boston mob (the Italians) while Rudy Giuliani took care of the New York crew (“mafia”).  (A concerted effort, done with different means –  by the same folks).

Around the country, some very unstable people rode herd on the drug ponies. We even imported some from Fidel Castro, which changed the culture in Miami. A small crew of dedicated Colombians were able to be portrayed as “a war” in the media. An earlier drug movement in Miami, set the tone for marijuana legislation to this day.

There had been a conversion to a Jamaican religion in Miami (more or less a cult) so that they could use “ganja” (marijuana) as a sacrament. (Eventually, the I.R.S. shut them down for back taxes). This movement then led to the Black Tuna Gang (some serious import/export guys).

We see that culture is subject to change, especially when the meaning of words, change. We were wide open for change. Barack Obama brought change to America, and RNC donations are at record levels. Truly, why are we not bringing charges of Treason upon those who have weakened us – militarily, psychologically and socially, while indoctrinating our young on every level, to oppose America, AND WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS?

There is so much cultural inbreeding in our halls of government and the many columns of power (seemingly supported by the Federal Government, rather than supporting Washington, D.C. from the States). We have allowed a total inversion of our system, giving way for a rogue criminal tyrannical system, which is entrenched like a tenured professor.

Losing our way, we are now dependent on people (Congress) who actually believe they are smart. Are we to believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and George Soros et al have not prepared for these very times?

We have been brought low from within by treasonous behavior.  Not acts, but a conscious stream of treason and insults to American citizens.

Imagine free-men, who have the unmitigated gall to believe what they want and who are shouted down in the square and demeaned in the realm of modern media and Hollywood culture (including small screen TV entertainment).

There were no demonstrations of violent nature against the rat #44.

We can safely assume that Ross Perot was a bit more connected to intelligence than most of us in the early 1990’s. He was the most virulent critic of the 41st President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush. It’s not about party here – it’s about ABSOLUTE POWER OVER ALL AMERICANS.

Everything is pointing to a back-stabbing of America.  The “Hate America crowd” may very well have thrown open all military secrets. Remember as well, when Madeline Albright toasted a Dictator and opened the door for a nuclear Korea. At this same time, her boss, William Jefferson Clinton, strengthened the Chinese with Cray Computers and missile technology; allowing China to MRV warheads into our country (if they so wish).

Kim Jong Un may very well be the “fuse” of our next Pearl Harbor. We see a rapid, military build-up of nuclear-equipped bombers underway by both Russian and Chinese, (the benefactors of the North Koreans from its inception). North Korea is engaged in a military celebration; will they be serving kamikaze rice wine?

Russia wants to be the criminal elite, doing business as they bloody well please. Ultimately, China envisions world domination; a pure vision of a perverse brand of communism. In all, the pay-for-play, treason drive-thru, operated the alumni anarchists, and their daycare.

The Trump administration seeks to create stability, (not safe spaces) with good governance and foreign policy. Inheriting an incredible disaster, it is forced to navigate the land-mine-laden, media landscape, fighting and clawing, kicking and biting, to own the narrative.

This is not new for republicans, but it has never been this vicious. We cannot allow democrats to tear down our society, or our politics, any further.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.40.28 PM

Angry people on the left appear to be the ENEMIES of our constitution. They are more comfortable with ideas that are foreign to America.

When all secrets are known, the elephants no longer own the field.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.49.33 PM
The very large elephant is the King’s Elephant, the other is an impostor.

Lord Jesus! Please protect our nation from the two wings of the McCain-Feingold party. Amen!

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